Update on Liv Morgan Injury, WWE Confirms Concussion

September 27, 2018


WWE Superstar, Liv Morgan, sustained an injury on this weeks episode of Raw during the women’s six-person tag with The Riott Squad taking on The Bella Twins & Natalya. In the middle of the match, Brie Bella began delivering the Yes kicks to Morgan and connected with two kicks to the face as Morgan slumped down to the mat and appeared to be knocked out. Morgan was brought to her corner by Brie and tagged out, with Sarah Logan carrying her on the floor to get assistance from the medical staff.


Amazingly, Morgan was brought back into the match for a triple suplex spot, which seemed crazy given the possibility she may have suffered a concussion and returning for one more spot. She was outside the ring being tended for the remainder of the match. We were told by one person within the company that she was said to be okay and walking around backstage with Brie and Morgan both apologetic to each other in the back. If she suffered a concussion, it’s hard to assess how long she could be out for. Mike Johnson at PWinsider.com noted she was undergoing tests backstage and the results of those will determine if it’s serious or not. The situation was handled poorly in the heat of the moment with Morgan appearing unconscious from the strikes and then being taken to her corner and risking further injury. Then, to have her return for the suplex was just baffling given the state she appeared to be in.


Watch the video below:



Brie Bella took to Twitter to express remorse that she took her foe out of the match the way she did, adding that her thoughts are with Liv despite being at odds in recent weeks.



UPDATE: The WWE has since released the following statement to the media, confirming that Morgan suffered a concussion during Monday’s match:


Liv Morgan has a concussion and is going through the proper protocol under WWE’s comprehensive wellness program.


The Bella Twins are set to team with Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey against The Riott Squad at WWE Super Show-Down on Saturday, Oct. 6, in Melbourne, Australia.


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