Biggest Predictions For WWE In 2019

January 12, 2019


1. Seth Rollins Wins The Universal Title


Seth Rollins is perhaps the best wrestler that WWE has right now. He had an outstanding 2018 and he's won over the WWE Universe with his hard work ethic, competing in countless grueling matches, and climbing his way back to the top after a lackluster return in . He is already a former WWE Champion. The only championship, he is yet to get his hands upon, is the Universal Championship. Based on his track record, Rollins is the most deserving candidate to win the Universal Championship in 2019. He has proved in the past that he is a fighting champion, and, defended his championship several times against multiple wrestlers.

He is someone, who could bring the Universal Championship its lost glory. If he wins the title, he has the potential to become the best Universal Champion of all time.




2. The Return Of Bray Wyatt


We can’t sit through any more of the WOKEN nonsense. None of us deserve that. Just the same, another ‘Family’ reunion is also not a bright idea. Bray Wyatt just needs to freshen up the act. Try more hocus pocus. Do the Sting act where he lingers around the arena all show before jumping in for a brawl at the end. Perhaps he should ONLY do vignettes in his little barn swinging in his rocking chair and ONLY wrestle on PPV. I am just throwing out ideas. He is too young and too great of a character to have yet another wasted year. He was WWE Champion 23 months ago and walked into WrestleMania 33 with that very title. I think he can get back to that point with some help and a refresh.



3. WWE’s Global Expansion Continues 


Mae Young Classic, NXT UK, other promotions popping up on the WWE Network, etc. Why is WWE going to keep signing talents? Because they are going to keep on inventing new shows, new content, new revenue streams, new everything. In a world where Carlito can randomly pop up on The Edge And Christian Show on the WWE Network, anything is possible. As we have all noticed, the United States market has all but dried up for the time being, so why not go to Australia more? Do more Saudi Arabia events for 80 billion dollars? Hit up England, Japan, and everywhere in between for major shows.



4. Pete Dunne Takes Over NXT


With NXT UK's first TakeOver right around the corner the UK Brand is well and truly off and running. The brand has almost completely been built around The Bruiserweight to this point and it’s crazy obvious how high management is on Dunne. I think moving forward they will look to take him from his roll as the centerpiece of the UK Brand and permanently inject him into the main NXT brand for a while before moving him onto the main roster. I’d love to see Pete move over and pick up the NXT Title as well before dropping The UK Title, give him a small run as a dominant dual champion before he makes his permanent move to the main roster.



5. We Get The Best WrestleMania For Quite Some Time


A very subjective thing here, not that I’ve hated recent WrestleMania's, but I definitely think that this years has the potential to really shine. Whether it’s the crazy hype around the woman’s main event scene, the prospect of someone dethroning Brock Lesnar and being cemented as that new top guy, the WWE Title scene being a hot bed of great wrestling and the rumours of all the possible incoming talent, there's every good reason for this to be one hell of a cool Mania.



6. The Year Of Andrade "Cien" Almas


Again, very subjective, but I feel with his constant featured spot on SmackDown Live each week and the huge names he’s getting to work with, WWE knows what they have in Cien as not only a wrestler but marketing opportunity as well. The guy has all the looks and the talent to be a mega star, his only short coming is the language barrier but with an amazing mouth piece like Zelina Vega by his side, it’s by no means a problem. I believe, and really hope because I love him, 2019 is the year Cien takes his first steps to a massive career.



7. Top Stars Will Be On SmackDown Live


No disrespect to Braun, but I see bigger names heading to Smackdown LIVE before the debut on FOX. I am thinking a Brock Lesnar. I am thinking a Rowdy Ronda Rousey. I am thinking a Roman Reigns (if healthy) type of star. Hell, we are probably going to get John Cena and The Undertaker making special appearances, perhaps even The Rock if he's not busy in Hollywood. Edge may as well be a regular again as General Manager or hosting the Cutting Edge talk show, that would be cool. WWE is going to go all out for the October premiere and then try to continue that momentum into WM36 season. If not, they are foolish. 



8. We Get A Women’s Branded Show 


The nitty gritty I’m not too sure on but with the aforementioned hype surrounding the women’s division right now, the incoming Women’s Tag Titles, the absolute stacked talent pool the WWE are working with and the rumours of the two Women’s Titles being unified, I feel that an entire show dedicated to the woman is not only completely possible but very likely and I for one would think it would be awesome!



 9. The Return of The Real Rock 'N Rolla


Finn Bálor has been very vocal, very kind, but vocal about the problems he’s had with how he’s being handled in WWE. New Japan face a 2019 with a lot of their key players in almost every division leaving and they are in need of some names to fill out those ranks. I feel that recent loss of talent will have New Japan much more aggressive with their approach to acquiring and keeping talent and it’s been clearly stated many times how the door for Finn is always open. It’s a bolder prediction with much less ‘evidence’ for it but I’m drawing my line in the sand and declaring this year will be the year that Finn makes his way back to Japan.



10. Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch Headlines WrestleMania 35 


I called for women to main event WrestleMania 34 with Ronda Rousey’s debut and subsequent match of the year performance. I even called Asuka to win the Royal Rumble and have a great bout despite others doubting if they could all pull it off last January. I loved Evolution in October and it is also worth nothing that the final three episodes of Raw for 2018 were carried by the women. John Cena and Vince McMahon recently returned to TV and immediately got the spotlight placed on them thanks to Becky Lynch (and others). Needless to say, the women have officially taken over, and leading that charge into 2019 is none other than Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch. Somehow, someway we NEED this match. We need it. Include Charlotte Flair if you must (I wouldn’t). Whatever it takes: Rousey and Lynch headlining WM35 is beyond huge and is absolutely the biggest money making feud going in WWE right now. It needs to happen, and I believe it will. As great as that all sounds, I will double down on this prediction and go one step further…



11. Ronda Rousey Suffers Her First Loss In WWE


There it is. My big bold prediction of 2019 is that Ronda Rousey finally loses a match and if there is any right in this world, it is to Becky Lynch on the grandest stage of them all. I know conventional wisdom and any common sense says Rousey will beat Becky to close out the story, but screw it. Let’s go the full monty. We don’t know if Rousey is sticking around for the remainder of 2019 or even plans to keep her full-time schedule going. Her family plans have been well known. I say she goes for another year, but that is wishful thinking. A move to Smackdown Live and slower schedule (think Brock) would not be the worst thing in the world. She has more than proven her passion and skills during 2018. Rousey has a heel run in her that could be money, but that can all wait. Right here and right now, Rousey vs. Lynch is your WrestleMania 35 main event with THE MAN standing tall to end the show.


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