Going Over Raw: Results & Analysis (01/10/18)

October 2, 2018


WWE Monday Night Raw results from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington.


Braun Strowman defeated Dean Ambrose by disqualification. The show began with Charly Caruso questioning Ambrose about his loyalty to The Shield, and Ambrose claimed loyalty. Baron Corbin announced that he’d be fighting Strowman right now. Strowman had the match won after a powerslam, but Roman Reigns interfered, hitting Strowman with a Superman Punch to cause the DQ. Seth Rollins joined in as well. Corbin said that if The Shield couldn’t let Ambrose fight his own battles, Rollins would face Drew McIntyre later tonight, and Reigns would face Dolph Ziggler right now. This was a solid opening segment to further tease an Ambrose turn and to solidify Corbin as an asshole that abuses his power and set up our opener.


Roman Reigns defeated Dolph Ziggler. Reigns attempted to defend the Universal Championship, but Corbin prohibited it, saying he can’t defend his championship until Crown Jewel in November. Reigns won with a spear. This was a solid opening match, with Ambrose getting a lot in on the big man before the DQ, which plays into the booking and puts Ambrose in the “little brother” that always needs help role.


Ronda Rousey defeated Ruby Riott. Liv Morgan now has pink hair. The “legendary Bella Twins” were at ringside for Rousey. Rousey won by submission with an arm bar. This was pretty good, they found a smart way to give Riott the heat and she looked good, controlling for a good while over Rousey.


Konnor defeated Bobby Roode. Konnor won with a slam after Viktor took out Chad Gable at

5. The B-Team defeated The Revival. Yes, again. Dallas got his knees up to counter a splash from Dash Wilder, then rolled him over into a pin. After the match, AOP attacked the B-Team and hit the Super Collider on them. This feud feels so backwards, the singles guys won the tag matches, while the tag guy won the singles matches. And no one cares about any of it.


We get a moment of Bliss, where Alexa calls herself a hero. Her hero was Trish Stratus and hypes their match at Evolution. She discusses meeting Trish for an autograph and poor 7-year old Alexa was burped on and charged her $50 for the autograph so Trish could buy some Jimmy Choos.


B-Team defeated The Revival. Forgettable match, at least the AOP arrived and murdered the B-team, hopefully writing them off TV… for good.


Ambrose is still hurting backstage. Reigns checks on him and Ambrose says he’s fine and that he’s good, and also says he could have taken Strowman. Ambrose says if he wasn’t a nice guy, he could have been Universal champion right now. The drama continues.


Baron Corbin praises the AOP for their attack.


Dolph, Drew, & Braun talk about trying to end the Shield, and Brain praises Ambrose for being a winner and his toughness. He feels he’d be a good addition to the team. Braun tells Drew to beat Rollins, because they don’t need any weak links, and stares at loser Dolph.


Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins. This was also non-title. Dolph Ziggler ran into the ring to cause a distraction, allowing McIntyre to connect with a Claymore and win the match. After the match, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Dean Ambrose all came to the ring to brawl. The heels got the best of the fight and hit their finishers on The Shield. This good and was going rather well until the expected and bullshit finish. I want these two in a PPV match, uninterrupted, for about 15-minutes.


We get a Joe vs. AJ video package to hype WWE Super Show-Down.


Kevin Owens defeated Bobby Lashley. Before the match, Elias and Kevin Owens got mega, mega heat with the crowd for mentioning the Seattle SuperSonics leaving town. Elias attacked Lio Rush, allowing Owens to roll up Lashley for the win. After the match, Elias and KO continued to beat up Rush and Lashley. This was ok at best, they really didn’t work all that well together, and the crowd was mostly dead apart from the first part. They lost every bit of the pre-match eat that Elias generated and didn’t care about the match at all.


Bayley defeated Alicia Fox with a Belly-to-Bayley. Alicia Fox has been in the WWE system for 12- years and still struggles to have a basic and solid match. Considering the talent under contract, I have no idea how she has a job; this was bad.


Shawn Michaels ended the show with a promo about the “last time ever” match between Triple H and Undertaker. Michaels said he’d be in Triple H’s corner. Kane and then The Undertaker appeared to threaten Michaels, but Triple H made the save. H and Michaels got double chokeslammed, and Taker Tombstoned Triple H. I have no clue if Saturday’s match will be any good, or if the tag match they’re building to will be any good, but this was a really strong closing angle to close the show. One thing I know is that even in 2018, no one was ready for bald HBK.


End of show.



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