WWE Evolution Recap: Live Results & Match Ratings (28/10/2018)

October 28, 2018


The time has finally arrived! WWE Evolution is here, live on the WWE Network, with the kickoff show beginning at 9:00am AEST and then the main show starting at 10:00am AEST.


Like Ronda Rousey defending the Raw women’s championship against Nikki Bella, a Last Woman Standing match pitting Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair, and more!


To watch every second of the event, you’ll need to contact your local pay-tv provider to get the big show via traditional pay-per-view (PPV) means.


Your best bet, however, is to simply order the WWE Network and stream it via whatever device you have available, such as your laptop, your entertainment system (PS4 or Xbox One), or any other device compatible with the Network. Click here to order if you haven’t already.

But if you aren’t able to check out the show live for whatever reason, Going Over Wrestling will deliver match-by-match results and live coverage of Evolution before, during, and after the event.


Here’s the announced line-up:


Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella
Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair
Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Alicia Fox & Mickie James
Battle royal
Sasha Banks & Bayley & Natalya vs. The Riott Squad
Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler
Toni Storm vs. Io Shirai


Kickoff show:


The kickoff show panelists are Renee Young, Paige, and Beth Phoenix. First up is a video package for Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair. Michael Cole joins the panel to discuss the historic implications of tonight’s show, and then we head to a video package for Toni Storm vs. Io Shirai. Eve Torres joins the panel to discuss how far the women’s division has come since her days in WWE. The panel then breaks down Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler. Paige picks Sane, but Young and Phoenix pick Baszler. Next up is a video package for Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella. Michael Coles returns to the panel to break down Rousey vs. Bella. Paige, Phoenix, and Cole unanimously pick Rousey to retain the title.


Here we go!


We get a really cool video package to upon up the show hyping this historic event. 


Female hard rock music icons Nita Strauss and Lzzy Hale are here to perform a song called "Evolution" to get things going before our first match.


Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Mickie James & Alicia Fox w/Alexa Bliss


The crowd is hot! Lita and James start the match, and Lita connects with a Litacanrana. James makes the tag to Fox, and Lita clotheslines Fox in the corner. Lita whips James into the match and tosses her into the corner with Fox. Stratus gets the tag, and Lita hits a modified Poetry in Motion to James and Fox. Stratus hits a snap mare takedown and calls for Fox to make to tag to James. Fox obliges, and James immediately gets in Stratus’ face. Stratus and James slug it out in the middle of the ring, and Stratus takes control with a Thesz press. James heads up top and Stratus goes for a handstand hurricanrana, but James pulls Stratus up top with her. James and Stratus brawl up top, and Stratus regains control with a hurricanrana from the top. James, Fox, and Bliss try to retreat up the ramp, but Stratus and Lita retrieve them. Lita gets the tag and goes for a Litasault on James, but Bliss knocks Lita off the top rope. Fox gets the tag and slams Lita face-first into the top turnbuckle. James gets the tag and locks in a modified sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Lita breaks free, but James levels her with a running knee shot. James cheap shots Stratus, so Stratus charges into the ring and lifts Lita into a hurricanrana. James makes the tag to Fox, and Fox his a northern lights suplex for a two count. Fox goes for a scoop slam, but Lita counters into a reverse DDT. Lita FINALLY makes the hot tag to Stratus as Fox tags James. Stratus unloads on James and hits two headlock takeovers. Stratus traps James in the corner and goes to work with stiff chops, but James catches Stratus with a quick rollup for a two count. Stratus hits Stratusfaction, but Fox breaks up the pin. Lita hits Fox with the Twist of Fate and follows up with top rope Litasault to both Fox and James. Stratus hits James with the Chick Kick, and that’s enough for the three count.


