All Elite Wrestling: Double Or Nothing Rally Recap, Roster Additions & More

January 9, 2019


For those unable to watch the All Elite Wrestling conference today for whatever reason here are some quick notes from the AEW 'Double or Nothing' rally:


- Christopher Daniels confirms he, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky have all signed with All Elite Wrestling.

- Cody talks about compared to other forms of entertainment and sports that wrestlers are mostly always the least paid, but AEW plans to change that.

- Cody claims in AEW, wins and losses will matter more than "ever before"

- Cody claims the fans are most important and there won't be any set of stars the fans are seen as they "have to cheer", fans can be whatever fans they want to be.

- Matt Jackson claims they (The Elite) were all approached by the Khan family and asked, "Do you really want to change the world?"

- Matt Jackson claims all talent are welcomed in AEW, no matter the gender, the race, the religious views, etc. If they are "Elite" ... they are welcomed and wanted at AEW.

- Matt Jackson claims the Chinese promotion, "OWE" (Oriental Wrestling Entertainment) will have a partnership with AEW and they will bring their talent into AEW to help showcase their talent.

- Stronghearts confirmed with AEW.

- Nick Jackson confirms May 25th 2019, Double or Nothing takes place at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

- Brandi confirms there will be a women's division in AEW.

- Brandi speaks about touring the last year all around the world and has been speaking to the best talent around the world and "more on that to come."

- Brandi confirms that wrestlers will be paid on an equal scale regardless of gender.

- Britt Baker doubles down on the statement of AEW prioritizing women's wrestling.

- Britt Baker confirms her signing with AEW.

- MJF implies a company cannot be "elite" without him. (More than likely confirming his signing with AEW)

- Joey Janela (with Penelope Ford) attacks MJF from behind.

- Janela confirms both he and Ford are "All Elite" in 2019.

- 100k+ people are confirmed to be watching the rally live online.

- Page claims this is the best "first day on the job" because he doesn't have a boss micromanaging his every move or how to speak or how to play his music. His "boss" is "us" (the fans)

- Adam Page claims in 2019, he will be the first "All Elite Wrestling Champion"

- PAC makes his way onto the stage.

- PAC and Adam Page have an intense stare down on the stage.

- PAC confirms his signing with AEW.

- Cody confirms the second AEW show will take place in Jacksonville, FL on an unannounced date. Confirms a portion of the gate will go towards the benefit of the victims of Gun Violence.

- Chris Jericho makes his way out onto the stage.

- Chris Jericho confirms his signing with AEW.

- Chris Jericho confirms he'll be apart of "Double or Nothing" on May 25th.

- End of conference.



Confirmed AEW Roster as of the end of the conference with more obviously to come down the line:


- Cody

- Matt Jackson

- Nick Jackson

- Adam Page

- Christopher Daniels

- Frankie Kazarian

- Scorpio Sky


- Joey Janela


- Chris Jericho


- T-Hawk

- El-Lindamen

- Takehiro Yamamura.

- Penelope Ford

- Britt Baker

- Brandi Rhodes


- T-Hawk 

- El-Lindamen

- Takehiro Yamamura




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