WWE NXT Results 10/10/18

October 11, 2018


NXT 10/10/18

We start the show with a hype package for tonight’s huge Triple Threat Match that will see Ricochet, Adam Cole and Pete Dunne clash for the North American Championship. Insert all of my hype here.

BUT FIRST! The NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa makes his way to the ring, title clutched in his arms as his banger of a theme plays. Tomasso goes on to address Velveteen Dream which summons Dream our from the back. Tomasso knocks back Velveteens accusation that he attacked Aleister Black and says that he’s just after attention before telling him that the title doesn’t think Dream is ‘tough enough’ which gets a rise from the crowd. Dream says he’s more than tough enough and all Ciampa needs to do is give him a moment with that NXT Title.

Nikki Cross’ music hits and she makes her way to the ring as the crowd chant “triple threat”. She tells Dream she knows what he did before making her way to the champ. Ciampa goes to address Nikki but she playfully knocks the microphone from his hand before laying on the crowd to speak into the microphone to tell Ciampa she knows what he did too before leaving while saying “I know” over and over.

Next up, Keith Lee vs Kona Reeves.
The crowd is formula behind Lee as the big shows of both his power and impressive athleticism early on before Reeves takes over after a cheap shot. Reeves works Lee over before The Limitless one hulks up and makes quick work of Reeves with The Supernova.

We get a video of Shayna Bayzler hyping her match at Evolution against Kairi Sane for The NXT Womens Title. The former champ claims it was her own mistakes that led to Sanes victory but at Evolution, she’ll get her title back.

A quick interview with Kairi as she declares she’ll beat Shayna again at Evolution.

Backstage Kassius Ohno tells William Regal to let him know when his ‘shiny new toy gets here’ and goes on to accusing Aleister Black of not being the competitor that Regal thinks he is. Regal leaves Ohno and Nikki Cross enters frame as she tells Ohno that she knows what he did.

Nikki is damn nosey it would seem.

Next week we will see The Undisputed Era defend their NXT Tag Team Championships against The War Raiders!

But it’s time for our Main Event!

Three of the biggest names in Wrestling today state each other down. Dunne and Ricochet look to continue their war that was never finished but immediately turn their attention to Cole. The two both eager to get their hands on Cole allows him to push Ricochet into Dunne and gain control. Ricochet is quick to get back on offence before Cole takes him out. Dunne renters the ring, delivering a solid lariat to Cole that knocks him out of the ring, leaving Dunne and Ricochet alone in the ring.

The two lock into a great sequence, showcasing the crazy beautiful chemistry these two have with one another. As the two trade counters, they meet at a stalemate and Cole looks to sneak attack Dunne on his way back in but is met with a drop toe hold for his trouble. Dunne locks in the beginnings of surfboard hold on Cole and Ricochet joins in the fun with a kick to the former Champions face.

As the foes looks to have made an alliance Dunne smashes Ricochet right in the mouth with a forearm. Dunne takes control of Ricochet, manipulating the joints and picking apart the champion. Ricochet turns the tables and locks in a clover leaf on Dunne but Cole picks his spots again, running in and taking out Ricochet before working over Dunne.

Ricochet attempts to get back in the ring with a springboard but Cole shoves the ropes and The Champion crashes and burns. Dunne begins to mont a comeback but it’s swiftly shot down by Cole with a bicycle kick that earns a 2 count. Cole pulls Dunne back to his feet and with a few shots and a step up enziguri Dunne takes Cole out. Ricochet flies back into action with a springboard Rana that takes Dunne out. The Champion is hot as he lands a corner spear, flows out on the apron and follows it up with a head kick to Cole and a sprint to the other corner to deliver a moonsault from the second turnbuckle to The United Kingdom Champion on the outside. Not done yet, Ricochet Juno’s back up to the apron and scores Cole with a springboard Uppercut for a two count.

Ricochet gets Cole up on his shoulders but The Bruiserweight slides back in and begins unloading on his two opponents before locking them both a Boston crab at the same time! Ricochet wriggles our And gets Dunne in an octopus hold, leading him to release Cole and allowing him to hit Ricochet with a backstabbed for a two count.

The three crawl to one another and begin trading strikes on their knees and then unleashing a flurry of strikes on their feet. Cole knocks Dunne out of the ring and lands a knee to The Champion and only manages a close 2. Ricochet fights back, attempts a springboard from the corner but fakes Cole out, realising the challenger had it scouted. A forearm from Dunne to Cole, a kick to the face from Ricochet to Dunne, a bicycle kick from Cole to Ricochet, a standing enziguri form Dunne to Cole and finally anstanding shooting star from Ricochet to Dunne! A crazy crisp sequence that I had to detail, my god.

As the three all rise together, Ricochet attempts a springboard moonsault and with a flashback to TakeOver Brooklyn 4, Cole and Dunne superlock him out of the air. Both challengers look to cover Ricochet but The Champ rolls away, leaving Cole and Dunne staring on another down as they engage in strike exchange, which Dunne gets the better of. Cole bates Dunne out on to apron where he drives the UK Champions face into the apron with a ddt.

Cole looks to superkick Dunnes head into the steel steps but he evade, taking Coles hand and stomping his hand on the steps. Ricochet joins in with a springboard moonsault to Cole but Cole moves and Ricochet lands on his feet but is quickly met with a superkick. Cole turns into a moonsault from Dunne that wipes them both out.

Dunne rolls Ricochet into the ring and hits an XPlex that looks to have the match won until Cole slides in and breaks the pin!

Dunne slowly heads to the top rope and is met up there by Cole before Ricochet joins the party. All three men scale to tope rope where Ricochet delivers a top rope rana to both men!!
A reverse rana and a jumping flatlined to Dunne, Ricochet hooks the legs but only gets a 2nas the crowd chant ‘fight forever’.

Ricochet goes to the top but Cole nuts him. Cole looks to take advantage of Dunne but he counters Cole and hits The Bitter End as Ricochet rises on the top rope. Cole rolls away in pain as Ricochet attempts a shooting star press on Dunne that he counters into a triangle choke! Ricochet somehow manages to deadlift Dunne up but with a snap of the fingers, drops back down. Again, Cole intervenes with kicks to both men. A Brain Breaker to Dunne gets Cole a 2 count but not the win as he’s left in disbelief.

Cole hits the ropes, looking to put Dunne away but is cleaned up by a clothesline from the Bruiserweight. A second Bitter End lands but a springboard 450 across the ring from Ricochet breaks up the pin, Ricochet hooks the legs and pins Dunne to retain his championship after a 20 minute classic.

I honestly could just watch these three wrestle forever, dear god. Maybe not the Triple Threat everyone was looking to this week but definitely the one I think everyone will be talking about, what a damn great match. I planned only to detail the highlights but the whole goddamn thing was a highlight???

We get a hype package for our DOUBLE Main Event next week, The Tag Title Match and Nikki Cross vs Bianca Belair! 

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