Match Result: Trish Stratus defeats Mickie James with the Chick Kick. (***1/2)


Women’s Battle Royal For Future Women’s Championship Opportunity


The Iconic's, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay get some promo time during their entrance, expressing their disgust over how people from here in Long Island sound and pledge to send everyone in the match back to obscurity. This was great! It's shame they were eliminated first but I was glad to see them get some mic time. The Iconics are just two Aussie chicks doing stuff, but to the rest of the world they’re the most annoying dodgy sounding duo which I find hilarious. Everybody gangs up on Billie Kay and Peyton Royce and eliminate them immediately! The legends then find themselves surrounded by the current women’s roster and we’ve got all-out chaos! Breaking down into the usual intermittent struggle, Alundra Blayze fighting with Tamina, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville eliminate Molly Holly! Focus on Kelly Kelly next and they eliminate her too before high fiving!Working Torrie Wilson over now, but she fights back and gets Deville on the apron. Rose gets her onto the apron as well, Torrie fighting hard but Mandy knocks her to the floor with that knee strike! ROSE ELIMINATES DEVILLE! Sonya takes her anger out on Wilson as Rose goes to work on Lana. Nia Jax dumps Blayze! Maria Kanellis trying to eliminate Nia, she fends Tamina off and hits a Bronco Buster on Snuka! Jax with a fireman’s carry, setting Maria on the apron and she eliminates her with a headbutt! Zelina with double knees on Tamina, drawing her up, but she gets laid out with a superkick! Snuka and Jax staring each other down and they decide to clear house on everybody else before going back to each other! Lana gets between them, leg kicks to no effect and she’s knocked back with a double headbutt and eliminated!Nia scoops Tamina up and slams her! Naomi and Asuka with the double suplex attempt, Dana Brooke comes in, Michelle McCool, Ember Moon, Tamina, Mandy Rose... huge tandem suplex on almost everybody left! Carmella slips back in and calls for it... DANCE BREAK! Ivory joins the fun but Mandy takes advantage and dumps her to the apron ohly for Mella to eliminate her!Brooke with a handspring elbow on Moon, kick to the midsection, looking to suplex her out but Ember reverses and eliminates her! McCool catches a Frankensteiner attempt from Carmella, sets her up top and lets her drop when Moon comes over and she counters Eclipse with a boot to the face! But when she goes for Faith Breaker, she gets back body dropped to the apron and eliminated with a superkick! Asuka and Naomi team up on Tamina, Codebreaker into a dropkick and we’re feeling the glow... but Naomi gets back body dropped and eliminated! Ivory with a facebuster for Asuka, double axehandle, Moon with La Mistica to Jax! Carmella goes for a tilt-a-whirl headscissor on Ember and it goes awry but she gets most of the impact somehow! Back body drop and an elbow end the Princess of Staten Island, however!Snuka beating on Ivory, setting her up top but she avoids being eliminated until Asuka dragon screws her over the middle rope and hits the running hip attack! Asuka faces off with Moon and they slug it out, Alarm Clock knee, Asuka in control but the hip attack gets sidestepped! Superkick, and she dumps the Empress of Tomorrow to the floor! Tamina lying in wait... Ember blocks the superkick! Off the ropes, caught... BLACK HOLE SLAM! But Nia pulls her off, so Snuka lays her out with a superkick! Back to Moon, stop the charge, roll away, basement dropkick for Jax, she’s got Tamina staggered... ECLIPSE! She dumps Snuka to the floor! It’s down to Moon and Jax, Nia biels her across the damn ring but Ember is able to recover and try to dump her. Nia reverses, Moon lands on her feet on the apron, staggers her with a shot, front chancery, dragging Jax over the top rope... ZELINA VEGA IS STILL LEGAL AND DUMPS THEM BOTH TO THE APRON! She celebrates like she’s already won but turns right around to see Nia in her face! She’s on her back with a sleeper but Jax reverses, military press... DROP TO THE FLOOR!Moon’s still in it, dropkick, lariats, staggering the bigger woman, off the ropes and she’s caught by the chokebomb! Nia drags her over...


