WWE NXT Results: Results, Reactions & Full Recap (09/01/19)

January 10, 2019


 Double main event tonight! Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair and EC3 vs. Adam Cole.


Johnny Gargano skips down to the ring to start the show. He gets on the microphone and admits 2018 was a rocky year. Success is measured by wins and championships, so it doesn’t matter how hard you try or how good of a person you are. In 2019, he promises to be better and to become a champion. Johnny turns his attention to Tommaso Ciampa, sparking “DIY” chants. He calls Ciampa a piece of trash with a title that he wants. However, his words about the North American Title were true and Johnny wants it from Ricochet. That brings out the North American Champion, who gets “That’s a champion” chants. Ricochet says he’ll give out a title shot to someone who asks, but Johnny wants to take. Ricochet questions if he’ll take it from his face or behind his back in the parking lot. He can call himself Johnny TakeOver, but in Phoenix, Ricochet says he’ll remain champion. Cue Tommaso Ciampa’s music, as the NXT Champion steps onto the stage. He talks about wins and titles but Johnny tells him to shut up and go away, as this is about Ricochet and Johnny. Aleister Black’s music hits and everyone looks around for him. He appears on the tro, telling Ciampa to focus more on him than on grooming his dog of war (Gargano). Aleister says he’ll make Ciampa fade to black in Phoenix. As he says that, the lights go out. When they come up, Black is behind Ciampa and he attacks. The fight goes to the back. With Ricochet watching that, Johnny takes the opening to superkick him.


At TakeOver: Phoenix, The Undisputed Era will defend the NXT Tag Team Titles against War Raiders.


Bianca Belair vs. Nikki Cross


This is their third match and the first two didn’t give us a winner. Lots of early smack talk and Nikki is amused. Cross body from Nikki, who then starts whipping a piece of her jacket or something around. Club from Bianca, who runs into an elbow. Bianca blocks a rollup and backflips free. Dropkick follows. Nikki ducks a clothesline and snaps off a spinning head scissors. Bianca knocks her to the outside, but is tripped on the apron and trapped in the ring skirt, where Nikki wails on her. Bianca cuts off Nikki on top and hits the gorilla press slam into a moonsault. Someone cal Apollo Crews. Stomps from Bianca get two. Abdominal stretch time. Backbreaker gets two. Nikki starts a comeback by countering a suplex that Bianca takes too long to execute. Cross body and shots from Nikki. Avalanche and bulldog connect. Reverse DDT gets a near fall, while Bianca also gets one after a spear. Nikki gets knees up on a big Bianca splash. She hits the swinging fisherman neckbreaker and Bianca frantically rolls outside, not wanting to lose her undefeated streak. Nikki follows and gets on Bianca’s back. Bianca fights out and falls backward, crushing Nikki onto the ramp. That sets up the Gedo special countout tease. Inside, they just trade shots with a hockey style fight. Bianca misses a corner charge and Nikki rolls her up for two. Bianca succeeds on her next corner charge and slaps Nikki. She sits her up top but my feed makes me miss how they come down. When they do, Bianca picks her up and wins via KOD. 


Winner: Bianca Belair in 10:45 (***1/4)


A Street Profits video runs. Angelo Dawkins beat boxes and Montez Ford raps about them taking over in 2019. They return next week.


Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel vs. Jobbers


I didn’t get the names so it’ll be red trunks and pink trunks. Red is in again Barthel to start. He’s taken to the mat with ease. Barthel dominates him there. Red gets a slight advantage and tags out to skinny pink. Barthel works his arm  and destroys him with a double throat thrust. Aichner kicks away at pink’s head once tagged in. Chops from pink until he’s thrown up high in the air for a powerbomb. He holds on and counters into a rollup for two. Red’s name is apparently Huntsman. He is tagged and takes a spinebuster/penalty kick combo for two. Huntsman is taken out with a forceful Marcel baseball slide. I think pink’s name is Watts. He gets the tag and comes in firing with dropkicks. Barthel catches him with an enziguri up top. He throws him into an Aichner Brainbuster. They win with a powerbomb throw into a German.


Winners: Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel in 4:31 (DUD)


Outside, Cathy Kelley informs us that Ciampa and Black were removed from Full Sail Live after their altercation. She catches up with Ricochet, who says it doesn’t matter if William Regal makes the match or not, he’s coming for him. Any respect he had for Johnny got superkicked away.


LAST WEEK ~ We get clips of Kassius Ohno losing to Matt Riddle and attacking him afterwards.


Keith Lee is interviewed about Ohno’s attack on Riddle. Lee called it unsettling and challenged Ohno to meet him next week for a lesson in respect.


Adam Cole w/ The Undisputed Era vs. EC3


Their early exchanges lead to stalemates with them taunting one another. Shoulder block by EC3. He avoids a Cole leap frog and chops him down. Cole takes a breather on the apron and EC3 knocks him off. EC3 tries to bring him back in but eats an enziguri and is thrown into the ring steps. Inside, Cole takes a bow. Cole continues the work with some knees and a neckbreaker. EC3 manages to counter a Cole suplex attempt and brings him in with one from the apron. EC3 nails a body sam, taunts, and hits a jumping elbow drop. Cole blocks the TKO but still takes an inverted DDT.EC3 elbows free of a fireman’s carry and is hit with a Backstabber for two. Last Shot misses, EC3 hits a German and a clothesline gets two. Cole comes back and hits the knee brainbuster for two. he goes to the arm but EC3 blocks a submission. EC3 manages to power out into a powerbomb that breaks the grip. Bobby Fish distracts the referee while EC3 throws the Tag Team Champions outside. Cole with the superkick and Last Shot for the win. 


Winner: Adam Cole in 7:55 (**1/2)


The post-match beat down by the Undisputed Era is interrupted by the War Raiders. The six man brawl but Hanson cartwheels to escape Total Elimination and then rips off Kyle O’Reilly’s dog tag before spin kicking him. He also takes out Roderick Strong. Rowe knocks out Cole outside and then hits Fish and Strong with a body slam and powerbomb at the same time. Up goes Hanson as Kyle is hit with Fallout.




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