Nia Jax Comments on Becky Lynch’s Injury

November 14, 2018


Nia Jax had a role at Survivor Series. She was in the 5 on 5 Women’s Classic Survivor Series match as one of the Raw representatives. But it turns out that her role would be much more significant after she clocked Becky Lynch in the face and broke her nose while giving her a severe concussion.


This injury for Lynch means that she can’t compete against Ronda Rousey in a match that we all really wanted to be. The promos and the build was well done and fans held hope that Becky Lynch could actually prove that she is The Man and topple Ronda Rousey handing her a loss in WWE for the first time.


But Becky’s injuries are preventing her from competing so she picked Charlotte Flair to take her place.


Nia Jax recently broke her silence and commented on the mishap in the ring with a Twitter post and a picture of her busted up hand, presumably made that way after contact with Becky Lynch’s face.










































Yes, Nia Jax is a top heel on the Raw brand right now but this kind of statement might bring her nuclear heat. Needless to say, the fans in LA will probably be very vocal toward Nia Jax this Sunday because in their eyes she robbed them of witnessing a dream match.



But Becky was quick to respond to Nia via Twitter with a bold statement below:





































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