Match result: Nia Jax wins the Women’s Battle Royal. (**1/2)


2018 Mae Young Classic Final: Io Shirai vs. Toni Storm


Storm and Shirai shake hands to start and then lock up in the middle of the ring. Storm takes control with a standing side head lock, but Shirai reverses into a standing side head lock of her own. Strom regains control with a head lock takedown and then escapes a head scissors. Storm grabs a hammer lock, but Shirai reverses, but Storm flips out and levels Shirai with a low drop kick. Shirai flips into a standing drop kick and follows up with a handstand double knee shot for a two count. Shirai locks in a modified crucifix, but Storm gets a boot on the ropes to force the break. Storm fights back with a suplex and a running hip attack in the corner. Storm heads up top, but Shirai counters with a springboard drop kick that knocks Storm to the outside. Shirai heads up top and connects with a moonsault to the outside. Storm and Shirai climbs onto the apron, and Storm goes for a Storm Zero, but Shirai blocks, but Shirai connects with a German Suplex right on the apron. Shirai beats the referee’s count back into the ring and slugs it out with Storm in the middle of the ring. Shirai hits the ropes and charges at Storm, but Storm counters with a clothesline. Storm hits the Storm Zero, but Shirai kicks out at two. Shirai connects with a 619 and a springboard sunset flip for a two count of her own. Shirai heads up top and goes for a moonsault, but Storm gets her knees up. Storm hits the Storm Zero for a second time and gets the three count. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Sara Amato join Storm in the ring to congratulate her.


Match result: Toni Storm defeats Io Shirai with the Storm Zero. (***1/2)


Finn Balor is shown in the front row holding a “Hugger section” sign.


Sasha Banks, Bayley and Natayla vs. The Riott Squad


Natalya and Morgan start the match, and Morgan muscles Natalya to the corner. Morgan slaps Natalya, which turns out to be a poor life decision. Natalya returns the favor and makes the tag to Banks. Natalya and Banks team up for a Hart Attack before Morgan makes the tag to Logan. Natalya tags Bayley, but Logan drop kicks Bayley ribs-first into the ring post. Logan covers Bayley but only gets a two count. Morgan gets the tag from Logan and locks in an arm bar before making the tag back to Logan. Logan locks in an overhead wrist lock before tagging Riott for the first time. Riott catapults Bayley into a forearm shot from Logan before making the tag back to Logan. Logan works over Bayley in the corner and whips her to the adjacent corner, but Bayley clotheslines Riott and Morgan to the floor. Riott heads back up onto the apron and gets the tag. Bayley tries to make the tag to Natalya, but Logan pulls Natalya off the apron. Bayley FINALLY makes the hot tag to Banks, and Banks unloads on Riott. Banks connects with a knee shot and heads up top for a diving double knee shot for a two count. Banks catches Riott with a crucifix pin and gets another two count. Bayley gets the tag and hits Belly-to-Bayley for a two count. Banks and Logan get the tags, and Banks flips to the outside onto the entire Riott Squad, but the Squad catches her throws her into the barricade. The Squad toss Banks back into the ring, and Logan and Morgan hit a Doomsday Device for a two count. Morgan gets the tag and hits an enzuigiri before tagging Riott. Riott heads up top, but Bayley covers Banks to protect her, and splashes Bayley and Banks. Morgan gets the tag as Banks makes the tag to Natalya. Natalya applies a double Sharpshooter to Riott and Logan, and Morgan makes the save. Morgan hits a double stomp to the neck, but Natalya hits a powerbomb as Bayley gets the tag. Bayley hits a top rope diving elbow drop as Banks gets the tag. Banks hits a top rope Frog Splash, and that’s enough for the three count.


Match Result: Sasha Banks defeats Liv Morgan with a Frog Splash. (***)



