Top 10 List: Talent We'd Like To See At WSW's International Assault: Defend & Destroy Tour

December 18, 2018


Top 10 wrestlers that we want, dream of and predict will be at World Series Wrestling's Defend & Destroy tour in March 2019.


Over the past couple of years, World Series Wrestling has become consistently the best non-WWE international tour to hit Australia. I am proud to call it Australian and at the last tour they crowned our very own Robbie Eagles as their champion. It showed that not only are they here to bring us international stars, but also here to showcase and push the best Aussie talent that we have to offer. Assuming guys like Adam Brooks, Slex, and Cody return from the last tour and after the announcements already made, such as Marty Scurll, Jordynne Grace, Flip Gordon, So-Cal Uncensored and more, we have compiled a list of the top 10 rumoured and most anticipated stars we would love to see at the WSW Defend & Destroy tour.


10. Joey Janela



The only reason "The Bad Boy" is so high on the list is that it's a real possibility he may be here. It all depends on his rehab from his current injury of course. However Joey was signed to the just gone "Elite Takeover" tour prior to being hurt and with his showing at "All In" he is at the peak of the indy scene right now and is an extremely popular and entertaining performer, and his name being added would sell a lot of tickets.


9. Jeff Jarrett 



Hear me out on this one, Double J was one of the originals from the founding WSW tour. He is a former WSW World Champion and of course a recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee. Why not get DOUBLE J out in some sort of host capacity to throwback to the OG tour? He could still be a draw and it would help sell a lot of meet and greet tickets, as having a WWE Hall of Famer and whether you like him or not, he is definitely a legendary name in the wrestling industry. I know that I would mark out to be called a "slap nut" one last time.


8. Maxwell Jacob Friedman



MJF is a talent. He is young, has the look, and is great in the ring. It won't be long before he is strutting his stuff in NXT. So I think it would be good to see him in Australia, wrestling for WSW before he goes to the big leagues.


7. Juice Robinson



Juice's 80's throwback gimmick and his recent work in NJPW shows that he has come a long way since leaving NXT for a different path. He would be a great addition to the tour and he gets around in those circles of guys who have either been on or are coming on this tour, so it's not a long shot.


6. The Young Bucks



The last few WSW tours have lacked a focus on tag team wrestling. What better way to bring it back than to bring back arguably the best tag team in the world right now. We haven't seen Matt and Nick Jackson in Australia since early 2018 when they were a part of the first ever NJPW tour which was also a massive success. But, it is very possible that The Bucks may have a very busy few months ahead of them, with rumours circulating around their very own promotion, All Elite Wrestling. So this might be a long shot, but nobody would say no to seeing them wrestle again on a World Series Wrestling tour.


5. Teddy Hart



It's hard to think that Teddy is now a veteran on the scene. He is still proven in ring, that was never questioned. The reigning MLW Middleweight Champion could bring a great mid-card presence to the WSW tour and could match up unbelievably well with a guy like Adam Brooks. The Loose Ledge vs. The Original Loose Ledge? I'd pay to see it.


4. Sami Callihan / Ohio Versus Everything (oVe) 



Not just Sami, but oVe for that matter. The Crist Brothers would add much needed contention in the tag division and whether you use Sami in a tag match or as a solo competitor he would be a draw. Since leaving NXT he has made a lot of noise and caused a lot of controversy in iMPACT Wrestling. The death machine has improved himself in the ring and his charisma is enough alone to make you want to be in his presence. I'd imagine Sami would be high on any list.


3. Low Ki



Low Ki has reinvented himself somewhat in recent years. The reigning MLW Champion (there is a lot of MLW on this list, please standby for a future article...) is a legit bad ass. Something I never thought I'd say about Low Ki years ago. This smash mouth heel is the perfect talent to use in a main event or is able to put on match with anyone for that matter. Low Ki vs. Slex is something that gets my juices flowing. 


2. PAC



The King is dead! But the once king of the cruiserweights would be a great challenger for the WSW title, you can't deny that. Eagles vs. PAC would steal the show country wide and could potentially be one of the best matches ever to take place on Australian soil. Provided Aries doesn't come back to revoke his rematch clause against Robbie, we are going to need someone to hate, and PAC is a man that wants you to hate him.


1. The Lucha Bros



Lethal as a team but just as entertaining in their own right. The Lucha Bros would be a huge signing for WSW. Pentagon Jr vs. Robbie Eagles vs. PAC in a triple threat match for the title would be incredible. Or even having The Lucha Bros challenging for the WSW tag titles is mouth watering in itself. The hottest free agents in wrestling are no doubt the #1 spot on this list, and if Adrian and the WSW staff have not spoken to them I'll be shocked. Let's try and make it happen! 


See you at Defend & Destroy!


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