NJPW G1 Climax 28 Night 17 Results & Ratings

August 11, 2018


Michael Elgin vs Togi Makabe

Lots of high quality, stiff brawling early. Elgin hit an awesome deadlift german suplex. They ended up trading hard strikes and suplexes. Elgin eventually hit a lot of his big moves but couldn't get his finisher and Makabe came back with a DVD and king kong knee drop to win at 8:36. Good back and forth sprint. (***)

YOSHI-HASHI vs Hangman Page

Page dominated this one early after hitting his shooting star press off the apron, but HASHI fired up and came back after Page talked too much shit. They proceeded to have an excellent back and forth match from then on with lots of action and impressive counters. The ending was really good with HASHI hitting a Canadian destroyer for a huge near fall and then finishing him off with Karma at 10:25. HASHI has been terrible at times in the tournament but he was on here. (***1/2)

Minoru Suzuki vs Bad Luck Fale

I just caught bits and pieces of this while I got food (seemed like the appropriate time to do that). It seemed to start out ok (at least for a Bad Luck Fale match), and then devolve into the usual shitty Firing Squad match with another DQ finish to give Suzuki a win. Probably better than I'm giving it credit for, but I was done with this Firing Squad garbage by about night 3. (1/2*)

Jay White vs EVIL

This match was more dramatic than those before it because it actually had implications in the tournament. White dominated and hit the usual barricade spot early. Afterward EVIL started to come back and build some offense. Some back and forth action followed with White trying to cheat, to no avail. Though, he did come back with a necktie suplex and a Kiwi crusher for a nice near fall. Then he grabbed the chairs, the ref got bumped but his cheating failed him this time and EVIL won with the STO at 11:37. Good match, nothing special. Finish was well done, the shenenigans were more creative and actually backfired and cost White a shot at the tournament. (***)

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada

It's Tanahashi v Okada, should say enough about the quality. Another amazing chapter in the rivalry and one of the best matches in the tournament. They started slow, trying to ground each other and occasionally hit signiture moves, all of which were countered. They kicked things into second gear in the second 10 minutes and the match just built up perfectly. The last 10 minutes were amazing, started with Tanahashi cranking up on a cloverleaf and then turning it into a styles clash. From there it was an incredible home stretch with lots of drama, counters and some great near falls near the end. The crowd (and myself) was losing it by the time the final minute came around, and even when it seemed obvious the draw was coming they had one more tease, with Tanahashi going for the High Fly Flow in the last seconds, which has been his downfall so often. He hit it but Okada kicked out at 2 and the 30:00 timer expired. Tanahashi ends with 15 points and the Ace takes his rightful place in the finals, and I'll be full Tanahashi fanboy mode for that one. (*****)

Final A Block Standings:
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 7-1-1 (15)
Kazuchika Okada: 6-2-1 (13)
Jay White: 6-3 (12)
Minoru Suzuki: 5-4 (10)
EVIL: 5-4 (10)
Michael Elgin: 3-6 (6)
Adam Page: 3-6 (6)
Bad Luck Fale: 3-6 (6)
Togi Makabe: 3-6 (6)
YOSHI-HASHI: 3-6 (6) 

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