Going Over Raw: Results, Reactions & Full Recap (23/04/19)

April 23, 2019


Today's episode of WWE Raw comes from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, IOWA.


Triple H arrives and is followed by Seth Rollins. Rollins says that this is all surreal; especially after all he’s been through with Triple H. They shake hands, and Rollins says he slayed the beast and brought the title home. Triple H says Rollins went from King Slayer to Beast Slayer. Triple H says now things have changed, there are new faces on Raw, and Rollins is now the hunted. Rollins says he knows MITB is coming up, and he’s cashed in and been cashed in on, so he understands. Tonight there will be two triple threat matches (AJ Styles vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe & Miz vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Baron Corbin) with the winners facing off tonight, and the winner of that facing Rollins at MITB. Samoa Joe arrives, and says he has room for another championship on his shoulders. Rey Mysterio arrives and it’s the old revolving door segment. Rey says after tonight, he’ll be the one challenging Rollins. McIntyre arrives, claiming it’s his time and that he will go on to beat Rollins. Miz arrives, noting that he’s a changed man and Rollins has what he wants. Fucking Corbin arrives, and finally Styles. They all make their case and Rollins is fine with any challenger. This started off well with Triple H & Seth and a really hot crowd, and then broke into I WANT THE BELT I WANT THE BELT I WANT THE BELT I WANT THE BELT I WANT THE BELT I WANT THE BELT I WANT THE BELT I WANT THE BELT I WANT THE BELT I WANT THE BELT I WANT THE BELT. It was fine, but rather cliché.


 Triple Threat Match: AJ Styles defeated Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe.Styles powerbombed Mysterio onto Joe, hit a Styles Clash on Mysterio onto Joe, then pinned Joe to win the match. Styles will move on to face the winner of the second triple threat match later in the episode. This was a very good and tremendously fun opener, with a creative finish.


Naomi defeated Billie Kay in not a lot of time with a roll-up. This was thankfully short, but did the IIconics no favors as they lost yet again.


Triple Threat Match: Baron Corbin defeated Drew McIntyre and The Miz. McIntyre hit a Claymore Kick on Miz. Corbin tossed McIntyre out of the ring and stole the pin to win the match, and moves on to face AJ Styles. This was a good match, which was really highlighted by babyface Miz being really good here.


Sami Zayn cut a very long promo about how he hates the fans. Sami was really good here again, and feels locked into the new heel character.


Cesaro defeated Cedric Alexander. Cesaro countered a springboard with a European uppercut to win the match. This was a good match, but not one I would have booked this week as neither man should have been losing yet. Plus, I feel that it really hurt Alexander coming from 205 Live.


The Usos and The Revial had a brief confrontation backstage.


The Viking Raiders vs. Lucha House Party never got started, as the Raiders attacked the luchadors before the match began. The Viking Raiders is the new name of The Viking Experience, which was the new name of NXT’s War Raiders.


Becky Lynch defeated Alicia Fox. Before the match, Lynch and Lacey Evans cut promos on each other. Lynch won the match by submission with a Disarmer. After the match, Evans attacked Lynch and punched her in the face twice. What a shit show, this was bad, and Fox looked like she had no business being out there. After a decade, she’s fucking horrendous and needs to go away. The crowd was also dead, which didn’t help, plus her getting any sustained offense on Lynch was just a complete joke. This went about 8-minutes too long.


Robert Roode defeated Ricochet. Bobby Roode now has a mustache and wants to be called Robert. He won with a Glorious DDT on Ricochet after dodging a 630 senton. This was an ok but completely flat match, lacking energy and crow investment. It also felt like a really anticlimactic first loss for Ricochet.


Bray Wyatt re-debuted as a crazy children’s puppet show host. You really want to watch that here.



AJ Styles defeated Baron Corbin. Styles won with a Phenomenal Forearm. After the match, Styles and Rollins shook hands. The good news is that Styles won and set up a potentially great match with Rollins. The bad news is that while Styles tried, there were no miracles, and he couldn’t drag a good match out of Corbin. Tonight’s episode of WWE Raw had its moments but overall wasn’t a good show. We had some good wrestling, some MITB build, but it was another case of the longer the show went on, the worse it got.




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