Going Over SmackDown: Results, Reactions & Full Recap (06/03/19)

March 6, 2019


Bryan & Rowan arrive to kick things off. We see highlights of Kofi being screwed out of his title match last week. Bryan says he stayed silent last week, but will now break his silence. Kofi is a supporting player, and is now where he should be, in India with the rest of the New Day. Vince traded a man who throws copious amounts of pancakes for one that eats copious amounts of pancakes. Owens is just like the fans and not deserving of a title shot, he’s a nobody, but that makes him dangerous because he has nothing to lose while Bryan has everything to lose. If he loses, the entire planet will lose. Owens arrives, and says he got to go back to being a fan while away injured. Owens is upset because Bryan thinks he’s better than anyone else, and threw the WWE Title in the trash. Owens plans to shut Bryan’s condescending mouth. They banter back and forth, making fun of each other, with Bryan saying Owens has no friends left. Owens agrees, but reminds Bryan he pinned him last week. He plans to win again on Sunday and take the title. Owens takes out Rowan and brawls with Bryan until Rowan returns and makes the save. 


- This was a solid opening segment, but I feel the forced Vince McMahon styled humor took away from it.


The Miz defeated Jey Uso. Uso tried to dive onto Shane McMahon on the outside, allowing Miz to stop him and hit the Skull-crushing Finale for the win.


- This was a solid match and preview for Sunday’s PPV match.


R-Truth cut a promo about John Cena and announced another open challenge. Lacey Evans showed up, then left, as per usual.


Fatal Four-way Match for the United States Championship: Samoa Joe defeated R-Truth (c), Andrade, and Rey Mysterio. Mysterio and Andrade answered the challenge like they did last week, as did Joe. Zelina Vega interfered to take out Truth, and got superkicked by Carmella. Mysterio hit a 619 and a frog splash on Andrade, but Joe broke up the pin with a senton and hit a ura-nage on Andrade to win the match and the championship. This is Joe’s first main roster championship, and his first championship of any kind since 2016.


- This was a great match with a hot crowd, everyone got to shine, and great near falls and action between all four. Joe wins his first main roster title, while Andrade continues to impress weekly.


Ricochet and Aleister Black defeated The Bar. Ricochet pinned Cesaro with a 630 senton. After the match, Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura attacked the newcomers, and The Bar joined in. The Hardy Boyz made the save.


- This was short, but pretty good with the right team winning.


Mandy Rose defeated Naomi in about 45 seconds. After the match, Asuka attacked Rose and Sonya Deville.


- With Mandy having a title shot, the win makes sense and the post match came off well with Asuka getting some revenge.


Kevin Owens defeated Rowan by disqualification when Daniel Bryan attacked him. Bryan and Rowan beat down Owens until a returning Mustafa Ali made the save.


- Solid stuff, we didn’t have to watch a long Rowan match, they hyped the WWE Title match with the angle and we got Ali’s return.


Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade will happen on the Fastlane Kickoff show.


Charlotte Flair called out Becky Lynch, who showed up hobbling on crutches. Charlotte attacked her, but Becky fought back with a crutch and locked in the Disarmer until referees broke it up.


- This was an overall good closing angle for what is one of Faslane’s major matches, and leading to the possible Mania main event. There was good intensity from both, and I enjoyed it. I thought that this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown was a really solid show, with some ok last minute Fastlane build, a great US Title match, and the strong closing angle.




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