Going Over Smackdown: Results, Reactions & Full Recap (11/12/18)

December 12, 2018


Just five days before WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, SmackDown Live rolled into T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


WWE Champion Daniel Bryan arrives. Bryan says he called the people sheep last week, and is here to apologize… to the sheep; they don’t deserve to be compared to these idiots that are ruing the planet with their consumption. The fans are parasites. You take and take, and give nothing back, especially here in Las Vegas. You people lived through the old Bryan, but the old Bryan is dead and the yes movement is dead along with him. And now you moved onto AJ Styles. He will crush Styles again and the new Bryan will remain champion. Stupidity is the cultivation of ignorance… and Mustafa Ali arrives. Bryan knows who he is and introduces him to the audience and praises him as the heart of 205 Live and an incredible performer. Bryan sees a lot of himself in Ali, but says they don’t have to do the match tonight. The fans won’t care after they are done and don’t deserve their match. Ali asks what happened to Bryan, noting that Bryan inspired him and the 205 Live guys idolize him for all he’s done. The old Bryan would want to fight and that’s what Ali wants. Bryan asks what kind of car Ali drives, and Ali says an SUV. Bryan calls him a small man and questions this and slaps Ali for being ignorant. They brawl, and Ali takes him to the floor and follows with a 450!


Daniel Bryan defeated Mustafa Ali. Bryan won with a heel hook after repeatedly slamming Ali’s leg into the ring post. After the match, Bryan attacked Ali again on the stage and posed with the WWE Championship. 


- This was good stuff, with Bryan predictably dominating ahead of his title match on Sunday. Bryan’s new focused and punishing work is coming across really well, while Ali looked good in a big match on Smackdown, even in loss. Ali’s selling was really good here. The match was exactly what it needed to be, but I hated that they wasted the Spanish fly spot during the screen in screen shit.


The Usos and The Bar had a rap battle with the New Day as judges. It ended with the teams brawling. 


- Well that was one way to cool off things after the show’s hot open. 


Asuka cuts a promo on tonight’s match with Charlotte. At TLC, she will win the title. But tonight, Charlotte isn’t ready for her. 


Miz is in the ring with the BITW trophy and begs Shane McMahon come to the ring. Shane makes his way out. He asks why Miz has the trophy, and Miz says they can be good together if he gives them a chance. He wants them to tag again, and if they lose, they can go their separate ways. Shane says this is getting weird, and Miz says the trophy is about so much more. Miz asks for a referee.


The Miz and Shane McMahon defeated “The Vegas Boys.” Miz tricked McMahon into teaming with him against two jobbers. McMahon won with a triangle choke after badly botching a DDT.


- Whatever this Miz & Shane angle is, it continues. Just sign a visitation agreement for the trophy and move on.


Backstage, Paige refused to pay the independent contractors.


Randy Orton now arrives. Orton says there is nothing like a good old fashioned chair to make a point. We get some video footage of him assaulting Rey with a chair. That was good, but he can do better, and we get more footage. He has a chairs match with Rey on Sunday, he’s done sick and twisted things, but Rey is apparently ok with the match. Rey is his victim and he won’t be getting revenge. Some are worried about TLC, but Rey needs to fear… Rey interrupts with chair shots and then dropkicks it into his face. The 619 follows and Orton powders.


Becky Lynch walks and is asked about tonight’s Asuka vs. Charlotte match. She has to defend in the most dangerous match on Sunday against two of the best. There is no advantage, but she loves fighting the odds. She will scout tonight, and Sunday, will remind all about the chaos when the man comes around.


Rusev and Jeff Hardy defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe.Rusev pinned Nakamura after a Matchka Kick. 


- This was a solid tag match, combining the two existing feuds, and giving Rusev the big win over the US Champion, and a likely US Title match soon.


Miz tried to be friends with Shane McMahon again, and Shane was a jerk about it.


Lars Sullivan is coming soon...


Styles is interviewed about Sunday’s title match. He wants to beat the hell out of Bryan and is counting down the days until Sunday. This isn’t the new Bryan, it’s just the real Bryan. He plans to get back his title on Sunday.


Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair by disqualification when Flair attacked Asuka with a kendo stick. After the match, Asuka, Flair, and Becky Lynch took turns hitting each other with the stick. Asuka eventually came out on top in the stick fight. 


- This was a very good main event, and the non-finish worked here, because I think these two will be continuing after TLC. Plus it led to a great post match angle to build to TLC.


End of show.




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