Going Over Smackdown: Results & Analysis (22/08/18)

August 22, 2018


WWE Smackdown Live Results


The Miz came out and tearfully announced his retirement, then he revealed that he meant his retirement from ever fighting Daniel Bryan again. Bryan came out and repeated called him a coward. When Maryse started insulting Bryan, Brie Bella ran out. Maryse rolled out of the ring, so Brie threw hands at the Miz instead. Then, Bryan revealed that Paige has already scheduled a Mixed Tag Match between the two couples for Hell in a Cell. Backstage, a livid Miz found Paige and complained about what had happened, but she was unsympathetic and confirmed that the match is on. This was a great segment, playing well off of Sunday, and Miz being a complete asshole as he gloated about his Summerslam win and the set up to the next step in the feud, and staying away from the immediate rematch, although I know some will absolutely hate Brie’s involvement. I know the feud feels perfect for HIAC, but they shouldn’t go right back to it, Bryan has to jump through some hoops to get his ultimate revenge.


Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy by disqualification. Jeff apparently snapped and stomped Randy in the crotch, causing the ref to call for the bell. The two brawled after the match, with Jeff getting the upper hand and then leaping off of a road case to swanton bomb Orton through a table. This was a solid match, but it was exactly what it needed to be at this point in the feud. The post match was very well done and led to an overall good segment.


Renee was interviewing The Bar backstage about their ambitions for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships when Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson interrupted. This set up a match for next week.


Peyton Royce defeated Naomi. Peyton pinned Naomi after a bridging fisherman’s suplex. It wasn’t bad, but there was just too much bullshit for such a short match, sometimes I just want people to win a match without a ton of extracurricular activities.


Backstage, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods inquire about Big E’s taped-up ribs, but he thinks they’re talking about the barbecue he’s eating.


Becky came out to the ring and cut a heel promo. Charlotte ran out and the two fought, leading Paige to bring out the entire women’s roster and make it a pull-apart brawl. This was hilarious. Becky cuts a hell of a heel promo, really delivering, but when super Charlotte arrives, they still side with her and treat her as a wronged babyface. They are miscast here, Charlotte needs to be heel and Becky should be the top face, but they’re telling stories, and will fight the audience, just like with Roman, Rusev, and others. Anyway, Becky was fucking great here, coming off as a held back talent, sick of being in the shadow of Charlotte, and despite the great heel promo, fans still love her.


Rusev and Lana defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega. Aiden English helped his estranged teammates, stopping Almas from bringing a chair into the ring. Rusev and Lana welcome Aiden back into the fold as the three celebrate in the ring. 


Shinsuke Nakamura cut a video promo proclaiming himself an American hero and welcoming everyone to the United States of Nakamerica.


Renee Young interviewed AJ Styles on the ramp, where he said he doesn’t regret how he treated Samoa Joe at SummerSlam. Joe appeared from nowhere and attacked the WWE Champion. After leaving the champ unconscious, Joe cut a terrifying promo addressed to AJ’s wife Wendy. This was a good continuation of the feud, Joe continues to kill it. 


Paige confirms that Becky and Charlotte have been escorted from the building and AJ Styles is getting medical attention. Carmella shows up to demand her rematch, but is interrupted by R-Truth. He thinks he can get a title match by pinning Carmella just like Becky and Charlotte did, but Paige politely kicks him out. She then confirms the rematch between Carmella and Charlotte for next week.


The New Day defeated the Bludgeon Brothers for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. The Bludgeon Brothers dominated throughout the No DQ Match, but just when Harper was about to powerbomb Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston hit Harper with one of the Bludgeon Brothers’ hammers and a Trouble in Paradise, setting up Woods to put Harper through a table and get the pin. This was a very good main event, and not only played off of their Summerslam match well, but they played extremely well into the spirit of the stipulation. Considering Rowan’s injury, this went as well as you could have hoped, and he worked through it like a champ before he takes his post surgery vacation. While it’s a shame that the Bludgeon Brothers run had to end because of injury, the title change really opens up the division.


End of show.




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