Going Over SmackDown: Results, Reactions & Full Recap (27/02/19)

February 27, 2019


Stephanie and Shane McMahon opened Smackdown with a contract signing between Daniel Bryan (already in the ring) and Kofi Kingston. Shane and Stephanie recapped Kofi’s career before welcoming him to the ring. After Kofi cut a promo, Daniel Bryan signed his title match contract. Before Kofi could sign his part of the contract, Vince McMahon interrupted him to announce he’s replacing him at Fastlane with a returning Kevin Owens. After a commercial break, Owens told Shane and Stephanie he’d like to team up with Kingston against Bryan and Rowan.


- This was interesting, as the crowd loved KO being back, but still cheered for Kofi after he left. I love KO, but am not a huge fan of the change when Kofi had so much momentum and support. I don’t think Kofi and New Day are done dealing with this just yet. I think if anything this means that Kofi will be heading to WrestleMania for a WWE Championship match.


Hardy Boyz defeated The Bar. Jeff Hardy pinned Sheamus in Matt Hardy’s return to the ring.


- With the Hardys back, there is even less room for Sanity & The Good Brothers. This was good with a really hot crowd and everyone working hard.


United States title match: R-Truth(c) defeated Andrade and Rey Mysterio. Truth pinned Mysterio with a schoolboy to retain the title. After the match, Andrade attacked Mysterio and tried to hit a DDT. Mysterio reversed and set Andrade up on the second rope before Zelina Vega made the save.


- On one hand I’m really happy for Truth getting to win like this, but I keep wondering when they are going to pull the trigger with Andrade. This was a very good sprint.


Charlotte recapped Ronda Rousey giving up the Raw Women’s title on Monday night and announced she’d be on the red brand next Monday to be named the new champion.


- While she didn’t break any new ground, I thought the promo did the job of advancing Charlotte’s side of the feud and also set her appearance for Raw and what will likely be a big angle.


Ricochet and Aleister Black defeated Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura attempted the Kinshasa, which Black reversed into the Black Mass.


- This was another good match that allowed everyone some time to shine and was a lot of fun.


AJ Styles cut a promo on returning to glory. He talked about Smackdown being the house that AJ Styles built when Randy Orton showed up and they had a tense staredown.


Lacey Evans continued her schtick of randomly walking down to the ring.


Kevin Owens and Kofi Kingston defeated Rowan and Daniel Bryan. Owens pinned Bryan after hitting a seated stunner.


- This was good stuff, with KO looking really good in his return and commentary heavily playing the Kofi was screwed angle, which means he’s not out of it all just yet. Overall, I thought that this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown was a really good show, with a great pace that made me feel like I couldn’t turn the channel, some big returns, changes in direction, and the continued success of Black & Ricochet; I had a lot of fun watching this week, I just wish that they could spend some time building Asuka and the women’s title more often, but I really enjoyed what we got this week.



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