Going Over Raw: Results & Analysis (14/08/18)

August 14, 2018


The final Raw before SummerSlam featured an appearance from Brock Lesnar, a triple threat match for the Raw Tag Team Championship, and more.


This weeks episode of WWE Raw took place at The Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Ronda Rousey kicks off the show. Rousey is emotional as she mentions Natalya’s father, Jim Neidhart, passing away today She says that fathers are our pillars of strength and prepare us to be that for when they are gone. She tells Natalya to stay strong and that they all love her. She’ll defend Natalya since she was the first one to welcome her in the WWE, and on Sunday, she will beat Alexa Bliss for all the times she cheated to win over Natalya. Ember Moon will be replacing Natalya to face Alexa tonight. Bliss runs her down, playing the hits and saying the same shit she always does about Rousey. She won’t compete with Rousey at ringside without protection, and Constable Corbin allowed her to hire personal security.


Ember Moon defeated Alexa Bliss by disqualification when Alicia Fox “interfered.” She didn’t actually do anything, but the match ended. Ronda Rousey beat up Fox again. This was prefaced by a segment in which Bliss revealed Baron Corbin is allowing her to bring out her own security team. This was a solid match with Moon looking good again and some solid setup for Sunday’s PPV match.


Constable Corbin defeated Tyler Breeze. Corbin announced that he was choosing opponents for himself and for Finn Bálor tonight. Corbin chose Breeze, who he pinned after a Deep Six. Well that wasn’t good. If this was supposed to showcase Corbin, it didn’t do a good job.


Braun Strowman and Finn Bálor defeated Jinder Mahal and Kevin Owens. Corbin announced a handicap match, but Kurt Angle added Strowman to make it a tag team match. Strowman pinned Mahal after a powerslam. After the match, Corbin attacked Bálor. Braun was wildly over here, and got some revenge on Mahal for his “recent losses,” and also got a put of punishment in on Kevin. This was an overall fun and good little match that advanced some build to Summerslam.


“Local” “singer” “Ricky Roberts” sucked up to Elias and said he wanted to play “this here gee-tar” as well as him. Elias showed up to shill Elias merchandise. Lashley interrupted to insult them. Roberts hit Lashley with a guitar, which Lashley no-sold, setting up a spinebuster.


Triple Threat Match for the Raw Tag Team Championship: The B-Team (c) defeated The Revival and The Deleters Of Worlds. The Revival hit a Shatter Machine on Bray Wyatt, but Axel stole the pin. B-Team vs. Revival for the titles was made for SummerSlam. This was good and much better than expected. They worked hard and I liked that The B Team didn’t sneak into a win as this time it came off as Axel thinking on his feet instead of just dumb luck.


Paul Heyman tried to trick Roman Reigns into making him his advocate. Reigns turned him down, so Heyman sprayed him in the eyes with a spray (?) to blind him. Brock Lesnar appeared, kneed Reigns repeatedly, choked him out, and hit an F-5. That was a great segment, easily the best thing on the show, with Heyman absolutely killing it and followed up by a fun beat down by Brock ahead of Sunday’s PPV match.


Bobby Roode and Titus Worldwide defeated Mojo Rawley and the Authors of Pain. Filler.


Ruby Riott defeated Sasha Banks with a roll-up. This was ok, but hey were too concerned with the others at ringside instead of focusing on the match.


Seth Rollins reportedly had “travel problems” and couldn’t make it to the show in time for a contract signing with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler and McIntyre harassed Angle about being bad at his job and not making the match official. Angle repeatedly tried to announce Rollins. Ziggler dumped on the fans for a while and signed the contract for a Rollins forfeit, but Rollins finally showed up with a returning Dean Ambrose, who will be in his corner at SummerSlam. Rollins and Ambrose attacked and sent the heels packing. This was an overall good segment to close the show, hyping the IC Title match, and Seth finally getting some backup in the returning Ambrose. Ambrose looked good, in better shape and with a slight makeover, which is a good call. It’s good to see him back, but hopefully, he and Drew aren’t too much a part of Sunday’s match.



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