Going Over Smackdown: Results, Reactions & Full Recap (13/02/19)

February 13, 2019


WWE announced Mustafa Ali would not be cleared for the Elimination Chamber, but he’ll be replaced by a member of the New Day.


WWE recapped Charlotte replacing Becky Lynch at WrestleMania against Ronda Rousey for the WWE Raw Women’s title. Charlotte is out to many boos and she has a wonderful smug grin on her face as she is taking in all of the hate.Charlotte poked fun at Lynch getting pulled from the match and announced she’ll sit front row at Rousey’s Elimination Chamber match against Ruby Riott.


- This was exactly the promo Charlotte needed to cut as it makes her even more hated and gets more sympathy for Becky.


Elimination Chamber Stipulation match: Carmella and Naomi defeated Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville and The IIconics. Naomi pinned Mandy Rose after landing a split-legged moonsault off the top rope, meaning Rose and Deville will enter the Elimination Chamber first. After the match, the IIconics attacked Carmella and Naomi.


- I enjoyed the story here as it was great seeing heels outsmart everyone. I loved that the IICONICS never tagged in the match as they had no incentive too and it was smart to let that play out the entire match. The commercial ate most of the match, but what I saw was fine and the story was solid. It also did a good job hyping the match on Sunday. 


The Miz and Shane McMahon hosted MizTV with The Usos. Usos talked about being disrespected by McMahon and Miz calling themselves the best tag team in the world. After exchanging words back and forth, McMahon and Miz clinked belts before starting to walk away. The Usos connected on dual superkicks, laying out the tag team champs.


- The Usos are great, but I still can’t into this Miz/Shane stuff knowing what other tag teams are sitting on their hands in the back not being used.


Gauntlet match, where the winner is granted final entry into the Elimination Chamber: Randy Orton defeated AJ Styles, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe. Kingston pinned Bryan after hitting Trouble in Paradise. Kingston pinned Hardy with the S.O.S. Kingston reversed the Coquina Clutch for the pinfall to eliminate Joe. Styles defeated Kingston via submission after locking in the Calf Crusher. Orton landed the RKO out of nowhere for the pinfall victory.


- This was a fantastic piece of business that told several good stories. I don’t think it was as good as the RAW gauntlet from last year, but still very good. Kofi turned in a career performance and much credit to him for giving an hour out there. I assume his run was what Ali was going to get, but Kofi doing it as the grizzled vet looking to prove he is more than a tag, comedy guy was great. Daniel losing early is fine as it shows that he can be defeated and gave everyone else some shine. Hardy didn’t look good and hopefully he is saving things for Sunday. AJ played his role well as did Joe, and Orton winning like he did fits his character perfectly. He is also a good choice to enter last. Fun stuff all around here.


Overall, this was a wonderful go home show for The Elimination Chamber. They touched on everything they needed as they hyped both Chamber Matches and the Tag Title Match. They also followed up on the ending angle from RAW. With the Main Event lasting over an hour it was going to make or break the show and as you would expect they delivered. The show was fun and loaded on in ring action. The only downsides were the continued Miz/Shane angle and does anyone know what's up with Asuka? You have 2 top stars seemingly abandoning the SD Women's division and Asuka has become an after thought. But with that aside, check this episode out for the Main Event and fun opening promo from Charlotte.




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