GOW Review: Eric Bischoff 83 Weeks Live @ The Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne 23/06/19

June 26, 2019


Who: Eric Bischoff

What: 83 Weeks Australia Tour

Where: The Thornbury Theatre

Words by: Tony Schibeci

Photos by: Jake Hurdle


What an honour it was to share a room with ‘Easy E’ Eric Bischoff. Known as one of the
most successful men in the business, and a man who knows how to draw heat. In true heal
style he entered the Thornbury theatre, Melbourne wearing a Collingwood jacket and
sculling a beer to a chorus of boos and a smattering of applause from the demented fans.
Eric started the evening sharing some wrestling anecdotes with a very captivated audience
of around 300 or so people who were happy to separate themselves from their cash to hear
from the self-confessed salesman.

I say self-confessed because this is how Bischoff described himself post entry into the
wrestling business. From C grade announcer to the most successful executive in the
industry, the ride as described was spectacular to say the least.

The absence of a Co-Host was noticeable as Eric threw the opportunity to the audience for a
Q and A a lot earlier than what was expected. While this was fantastic for the fans who got
the opportunity to pose a question, I’m not sure I learnt any more information about Eric’s
life in the business than what I already knew form listening to the 83 weeks podcast or Eric’s
interview with On the Turnbuckle heard on mypodcasthouse.com. Pardon the cheap plug. I
do though believe that the more casual wrestling fan would have walked away with a whole
new appreciation of his life and times.

The biggest pops from the night came from mentions of Vince Russo and Dave Meltzer, who
it’s fair to say aren’t going to be on Eric’s Christmas list any time soon. The visions of Dennis
Rodman and Carmen Electra as well as the balding Macho Man will live with me for ever.


It was an enjoyable night made even more so for the opportunity afford to VIP’s to shake his
hand and say Hi. The stories were real and there is no doubt the Eric is a very accommodating and gracious man when speaking to his fans or greeting them.


It was definitely a 4-star event and of course 7 if it was in the Tokyo Dome.


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