WWE NXT Results (24/10/18)

October 25, 2018


We open with footage from earlier today as General Manager Regal lets security know that he is to be the first person Aleister Black speaks to when he arrives.


Commentary hype up the Havoc Black is sure to unleash when he arrives as Undisputed Era make their way to the ring, Adam Cole cuts a promo hyping Bobby Fish’s return, putting the locker room on notice after they’re attack on The War Raiders last week. He goes on to address on Ricochet but is interrupted by EC3.


The two trade barbs regarding Coles right to another opportunity at the NXT North American Championship. Cole challenges EC3 to a match right now and he accept!


EC3 opens things hot but the continual presence of The Undisputed Era on the outside provides Cole the opening to take control. EC3 manages to turn a standing guillotine into a suplex and begins to mount a comeback, peaking with a lovely sit out powerbomb that only manages a 2 count.


Undisputed Era aagin provide the distraction and Cole connects with a superkick! He looks for the Shining Wizard but EC3 counters it into a school boy and gets the victory! After the match The Undisputed Era attack EC3. Just when it looks like they’re done, Bobby Fish takes hold of a steel chair and takes aim at EC3’s knee, leaving him screaming in pain as we go to commercial.


Commentary let us know we’ll be hearing from Mr. Regal tonight regarding the NXT Championship Match for TakeOver: War Games!


We get s small hype package for Mia Yim making her debut next. Security stand waiting as Nikki Cross bounces around them in glee exclaiming “He’s coming!”


Aliyah makes her way to the ring to take on Mia Yim. The crowd is firmly behind the debuting Yim as she goes on the offensive early. Aliyah turns the tides using the ropes and a cheap shot, managing to build some nice offence but it’s not enough to put Mia away. Yim begins to take back control with a series of kicks and after stringing together a cannon ball and an Eat Defeat to pick up the win.


Backstage Bianca Belair continues her appeal to Mr. Regal for a title shot considering she is still ‘un-de-fea-ted’. He is pulled aside for an interview, stating he doesn’t know the name given to Aleister Black but he knows that Black will raise hell. The Undisputed Era interrupts and complains about EC3, in response Regal makes them aware that next week The War Raiders will be back and they will face Bobby Fish and Adam Cole.


We get a promo package hyping up Lacey Evans.


Backstage we see NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa pacing back and forth as he cradled his title, awaiting Regal’s announcement.


Another promo package building the NXT Woman’s Championship Match at WWE Evolution.


Next up, Justin Xavier looks to score a big upset as he faces Kassius Ohno. Xavier shows off his athleticism early but Ohno quickly begins scoring with his signature big strikes and takes complete control. It’s not long before a few deadly Sentons and a big time Rolling Elbow spell the end for Xavier.


After the match Nikki makes her way out, interrupting Ohno’s celebration to again let us know “He’s coming.”


We get a hype package for the debut of The King of Bros, Matt Riddle next week!


Regal stands in the ring, ready to make his announcement regarding the NXT Championship but is interrupted by the champion himself. Ciampa tells regal to go ahead and make his announcement but he is again interrupted, this time by Velveteen Dream who makes his claim for the title before Lars Sullivan makes his way to the ring to do the same.


Dream tells Lars that if he’s going to address him, he needs to be wearing pants. Lars responds by grabbing Dream by the throat, as this commotion begins Nikki Cross again appears shouting “He’s coming!”


We cut to outside where Aleister demolishes the security waiting for him. He storms his way to the ring, both Dream and Ciampa rightfully run while Lars tries to stop Aleister and is met with a Black Mass for his troubles. Black grabs hold of Regal, shouting “Where is he?!”


Black turns around is met with a Superkick from Johnny Gargano who declares “I’m right here” to end NXT.


Johnny... What the hell?!?!


A rather padded episode of NXT but we’re building to one hell of an episode next week! I’m so damn blatantly hooked on this.




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