Going Over Raw: Results & Analysis (18/09/18)

September 18, 2018



– Drew McIntyre defeated Dean Ambrose @ 11:20 via pin [***]
– Chad Gable defeated Viktor @ 4:10 via pin [**]
– Bayley defeated Dana Brooke @ 2:45 via pin [NR]
– AOP defeated Juan & Javier Botas y mallas @ 1:05 via pin [NR]
– IC Title Match: Champion Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 9:40 via pin [**¾]
– Lashley vs. Elias went to a no contest @ 2:55 [NR]
– Ember Moon & Nia Jax defeated Mickie James & Alexa Fox @ 5:55 via pin [*]
– Universal Title Match: Champion Roman Reigns vs. Constable Corbin @ 16:50 via pin [*½]


The show opens with Roman Reigns addressing the main event at Hell In A Cell and telling Lesnar if he wants a rematch he’ll give it to him. Braun Strowman shows up and says he should get the chance to go after Lesnar, citing Lesnar ruining two cash-in attempts. Baron Corbin arrives and announces they will both be facing Lesnar in a triple-threat match for the Universal Championship at WWE Crown Jewel — the official name of the second Saudi Arabia show on Nov. 2. Paul Heyman arrives, without Lesnar, and cuts a promo with the Hell In A Cell door Brock kicked down next to him. He leaves as Strowman chases him off the stage, and then Corbin announces that he’s putting Reigns in a championship match in the main event against…Baron Corbin. This was a solid opening segment to set the return to Saudi Arabia and Brock’s next match. Although I have no clue who could care about Reigns vs. Corbin.


Drew McIntyre defeated Dean Ambrose. Ambrose avoids a count out, getting back in the ring at 9, but gets hit with a Claymore kick and McIntyre pins him. This was a good back and forth opener, and McIntyre needed the singles win here.


Corbin runs into McIntyre and Ziggler backstage and discusses how they’re going to take out The Shield, convincing Ziggler, who initially declines due to being hurt, to invoke his IC title rematch clause on Seth Rollins because Rollins isn’t even in the building due to injuries from falling through a table (alongside Ziggler) off the cell last night. The match is made for later in the night.


Ronda Rousey, the Bella Twins, and Natalya celebrate Rousey’s championship win at Hell In A Cell backstage and Rousey asks how open challenges work. Natalya explains you just go out there and do it.


Chad Gable defeated Viktor. Bobby Roode prevents interference from Konnor, Gable hits a German Suplex and bridges it into a pin.


The Undertaker comes out and cuts a long promo on Triple H about how “delusion will be his downfall” for underestimating him going into the Super Show-Down, and how it’s not him but actually Triple H is the one that’s gone soft, playing a “corporate game” now. This was a solid promo segment, designed to continue the built to Triple H vs. taker at Super Show-Down, and the rumored Triple H & Michaels vs. Brothers of Destruction match at WWE: Sweet Saudi Money.


Bayley defeated Dana Brooke. Bayley was joined by Sasha Banks and children that were survivors of pediatric cancer on stage before the match in a cool moment. Bayley hit Brooke with a running knee and a Bayley to Belly Suplex for the pin. Not bad, but also nothing special. I love that they broke up Titus Worldwide so that Dana could prove herself. The good news is that she’s on TV, the bad is that she’s still losing sub-three minute matches. To her credit, Dana looked good here, way better than usual.


AOP defeated Local Talent. Akam gets the pin after they hit the Super Collider. I dig AOP killing fools, but we need to get them into a program soon, or at the very least, have them start killing low level main roster guys like Mojo & Kanellis.


Ziggler is upset with Corbin backstage after Rollins arrives at the arena after Corbin convinced him to take the match because he’d win by formality. Rollins confronts Ziggler saying he’s not backing out.


Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Ziggler countered the Falcon Arrow into a roll-up, Rollins kicked out at 2, got up and hit Ziggler with a Stomp for the pin. This was pretty good all things considered. They obviously didn’t go all out, but I appreciated that since they were selling the cell bump.


Roman Reigns explained how he’s the Big Dog, not the underdog, in his match with Baron Corbin despite fighting in Hell In A Cell last night.


Ronda Rousey issued an open challenge for her Raw Women’s Championship. Natalya’s music hit, and the Riott Squad emerged dragging an unconscious Natalya out onto the stage. Ruby Riott said she was answering the challenge, but Rousey attacked the Riott Squad before a bell or referee arrived. The Riott Squad eventually overwhelmed Rousey before the Bella Twins ran out to make the save, setting up their six-woman tag match at the Super Show-Down. This was fine set up for the Super Show-Down six woman tag match.


Braun Strowman confronted Baron Corbin and said he hopes Corbin wins because, “I know I can kill you.”


Bobby Lashley vs. Elias ends in no contest. Kevin Owens comes out and attacks Lio Rush, who was on commentary. Elias runs out of the ring to go after Rush as well. Lashley saves Rush from a powerbomb on the apron by pulling him over the ropes. Not much of a match, but it solidified the Lashley/Rush relationship and was part of the build to Lashley & Cena vs. Elias & Owens at WWE Super Show-Down.


Alicia Fox, Mickie James, and Alexa Bliss talk to backstage setting up a match between Fox and James with Ember Moon and a mystery partner next.


Ember Moon and Nia Jax defeated Mickie James and Alicia Fox. Moon takes out James with an Eclipse from the top rope, and Jax catches Fox going for a kick and hits her with a Samoan Drop for the pin.


Roman Reigns defeated Baron Corbin by disqualification to retain the Universal Championship. Corbin loses by DQ, after hitting Reigns in the face with a chair. Corbin demands the match restart as a no disqualification match.


Roman Reigns defeated Baron Corbin, again to retain the Universal Championship. Corbin kicks out at 2 from a Superman punch. Braun Strowman shows up to distract Reigns who gets attacked from behind by Corbin and, eventually, Strowman. Reigns escapes a Running Powerslam attempt and Strowman misses a spear in the corner and hits the post, going out of the ring. Ziggler and McIntyre show up to help Strowman. The Shield runs out to make the save for Reigns. Reigns hits a spear on Corbin to retain the title. This was a completely uninspired main event that they tried to dress up with the smoke and mirrors at the end like at Hell in a Cell. At least it served at set up for Super Show-Down and possibly Survivor Series.


End of show.



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