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August 9, 2018

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One of Australia's most well travelled and well rounded wrestlers, Kellyanne started wrestling at a very young age of 14 years old. She's been trained by some of the best in the world and recommended by former WWE Superstars, not too bad right? Since then she's gone on to become one of the brightest stars in women's professional wrestling and if you follow Australian wrestling, then you've most certainly heard of or seen Kellyanne perform. She's hard-hitting, technical and not here to make friends. But she is on a path of her own to become a household name and to continue honing her craft. She also has a massive match coming up next weekend for Melbourne City Wrestling's MCW 100 against Madison Eagles which will be a must-see match. Kellyanne took some time to chat with us about her career, her goals and 
what professional wrestling means to her.

What's your earliest memory of wrestling and what made you want to become professional wrestler?


I used to play the games religiously on PS1 which is what initially got me into wrestling, I then started watching it when I was about 9 years old onwards. I thought I would have to go to the USA to become a wrestler but I saw a poster for PCW when I was 13 and attended my first show where I found out where to train. But nobody should start that young.


What's been your biggest accomplishment so far in your career?


I could easily sit here and list a bunch of countries and such ive wrestled in but it would have to be the freedom I have recently discovered with what I do out there and how far I can push the invisible boundaries.


Has there been feud with one of the other woman that you consider to be your best rivalry and is there somebody else that you'd like to get your hands on?


I would say young Evie and I definitely pushed each other to break the molds of female rivalry. What we felt out there was not an act, we legitimately wanted to prove who was better. As for my next, anyone who attempts to get in my way or tell me no.


What do you hope to achieve for the future of your pro wrestling career?


To blur the ''structure''. When I say blur the structure I mean to not follow the usual rules of what we are ''supposed'' to do within wrestling and the work we put out there. A lot of the time we play it safe as we know what works and what doesn't but we should be forever evolving which is what I am doing at the moment. I don't want to be 'relevant' within wrestling, I want to be dominant and set apart.



Do you have a certain match that you consider your best work or favourite?


My best match? I believe is yet to come. I have myself vs Madison Eagles, Myself vs Alan Payne coming up.


My stand out would have to be my falls count anywhere match against Evie.


With the announcement of an all-women's exclusive PPV event and WWE continuing to try and break new ground in women's wrestling, what's your opinion on the current status of Australian women's wrestling?


We are great. We are diverse. I do think we need to stay away from preaching political correctness though. People come to these shows to escape the real world.


What's next for Kellyanne? Do you have an opponent in your sights or any particular shows that you're particularly excited for?


I'm particularly excited to have my match against Madison Eagles, I feel she is the bench mark for us women here. I'm also training for my match against Alan Payne who has pushed me for the past 18 months at BCW and across other companies. I genuinely feel like I may be the only person who isn't scared of him and that may be able to put him down. Although he is my tag partner, he is also the catalyst for most of my battles.


What's your favourite city to wrestle in?


Melbourne, by far. But I will never forget the crowd in Mexico.



Do you have a female counterpart in wrestling that you admire and/or look up to that has helped your career get to where it is now?


Honestly, my attitude towards wrestling changed when I first watched Madison Eagles, I made it my goal to wrestle like the guys. I have her to thank for that. She also helped me get the exposure I needed to work Shimmer.

Every person I work with is a part of my story and journey, so it would not be fair to pick one. Indi Hartwell aggravates me like no other though, so I can thank her for allowing me to lose my cool in our matches.


Last but not least, do you have any words or a message to your fans or those that follow your career?




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