Why Asuka vs. Becky vs. Charlotte Should Steal The Show At WWE TLC

December 3, 2018


Smackdown Live seem to have the right idea, consistently producing a better show each week over Monday Night Raw. At WWE TLC we have a match between the three best women on the roster, which also has potential to be the best match on the entire show. The consistent feud between Charlotte and Becky has to keep going, with Charlotte finally showing some of that fire and cockiness that made her heel persona so entertaining. You've also got Becky Lynch, who is without a doubt one of the best things about WWE and arguably the most popular WWE Superstar on the current roster. Asuka on the other hand has been used rather poorly since her call up to the main roster, being made to look foolish and not nearly as dominant as she was on the NXT brand.  But given the history of these three women, and also the pure wrestling talent and star-power that we have here, I have no doubt the first-ever Women’s TLC match  will go off without a hitch and be the match of the night, that is if all goes well.


Watching Lynch, Askua and Flair absolutely try to absolutely destroy each other in the first ever women's TLC match is intriguing and they all have shown the ability to step up when it matters, so I will be watching this match closely, but I also think that Bryan vs. Styles is a match that will end up also wowing fans given what they've showed us as a hint at what they can do on television and it was a great outing.


Don't worry though, because Lynch and Rousey should still main-event WrestleMania 35. But having Asuka emerge the winner at TLC not only pushes everything in this direction, it helps bring one of the company's top performers right back into the limelight. 


Because let's be honest, like Nix Jax's irresponsible botch that injured Lynch in the first place, WWE bungled Asuka's character after coming up from NXT. There have been bright spots, but the resounding thud of her streak ending for no real reason and the purgatory she's been in for months has been one of the more egregious examples of WWE wasting quality talent. 


But here is a rare example of WWE being able to  make amenda for its mistakes in a way only it can, with a swerve. Asuka won a Battle Royale on SmackDown Live after the rest of the blue brand's female competitors protested Flair and Lynch getting to go at it again. Asuka was the obvious winner of the match, not to mentions the clear crowd favourite, but is otherwise viewed as an afterthought. 


Which makes sense, right? Asuka doesn't have major beef with either character, whereas Lynch vs. Flair remains engaging even after the odd shakeup thanks to the former's injury. Best-case scenario, Asuka is just there to soak up some hits in what could be a violent match because Lynch is fresh off the inactive list, or so to speak, thanks to a concussion and facial damage. 


It can be both, though. Asuka can be the workhorse for the match while helping along Lynch while also furthering everyone at once. If Asuka pulls off a win, she's suddenly back in the main-event scene instead of twiddling her fingers in the middle of the roster. Her holding the title means more main-event work for up-and-coming talents like Sonya Deville. 


Meanwhile, Lynch dropping the title is a smooth way to keep her hot with crowds. Before the injury, she was easily the biggest thing going in the company and on a fast track to likely hold one of the last three matches at WrestleMania 35, if not main-event the whole thing. But with her disappearing for a stretch, keeping her hot until the biggest event of the year became an even bigger task. 


The chase is always the way to keep a beloved talent hot and should work like a charm with Lynch. And if she retained, she cools off while battling a mostly developmental crew beneath her on the blue brand. 


How's this sound? Becky Lynch, Royal Rumble winner. Regardless of what anyone else does, Lynch gunning for Rousey like that keeps the fire alive, if not fans the flames. 


Flair isn't hurting for a title run either. Her recent character alteration, highlighted by the amazing work while dismantling Rousey in place of Lynch at Survivor Series, is in a great spot. In fact, maybe the best spot she's been in for years. Another Flair-Rousey bout is a must, though pairing her crazy persona against the unpredictable nature of Asuka should be fun on the blue brand, too. 


It all boils back to a Lynch-Rousey encounter, if not with Flair added into the mix. The three haven't just earned it, the matchup might be the most anticipated one out of any possible WrestleMania encounter at this point. 


Asuka is the one who needs a win the most, which might quietly explain her addition to the TLC fray. SmackDown hasn't been afraid to build up midcard talents like Jinder Mahal and Carmella lately, so getting a do-over on the Asuka run and getting a chance to craft a new star is a bonus.


If the play-calling is right at TLC, Asuka will brilliantly swipe the title from two of the hottest names in the company right now while also preventing either from looking bad in the process. Viewed through a long-term lens, TLC could end up looking like a re-launching point for all three, the destination fittingly a WrestleMania 35 that has looked like an exclamation-point ending for women's wrestling in WWE for a long time now as it is. 


A month or so ago, Asuka didn't figure to play a role in this at all. Now she's a central point from which the success of all three and perhaps more could stem from if WWE plays it right. 


Give Asuka the Smackdown Women's Championship and let's see how it pans out.


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