Results: WWE NXT (19/09/18) Pete Dunne vs Ricochet

September 20, 2018


NXT 19/09/18  


We immediately kick off with a promo for tonight’s main event, the most hyped I’ve been for a match in quite some time; Pete Dunne vs Ricochet, Champion vs Champion, Title for Title.

I. Am. Ready.

But before we get there, we’ve got the rest of the show! We open with some woman’s tag team action as Dakota Kai & Deonna Purrazzo face Lacey Evans & Aliyah.

Evans and Purrazzo start things off as the fans are firmly behind Purrazzo. The heels take control, both Evans and Aliyah work effortlessly in their roles, definitely looking and feeling a lot more natural than what they did as faces. Purrazzo is able to make the tag and Kia comes in like a house on fire and lights up Aliyah with kicks. Kai would run Aliyah to the ropes and roll her up for a pin but Evans makes a blind tag, allowing her to land her finisher and pick up the win.

Nothing special here, fine opener for the show.

Backstage press interview The Velveteen Dream, they ask him how he plans to carry his momentum forward after defeating ECW at TakeOver Brooklyn. Dream is quick to point out be always has with his victory over Johnny ‘Failure’. The press attempt to ask a The Dream about the attack on Aleister Black but because the question isn’t about him, he refuses to answer it and leaves.

We get a segment with The Street Profits just getting over their characters now that Street Talk has been renewed for a second season.

We get a recap of last weeks Main Event, Bianca Belair vs Nikki Cross and are shown an interview with Belair where we see that things aren’t over yet.

The Forgotten Sons Jaxson Ryker makes his in ring debut against Humberto Carrillo. Ryker destroys his opponent for an easy and impressive win. I guessed Ryker would be the singles guy for this faction and that seems to be the way things are going.

Backstage Detective Regal questions Candice LeRae about Aleister Blacks attack. She says how it surely sounds like something Tommaso Ciampa would do. Regal reaffirms her that he’s already spoken with Ciampa and asks about her husbands whereabouts during the attack. She explains that he told her to sit tight while he cleaned up the locker room and then they drove home together, Johnny’s alibi sounding rather weak to me.

We get a hype package for Dunne vs Ricochet, revamping what lead to their match tonight.


We flashback to EC3 pretty heavily insinuating it was Lars Sullivan who attacked Aleister Black and Lars attacking EC3 as a result. This leads us to commentary announcing Lars will be in action next week as well as Heavy Machineries Otis Dozovic taking on NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa.

It’s time for the MAAAAIN EVENT !

Both men come out to huge pops from the crowd. There is no favourite as it seems the crowd chants ‘Ricochet’ and ‘Bruiserweight’ simultaneously. The bell sounds and we shift into dueling chants for both men. They lock up and we’re off, both men evenly matched. Dunne is able to gain the upper hand as he utilises his joint manipulation. Ricochet manages to gain control as he attempts some joint manipulation of his own but Dunne shows why it’s his game as he regains control rather quickly. These two have spent a couple of minutes just grappling and this crowd has not stopped, they are on fire.

After escaping a surfboard stretch, Ricochet looks to have turned the tides as he locks in an arm wringer but Dunne gets to the ropes and the North American Champion is forced to break the hold. Dunne quickly takes the opening and hits Ricochet with a stiff forearm to the face. Dunne takes pride in his handy work but maybe for too long as Ricochet fights back an unloads his signature arsenal of fast paced offence, climaxing with a dive to the outside as he takes it to Dunne.

Ricochet attempts a back rolling rana for a second time but Dunne counters it with some more joint manipulation followed by a kick straight to the face. Dunne is in firm control and begins picking Ricochet part with deadly precision. He attempts the big stomp on the arm but Ricochet moves, Dunne hits a quick strike and runs the ropes but is met with a huge rolling clothesline!

Dunne pulls himself up in the corner and ricochet is all over him with a combinations of strikes, a 619 in the corner and a springboard European uppercut. He attempts a TKO but Dunne escapes. Nice quick sequence as Dunne attempts an xplex but Ricochet lands on his feet and hits a standing shooting star onto the back of Dunne, 1-2-no!

Ricochet goes to the top rope, Dunne runs in but Ricochet jumps over him and rolls into the other corner. Dunne follows and Ricochet attempts the rolling DDT but Dunne counters, catching him in an arm bar mid air. Ricochet rolls him up for a pin, but Dunne kicks out and breaks the hold. Big kick swings fora seared Dunnes head but he lays down to avoid it, immediately Ricochet looks for a standing moonsault but Dunne avoids that as well as he crashes to the canvas. Dunne beautiful already has his foot planted on the hand and proceeds to stomp away on, furthering the damage already done earlier.

Ricochet pulls himself to his feet by the ropes, Dunne goes to get him but is met with a big knee to the face that drops the United Kingdom Champion. Once again Ricochet looks for that springboard European but Dunne lands a big forearm that smacks him out of the air. Quick follow up with the Xplex for a close 2!

Dunne looks for The Bitter End, Ricochet escapes and looks for a German but Dunne lands on his and responds with a sick kick to the side of the head. Dunne runs the ropes but Ricochet responds with a standing enziguri that sends Dunne to the outside. Big dive attempt, Dunne moves and Ricochet saves himself in the apron. Dunne goes for the feet, Ricochet leaps over and quickly scales the turnbuckles for a moonsault. Dunne moves again and Ricochet lands on his feet but Dunne levels him with a forearm and then an Xplex on the apron. Quickly back in the ring as The Bruiserweight attempts a Bitter End that Ricochet counters into a reverse rana for a 2.

The crowd, burst into a fight forever chant for at least the third or fourth time in this match as Dunne once again looks to his joint manipulation to gain control. He stomps the on the hands, again kicks Ricochet square in the face, hits the ropes but is met with a bicycle knee. Dunne responds with a standing enziguri, Ricochet attempt the rolling ddt again and Dunne decks him with a powerful clothesline.

Dunne runs the ropes looming for something big but Ricochet ducks and comes back with a handspring, round the world DDT that gets a near 2 as the crowd explodes into an ‘NXT’ chant and into a ‘This is Awesome’.

Ricochet goes up top but Dunne joins him, both men stand on the middle rope battling for control. They both make their to the top rope for a huge Frakensteiner from Ricochet to Dunne. The One and Only follows it up with an axe kick and big face buster but only manages a 2. Ricochet looks for a springboard 450 but Dunne catches him in a triangle choke. Ricochet powers Dunne up for a power bomb but Dunne holds on, snaps the fingers and locks in a kimura. Ricochet again powers out and deadlifts Dunne from the mat and up into a suplex position for a brain buster and scored another 2 count.

Slowly the two men crawl toward one another and begin throwing strikes before The Undisputed Era rush the ring and attack both men causing a disqualification.

The War Raiders rush the ring and chase The Undisputed Era off leaving the two men in the ring. The crowd chant ‘Both These Guys’ and ‘NXT’ as the two men stare one another down.

While not a satisfying finish perhaps, it’s what I had gone in expecting to happen, plus that match was absolutely incredible and more than made up for a shmoz finish.

It was a one match show and that one match more than lived up to the hype and I’m left wanting more.

Please lord give me more. 

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