Interview: Big Papi Franco Varga

July 3, 2019


"Big Papi" Franco Varga is set to embark on his first ever tour of Australia, the current Infinite Pro Wrestling Champion sat down with Going Over Wrestling to discuss all things Big Papi related while he's in the country wrestling for AWF and IPW.


How did you first get into wrestling?

I was working out one day and a guy came up to me and said “Hey, you would be a great pro wrestler, why don’t you come to this try-out?” I had no idea that this existed outside of the WWE. There was 14 people there and I was the only one that made it through the try-out.
This try-out opened doors for me to train with some of the legends of pro wrestling and work with WWE early in my career.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Being able to travel and see the world because of wrestling. I get to see a lot more of the world than most of my peers do. It’s awesome to be invited on these tours that are visiting these once in a lifetime places for most people.

You are about to embark on a tour of Australia working with IPW and AWF, How did this come about?

I wrestle on TV for the Fite network that airs in Australia, UK, and Ireland. IPW and AWF reached out to me to get me in front of their fans. It was an immediate yes.

I know in IPW you will be facing 'The Viking' Skhorn for your IPW (Infinite Pro Wrestling) Title, I hope you know you are in for one hell of a fight...

The Infinite Pro Wrestling Title has been defended in America, the UK, and now Australia. I knew Australia was going to send the best of the best, so I won’t expect anything less from Shkorn.

Do you have any thoughts on the Australian professional wrestling scene?

I did look at the Australian wrestling scene. I’m excited to see what it has to offer. I’m very confident that by the time I leave, I’ll be a new fan favorite.

What can people expect when they come and watch Big Papi in action while you're here Australia?

You can expect a whole lotta sexy, whole lotta power, whole lotta fun, and they will be chanting my name before I get done.

You also have a food Vlog?

You can catch me on my “Eat Like A Man” episodes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram weekly @francowrestles.

What foods are you looking forward to trying here in Australia?

Every time I travel somewhere I want to experience the local culture and I try not to research before I go so I ask around when I show up. But I’m hearing a lot of noise about this Vegemite stuff. Maybe I’ll eat that like a man.

Any last words for your fans in Australia?

The Big Papi has been all over the world but I’m still super excited to make my debut in Australia, mingle with the fans, see the scene, and eat the local food! So, if I come through and visit your local restroom... Just know that it was me baybeeeeeee!

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Franco will be in Australia this July appearing at:


IPW Ladder Wars
Saturday 6th July
William Duncan State School Nerang QLD


AWF Hubcon Superslam
Friday 12th July 2019


AWF CitySlam 2019
Saturday 13th July 2019
Marrickville, NSW

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IPW Australia


AWF Australia

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