WWE NXT UK Results (17/10/18)

October 18, 2018


Here we go! The beginning of NXT UK, my little PROGRESS Wrestling heart swells with joy as all my boys and girls get to be showcased to the WWE audience!  

The show begins with a package showcasing the history of WWE in the UK, the stars of the past and the stars of the future to Triple H’s speech from the first UK Tournament.

We are hosted by Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness, who are coming to us from in front of a green screen and most likely not the venue itself. They hype our Main Event that will see Pete Dunne defend his Championship against Noam Dar!

The UK Crowd is hot and ready as they sing along to Mark Andrews theme as he makes his way to the ring. Andrews is going up against the big unit that is Joe Coffey, accompanied by his just as big unit of a Brother Mark.

Coffey controls Andrews early before he manages to mount some offence with his impressive highflying arsenal, really getting to showcase what he can do in a big way. The UK crowd continue to just be the best, firmly behind the face and showering the heel in boos, the way it should be.

Coffee lands a sequence of big, powerful moves but can’t put Andrews away, Andrews takes Coffee off his feet with a Stundog Millionaire and sets Joe up for something big from the top but Mark Coffee pulls his brother out of harms way, Andrews throws caution to the win and dives on both brothers as the crowd give the lads a huge ovation and chants of “UK”. Andrews throws Coffey in and climbs up top again but Mark interjects again, taking hold of Andrews foot. Andrews fights him off but the distraction has done it’s job and given Joe the time to recover. Coffey leaps to the middle rope and hits a big overhead suplex from the top and follows it with a huge discus clothesline to get the win.

The Coffey Brothers beatdown On Andrews after the match before Flash Morgan Webster makes the save, fighting the big brothers off.

Terrific opener, the crowd is amazing and so into everything the boys were doing which just makes everything so fun to watch.

We get a promo package for Eddie Dennis who recounts growing up with Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews and lets us know he has some stories to tell.

The crowd erupt as the music of former NXT Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountains hits and the big strong bois make their way to the rjng! The are met with thunderou cheers of Moustache Mountain and Big Strong Bois. Trent hypes the importance of this event and how much it means to all those involved. The strong bois drop the incoming NXT UK Tag Team Champions and state they want all the talent in the back to buddy up because they want the best competition for those championships.

Promo video for Dave Mastiff, he states that he’s the best heavyweight in the world. Short and sweet.

Commentary throw us back to Noam Dara return and show us how he earned his championship match, winning a Fatal Four Way Match back at The UK Tournament Special.

Next up is Dave Mastiff facing off against Sid Scala! I don’t think you needed to know your UK Scene to see how this one was going down, especially when the crowd is singing “Mastiffs gunna kill you” before the two even touch. Sid attempts to stand a chance but Mastiff just man handles him, putting him away with a huge cannonball in the corner for an impressive victory.

Nice little squash match. Nothing much more here.

Up next, Toni Storm vs. Nina Samuels. First we get an interview with Nina who talks herself up before her big debut, setting her sights on the NXT UK Woman’s Championship.

The woman start with some nice wrestling, Nina throwing the first strike with a slap to the face but Storm responds with a flurry of lethal strikes. The slap does its job though as Storm rushes in and allows Nina to counter and take control. Nina opts to trash talk Toni instead of capitalising while she’s on top and it’s not long before Storm manages to make a come back and score the victory with a quick flurry of offence topped of with The Strong Zero.

Would’ve preferred the girls getting a little more of a shine but for the little segment it was, it was really good. Toni showing off her stuff and mounting some momentum as The UK Brand kicks off.

Next week we will see Tyler Bate vs Wolfgang, the winner in line for a NXT Championship Match.

It’s time for your Maaaaaiiin Event.

To no ones surprise the crowd is absolutely molten hot for Pete Dunne. WWE’s Longest Reigning Champion of The Modern Era with the entire attendance in the palm of his hand.

Big main event ring announcements ending with Dunne just throwing his best right at Dar’s face. The match starts slow, Dunne showcasing his technical wrestling ability, as crisp and beautiful as it always is. A small sequence has Dunne attempting his corner backflip but Dar takes out Dunnes knee, taking the champion out and leaving him helpless as Dar begins to pick him apart. Dunne hits an XPlex out of nowhere and fires right up, stringing together a collection of big moves but is unable to put Dar away. Dunne goes to the top but Dar goes back to the knee and takes the champion back down to the mat. Dar unleashes his own array of moves and strikes but Dunne won’t stay down. The two men trade strikes on the apron before Dar hits a Fishermen Suplex on the apron.

Both men crawl back into opposite sides of the ring, just breaking the referees count. They lock eyes and crawl toward each other, Dunne grabs hold of Dars hand, He tries to fight Dunne off but it’s no use as Dunne snaps the fingers! Dunne locks in a triangle, Dar rolls him over to counter but Dunne uses his momentum and rolls him into an armbar that Dar counters into an ankle lock! Beautiful!

Dunne rolls out of the submission and the two begin trading heavy shots till both men collapse in the centre of the ring to chants of ‘NXT’ and ‘UK’. A sequence leads to Dunne attempting The Bitter End but Dar reverses and locks in a leg bar and an ankle lock! Dunne just managing to get to the ropes.

Dar holds his pinky to the sky, sick of Dars show boating Dunne takes his hand and forces it to the mat, bending his hand back against Dars pinky before stomping down on his hand! As Dar grovels in Pain Dunne takes hold of him and hits The Bitter End for the 1-2-3 to Retain his Championship!

Post match Dunne offers a handshake which Dar goes to accept before both men pulls their hands back and offer a pinky held high in the other mans face.

Great match to headline the first instalment of NXT UK. Dunne continues to be just one of the best in the world and it’s so great seeing Dar back in the ring.

Hour long shows are so easy to sit through, especially when the matches are this clean and the crowd is this hot. I’m so excited for The UK Brand going forward and already can’t wait to sit down next week to watch it! 


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