NXT Women’s Championship Match: Kairi Sane (c) vs. Shayna Baszler


Baszler connects with a leg kick to start before muscling Sane to the corner. Sane fights back with a leg sweep and follows up with a single leg takedown. Baszler locks in a standing sleeper, but Sane breaks free and hits a wheelbarrow stunner. Sane kicks Baszler out of the ring and follower her to the outside. Baszler whips Sane toward the ring steps, but Sane leaps onto the steps and then launches herself back toward Baszler. Baszler whips Sane shoulder-first into the steps and the rolls her back into the ring. Baszler pins Sane’s arm to the mat and stomps it into an unnatural position. Baszler grabs a key lock, but Sane rolls her up for a two count. Baszler applies an arm bar and falls backward to wrench the shoulder. Sane and Baszler trade forearm shots, but Sane takes control with a spinning backhand. Sane locks in the Ikari, but Baszler escapes. Sane works over Baszler in the corner and follows up with a spear. Sane hits a shoulder shot in the corner and running neckbreaker in the middle of the ring. Sane heads up top, but Baszler knocks her to the apron and head up top. Baszler locks in an overhead wrist lock and lifts Sane by her injured arm. Baszler goes for a suplex, but Sane counters into a DDT. Sane heads up top, but Baszler rolls out of the ring. Sane hits a huge crossbody from the top to the outside, but Baszler gets back to her feet and tosses Sane into the barricade. Sane back body drops Baszler into the front row. Sane pulls Baszler back over the barricade, but Jessamyn Duke takes a shot at Sane from the front row. Sane hits Duke with a back fist and heads up top, but Marina Shafir hops up onto the apron to distract her. Sane kicks Shafir back to the floor, but Baszler pulls Sane down to the mat. Baszler locks in the Kirifuda Clutch, but Sane rolls into a pinning predicament, but Baszler releases the hold the avoid the pin. Duke connects with a cheap shot while the referee is distracted, but Baszler reapplies the Kirifuda Clutch. Sane fights valiantly, but eventually she passes out, and the referee has no choice but to call for the bell.


Match Result: Shayna Baszler defeats Kairi Sane with the Kirifuda Clutch. (****)


Last Woman Standing Match For The Smackdown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

Load of "Becky" chants to start off with. Flair ducks a clotheslines to start, but Lynch ducks a big boot. Flair gets a double leg takedown, but Lynch hits the ropes and levels Flair with a running forearm shot. Lynch hits a running leg drop and follows up with a volley of European uppercuts. Lynch whips Flair to the apron, but Flair heads up top, but Lynch flips Flair back down to the mat. Lynch hits the Bexploder and whips Flair to the outside. Lynch grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and viciously attacks Flair. Flair pulls the kendo stick away from Lynch, so Lynch grabs a steel chair from under the ring. Flair tosses a chair of her own into the ring, and then Lynch and Flair toss several more chairs into a pile in the middle of the ring. Flair pulls a table out from under the ring, but Lynch launches off the ring steps and levels Flair with a diving forearm shot. Lynch tries to roll Flair back into the ring, but Flair puts on the brakes and suplexes Lynch on the floor. Flair tries to set up the table, but Lynch grabs a chair and connect with a chair shot to Flair’s back. Lynch hits several more chair shots to the back and rolls Flair back into the ring. Lynch tosses Flair onto the pile of chairs and goes for a Bexploder onto the chairs, but Flair counters and hits a back suplex onto the chairs. Flair rolls to the outside and pulls another table out from under the ring. Flair slides the table into the ring as Lynch knocks Flair off the apron. Lynch sets up the table in the ring as Flair gets back to her feet on the outside. Flair heads back into the ring, but Lynch side slams her onto the pile of chairs. The referee counts, but Flair makes it back to her feet at eight. Lynch slams Flair’s face into the table and then rolls her onto the table. Lynch heads up top, but Flair rolls off the table and pulls Lynch back down to the mat. Flair puts Lynch on the table and heads up top. Flair and moonsaults onto Lynch, but the table doesn’t break. Flair slams Lynch’s face into the table, rolls Lynch onto the table, and heads back up top. Flair hits a diving senton onto Lynch, and this time the table does break. The referee counts, but Flair and Lynch both make it back to their feet before the count of ten. Flair heads to the outside and retrieves a ladder from under the ring. Flair slides the ladder into the ring, but Lynch knocks it away from her. Bexploder onto the ladder! Lynch goes for a second Bexploder onto the ladder, but Flair floats over and hits a chop block from behind. Flair pulls Lynch’s leg through the ladder and repeatedly stomps on the knee. Flair locks in the Figure Eight with Lynch’s leg pulled through the ladder. Lynch taps, but that doesn’t matter in this match. Lynch grabs a chair and uses it to break the Figure Eight. The referee counts, but Lynch rolls out of the ring and lands on her feet to stop the count. Flair follows Lynch to the outside, but Lynch whips her into the ring steps. Lynch whips Flair face-first into the ring post and then grabs the title and heads into the crowd. Flair chases Lynch in the crowd and lights her up with a volley of chops. Flair and Lynch brawl through the arena and back to ringside. Flair preps one announce table and bounces Lynch’s face off another table. Flair sets up a ladder in front of the announce table, but Lynch catches Flair with a title shot to the face. Lynch slams Flair into the announce table and rolls her onto it. Lynch climbs the ladder and hits a diving leg drop through the table. The referee counts, but miraculously Lynch and Flair both make it back to their feet. Lynch beats Flair back down to the floor and buries her under a pile of announce table chairs. The referee counts, but Flair emerges from the rubble before the count of ten. Lynch looks like she’s seen a ghost and backs away from Flair. Flair grabs a kendo stick and beats Lynch around the ring. Flair spears Lynch on the outside and sets her on a table at ringside. Flair heads all the way up top, but Lynch springs off the table and powerbombs Flair through the table. The referee counts, and this time Flair can’t make it back to her feet.


