GOW Review: Eric Bischoff 83 Weeks @ The Foundry, Brisbane 22/06/19

June 23, 2019


Who: Eric Bischoff

What: 83 Weeks Australia Tour

Where: The Foundary, Brisbane

Words by: Jason Kryger

Photos by: Jason Kryger


Eric Bischoff, a name that will either bring back fond memories of an era that was 83 weeks of kicking WWE and Vince McMahon's ass, or if you are like me Eric Bischoff was the devil intent on destroying my beloved WWE and everything that went with it. 


Now fast forward 20 years and the dust has settled on a time that was the Monday Night Wars, and now the enemy has war stories to share and the crowd at The Foundry in Brisbane is eager to listen. "Sympathy for the Devil" seems like an appropriate tune for the man himself Eric Bischoff to make his appearance walking with the swagger you would expect and that smile on his face that reminds you of a "Televangilist" about to preach the gospel. And yes it is the gospel of how 83 weeks changed the wrestling business forever and for the next one and a half hours the crowd would be standing on their feet lapping up every minute of it.



The stories, nothing it seemed was off limits, Eric wanted the crowd to ask questions that would make him angry. Kimberly Page seemed to be the question everyone wanted answers to and he answered. Why didn't he fire Van Hammer? Was another one, but he did take great pleasure in firing that "fat fuck" The Honky Tonk Man, and his impression was hilarious. He even referred to himself as ATM Eric at one point which got a good reaction. His issues with Flair and Steiner were both addressed and a question was asked about how good it felt behind the scenes during the 83 weeks at WCW, at which point Eric lent over the table like he was doing a line of coke, so I am assuming it felt pretty damn good. The story of Eric being in a hotel room with a naked Macho Man, along with impression had everyone laughing. I could go on and on about the stories as there was so much discussed, I would be here all day but after it was all said and done. Eric had won me over, he was genuine, humble and honest and even after the show at the VIP Meet & Greet he was happy to be there, signing items and shaking hands, taking photos and thanking everyone for coming, after all is said and done all I can say is...


Thank You Eric!





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