Triple H Says It's Only A Matter Of Time Before A WWE PC Is Established In Australia

January 14, 2019


There's no doubt that Triple H has created a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the NXT brand. The 49 year old Executive Vice President of WWE and senior producer of NXT has show nothing but interest and drive when it comes to expanding the product to overseas.

The United Kingdom is the next country to be a part of this expansion with a brand new Performance Centre. Triple H, alongside  WWE Legend, Shawn Michaels and a host of NXT UK talent, unveiled the WWE’s first training centre for aspiring wrestlers outside of its Orlando facility, which now spawns around 80 per cent of the new stars on the Raw and SmackDown rosters.


If you're wondering if Australia will ever get a WWE NXT Performance Centre, Triple H had this to say: "It's only a matter of time before Australia will have its own breeding ground for a future generation of homegrown stars, challenging for the limelight."


However, he said a number of other regions, from the Middle East to Latin America, were also vying for their own NXT brands and training centres. But with the crop of talent that Australia has to offer and the array of talent that has gone on to become success such as Buddy Murphy, Billy Kay, Peyton Royce, Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley, as well as recent signings such as Jonah Rock who is set to venture off to the WWE PC in Orlando. You can bet your bottom dollar that Australia is on their radar. 


“It depends on the passion as to where we go first,” Triple H stated.


“The passion was so strong here in the UK and there was a massive base."


“Australia has a good scene happening there right now. We’re obviously keeping an eye on it and working with it."


“But, these are large commitments, so it’s about when we have the level of interest and the belief that there are enough people there for it to succeed.”


At the moment he says it is easier to scalp the hottest talent from Australia and train them up to be superstars in Orlando or at the newly opened centre in London.


However, he believes this could change in the next few years, opening the door for an NXT brand and a talent training centre, which gives wrestlers everything from nutritional advice to media training and storyline development right here in Australia.


“We can train people anywhere,” he said. “But once that boils up to enough passion, enough people and enough interest in the marketplace, then we will go there and reward that passion.


"Once that happens in Australia, we can start what we’re doing here , which is train 30-50 talents."


“We get to put a brand on the ground. We get to put an NXT Australia there. We get to make that scene happen there. I do think that’s a strong possibility.”


Triple H said it’s hard to know at the moment just when exactly a brand will be established here, but reckons Australia could have its own brand with the next four years.


“We’re running the idea across the world, in a lot of different places at the same time, it just comes down to which place boils up first,” he said.


“I’d love to do it everywhere now, but it just takes time, effort and people."


“Our commitment is there and it’s just a matter of time. Hopefully in between four to five years we’re in Australia and a lot of places.”


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