Going Over Smackdown: Results, Reactions & Full Recap (20/11/18)

November 21, 2018


This weeks episode of WWE Smackdown Live comes from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.


The show opened up with Charlotte Flair who got on the mic and talked up beating down Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. Paige came out and fined her $100,000 for putting her hands on referees. The IIconics interrupted Charlotte, setting up a match after a commercial break. This was a solid opening segment to play off of Survivor Series and to give Charlotte a chance to brag about what she did to Ronda. The IIconics added nothing to this.


Charlotte Flair versus Billie Kay. Charlotte defeated Billie Kay with the Natural Selection @ 3:15 via pin (*) This wasn’t good, Kay’s strikes are absolutely horrible and while short, Charlotte should have absolutely destroyed her with no resistance following Sunday.


Charlotte now wants to fight Peyton Royce.


Charlotte Flair versus Peyton Royce. Charlotte defeated Royce via disqualification @ 4:40 after Kay attacked her (*). They took Flair to the outside to beat her down before Charlotte laid out the IIconics with a double spear. She beat them around ringside before posing on the announce table. Well that was another bad match, and the DQ made no sense. The IIconics are nothing and should have been destroyed with ease. The post match was solid, but after Sunday’s angle, Charlotte should have destroyed them with minimal effort.


The Miz hosted MizTV with Shane McMahon. Miz talked up his and McMahon’s Survivor Series performances. He then asked McMahon to be his tag team partner against the Bryant Brothers. Miz’s insincere ass kissing is spectacular.


The Bryant Brothers versus The Miz and Shane McMahon. Dane Bryant pinned the Miz with a rollup @ 1:22 (DUD)So we’re going to build to Shane & Miz I guess, which could be fun.


Thanksgiving Feast Fight: New Day defeated The Bar. Big E slammed a turkey into the face of Sheamus for the pinfall @ 6:45 (**). After the match, the New Day hit Cesaro with Thanksgiving side dishes. This was the annual holiday match where the babyfaces pick up a win after failing against the champions so many times. Can’t wait for next month’s Miracle on 34th Street Fight.


Asuka and Naomi versus Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Asuka & Naomi defeated Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville @ 5:45 via submission (*¾)This wasn’t very good and most of it took place screen and screen. They continue to tease the Mandy/Sonya split.


A vignette aired hyping the debut of Lars Sullivan.


WWE Champion Daniel Bryan arrives. Bryan will rematch Styles at TLC. Bryan says that he doesn’t expect these people to understand. His explanation is not for them, his act of betrayal was 3-years in the making. When he retired and gave up on his dreams. Bryan doesn’t accept failure. He realized his mistakes, and decided to fight and spent hours in a hyperbaric chamber every day. It allowed him to focus, to fight for his dreams, and it worked. Against all odds, he returned. He received the loudest reactions he ever heard, but for these people, it was just a moment. They weren’t part of the struggle and pain. He refused to move on, but these people moved on as these idiots cheer for Styles. These fans are fickle, and the YES chants grew quiet, and when the ref was down, he didn’t give up and his dreams took over and did what they were programmed to do and he kicked Styles in the balls. His dreams made him realize he didn’t need these people, and they told him he didn’t need to beat Brock to win. He won because he allowed Brock to beat the weakness out of him. A new man has emerged, and the old Bryan the fans loved, is dead. The YES movement is dead. And all that remains is the new Bryan, the WWE champion. The only thing that matters is that you never give up on your dreams again. Good work from Bryan, making sure the fans didn’t like him at all and becoming a completely unhinged character. I’m in on the new Bryan.


Rey Mysterio versus Randy Orton. Mysterio went for the slide underneath the ropes splash and Orton caught him with the RKO on the outside. He pulled Mysterio into the ring and hit another RKO for the pinfall victory. Randy Orton defeated Rey Mysterio @ 8:40 via pin (**½). After the match, Orton put a chair around Mysterio’s head and slammed him into the steel post as Mysterio’s mask fell off. Orton celebrated with the mask as officials tended to a bleeding Mysterio. This was a perfectly solid main event that never got out of second gear, but allowed Orton to look like a supreme asshole.


End of show.




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