Match Result: Becky Lynch defeats Charlotte Flair with a powerbomb through a table. (*****)


Commentary shills for the WWE Network by running down the card for Crown Jewel, because after a match as good as that last one, it’s good to be reminded of the moral quandary that’s inherent to enjoying WWE. Also the crowd booed quite loudly when the Crown Jewel graphics appeared on the screen.


Main event time...


Raw Women’s Championship Match: Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Nikki Bella


Rousey hits a hip toss takedown to start and then gently encourages Bella to get back to her feet. Rousey tosses Bella back down to the mat and locks in an arm and chin lock. Rousey tosses Bella out of the ring, and Brie distracts Rousey long enough for Nikki to whip Rousey into the ring post. Nikki heads back into the ring and distracts the referee while Brie again whips Rousey into the ring post. Nikki rolls Rousey back into the ring and locks in a rear chin lock. Bella whips Rousey out of the ring and then tosses her into the barricade. Bella slams Rousey’s head into the apron and whips her back into the ring. Bella locks in a head scissors, but Rousey flips out to break the hold. Rousey kicks Bella away to create distance, but Brie cheap shots Rousey from the outside while the referee checks on Nikki. Nikki slams Rousey’s face into the ring post and locks in a standing chin lock in the middle of the ring. Bella applies an abdominal stretch and pulls Rousey down to the mat. Rousey powers up to her feet and flips Bella over to break the hold. Bella hits a disaster kick and gets a two count. Bella works over Rousey in the corner and takes her up top. Bella kicks Rousey in the chest and goes for a superplex, but Rousey shoves Bella back down to the mat. Rousey flies off the top with a diving crossbody, but Bella side steps, and Rousey crashes to the mat. Bella goes for a baseball slide to the ribs, but Rousey pulls herself up on the ropes, and Bella slides under her and out of the ring. Bella heads back into the ring, but Rousey goes for the Reverse Kata-Guruma. Brie tries to grab Nikki’s hand to block, but Rousey pulls Brie over the top rope and onto Nikki. DOUBLE REVERSE KATA-GURUMA!!! Brie rolls out of the ring, and Rousey connects with rapid fire arm drag takedowns to Nikki. Rousey suplexes Bella out of the ring, and Brie again cheap shots Rousey on the outside. Rousey tosses Brie across the announce table and heads back into the ring, but Nikki catches Rousey with an Alabama Slamma for a two count. Rousey charges Bella in the corner, but Bella side steps, and Rousey posts herself in the corner. Bella hits the Rack Attack 2.0 for a looong two count. Bella heads up top, but Rousey heads up top and hits something akin to a super small package from the top. Rousey locks in the arm bar, and Bella has no choice but to tap.


Match Result: Ronda Rousey defeats Nikki Bella with an arm bar. (***)


Rousey celebrates with the title while the Bella skulk off up the ramp.


Nia Jax is shown watching on a monitor backstage.


The women of WWE empty onto the stage to celebrate with the champion.


End of show.




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