WWE NXT Results & Analysis (30/08/18)

August 30, 2018


William Regal is officially starting an investigation into who attacked Aleister Black, and he’ll play golf until he finds the real killer the culprit.


Johnny Gargano hobbles his way to the ring, using a crutch. Gargano thanks the crowd for their reactions, but says while they have always had his back, he broke a promise in Brooklyn and made mistakes, he failed, he tried to make things right for them all, and doesn’t know where he’ll go from here and just doesn’t know what to do anymore. In Brooklyn, he became Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa is in his head and he can’t get him out and he doesn’t know what the fans want anymore. He has to be better and wants to be better for Candice, and for the fans. NXT dad William Regal makes his way to the ring and asks if Gargano was the one that attacked Aleister Black. Regal needs to know before Black returns and burns NXT to the ground. Gargano doesn’t really answer, just saying that Regal knows him well and to look into his eyes. Velveteen Dream arrives and he’s sick and disgusted hearing Gargano sing his sad song once again. Tonight’s show should be about him, the man that stole Brooklyn; it should be all about Velveteen Dream. This is not about Johnny Failure. Gargano says he’s good to go and Regal breaks them up. Regal sends Dream to his office and says they will face next week. This was a solid opening segment, but feels a bit been there and done that with Gargano. I really wish they would have kept him off of TV for a while.


Dakota Kai vs. Aliyah: They lock up and work to the ropes. Aliyah grabs the hair and grounds the action. Kai escapes and hits a dropkick; the standing double stomp for 2. Aliyah cuts her off, avoids the dropkick and again grounds the action and then covers for 2. Aliyah follows with the running back elbow, and gets a Thesz press and strikes before covering for 2. She locks on a body scissors, Kai fights to escape, but Aliyah keeps the hold and hasher trapped center ring. Kai finally escapes, connects with kicks and then the running corner kicks for 2. Aliyah cuts her off by using the hair, celebrates, but Kai hits the code red/double knees for the win. Dakota Kai defeated Aliyah @ 5:16 via pin [**]


This was an ok opener, getting Kai a needed win. Aliyah has a good look and attitude, but doesn’t offer much else these days in my opinion.


Regal finishes his meeting with Dream and meets with the Forgotten Sons. He questions them about the attack on Black. They take the time to deny the attack and ask for an opportunity. Regal dismisses them and says they get an opportunity next week.


Backstage, we see Lars Sullivan leaving the scene, and EC3 laid out.


Regal tries to talk with Nikki Cross, but she just laughs and spins in her chair and says she knows who did it. Bianca BelAir arrives and says she wants a match because she’s healthy, and wants a title opportunity. Nikki wants to play.


Mendoza makes his way out to the ring and Lars Sullivan arrives and admits to taking out EC3.

Lars Sullivan vs. Raul Mendoza: Lars hits the ring and starts destroying Mendoza with ease. He mauls him with strikes, hits a pop up powerslam and freak accident for the win. Raul Mendoza was 26. Technically no match as the bell didn’t ring. Pain.


Ciampa cuts a promo backstage, noting that he promised to come back dangerous and exceeded all expectations. He ended Gargano and won the NXT Title, becoming the greatest sports entertainer of all time. He clawed to the top of the mountain and that is his home now. NXT is his home and this is just the beginning. No one will survive what’s coming next.


Keith Lee vs. Luke Menzies: Menzies is a former rugby player. Menzies attacks with elbows, but Lee hits a RANA and then tells Menzies to bask in his glory. Menzies attacks, lays in uppercuts, and Lee fires back with huge strikes. Menzies fires back, rocking Lee with strikes. Lee fights back with a pounce. The corner splash and chops follow. The spirit bomb finishes it. Keith Lee defeated Luke Menzies @ 3:00 via pin [NR] Lee picks up another win and was more dominant than in his debut, but he should flat out be mowing people down with little resistance at this point.


Undisputed reveals that it will not be Strong & O’Reilly as we thought, but will be Cole & Strong instead.


Undisputed Era (Cole & Strong) vs. Ricochet & Pete Dunne: Dunne and Roddy to begin. They work some back and forth until Cole tags in for double teams. Dunne cuts of Cole and attacks the fingers. Ricochet tags in and Cole runs away. Roddy tags back in and Ricochet follows with rights, and hits a head scissors and dropkick. Cole distracts Ricochet allowing Roddy to cut him off. Cole tags in and Ricochet fights them off and clears Roddy to the floor. Ricochet lays in strikes and chops on Cole, follows with a lariat, Roddy tags in and hits a back breaker to cut off Ricochet. Undisputed takes the heat, isolating Ricochet in their corner. Roddy grounds the action, Cole tags in and he lays the boots to Ricochet. Undisputed work quick tags, and then double teams as Cole covers for 2. Cole lays in knee strikes, Roddy back in and more double teams follow as Roddy covers Ricochet for 2. He grounds Ricochet, but Ricochet fires up and then runs into a dropkick. Cole tags back in and keeps Ricochet grounded and away from Dunne. Roddy back in and works a camel clutch. Ricochet fights to his feet and escapes. Cole in and Ricochet fights him off and we get the hot tag to Dunne. Dunne runs wild on Roddy and hits an enziguri and then takes out Cole. Dunne x-plexes Cole onto Roddy and covers for 2. Ricochet cuts off Cole, Dunne looks for a triangle on Roddy, and then hits the German and sitout powerbomb for 2 as Cole makes the save. Ricochet dumped to the floor, but then flies back in and takes out Cole. It breaks down; Dunne hits a moonsault to the floor onto Undisputed, and Ricochet accidentally takes out Dunne with a dive. Back in and Cole hits the last shot and pins Dunne. Undisputed Era defeated Ricochet & Pete Dunne @ 9:55 via pin [***½] 


This was a very good print style tag, which is no surprise as all four are very good performers. Undisputed Era winning makes sense as they are the unified force, and Dunne was only tagging with Ricochet to get at Undisputed Era. The miscommunication cost them, and they will be on a collision course, while War Raiders are focused on the tag titles.


Post match, undisputed lays out Ricochet and Dunne to stand tall… until War Raiders arrive and Undisputed run.


Next Week: The Forgotten Sons in Action, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch in Action, Kairi Sane Appears, Johnny Gargano vs. Velveteen Dream.


End of show.



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