Going Over Smackdown: Results & Analysis (01/08/18)

August 1, 2018


Becky Lynch begins the show, she's here to talk about how she doubted that she could get back to the title picture at certain times, but she never gave up. She hasn’t been champion since December 2016 and hasn’t had a title shot in 18 months. She’s honoured and excited to get back to getting a title shot. She wasn’t born to be a champion, she fought to become a champion. Becky wants to win the title and go to Evolution as the champion. Carmella arrives and says normally she’d make excuses, but not tonight. Becky beat her fair and square and earned her title shot. Carmella then brings up Evolution and says they have the chance to represent every woman that ever competed in WWE. She felt like a failure and says they should support each other. She was jealous, and a step behind Becky. But Becky always had time for her, gave her advice, and then was the first draft pick and champion for Smackdown, while she was last. The WWE fans love Becky, and she admits they don’t like her or think she should be champion. She tries to fight off the haters, and legends have even told her to go away. She constantly has to tell her she earned this spot, just like Becky does. She always looked up to Becky, and she wants to tear the house down with Becky at Summerslam and wishes her good luck. Ellsworth’s music hits and Carmella attacks and lays out Becky. She gets a chair and Charlotte arrives to make the save. 


Carmella played her role really great here with some great acting, coming off as sincere, and executing a good attack on Becky. She’s even more unlikable now.


The Usos cut a promo on tonight’s match with the Bar.


Carmella meets with Paige backstage. They argue and Paige books her in a match with Charlotte tonight, if Charlotte wins, the Summerslam match becomes a triple threat.


Smackdown Tag Team Tournament Match: The Usos vs. The Bar (Sheamus vs. Cesaro)


The winners move on to face the New Day next week, and the winner of that faces the Bludgeons at Summerslam. New Day arrives and joins commentary. They even have their own commentary table. Jey and Sheamus to begin, Jey takes him to the floor.We go screen in screen as the Bar talks shit to the New Day. Cesaro tags in and Jimmy tags in as the Usos work double teams. Quick tags follow as they isolate Cesaro. Cesaro cuts Jimmy off and Sheamus tags in. He lays in clubbing strikes on him and dumps him to the floor. Back to full screen, as Cesaro takes control and covers for 2. Sheamus tags in and cuts off the tag and follows with knee drops. He grounds the action, maintaining control. Jey battles back, avoids a charge and Sheamus posts himself. Wholesale changes to Jimmy & Cesaro. Jimmy runs wild, hits a Samoan drop and that gets 2. The enziguri follows and Cesaro bails and Jimmy wipes out Sheamus with the dive as he saved Cesaro. Back in and the high cross gets 2. Jimmy up top but Cesaro tosses him off and to the barricade. Post break and the Bar takes Jimmy up top, Jey makes the save and Jimmy hits whisper in the wind on Cesaro. Cesaro follows with rights, Jimmy fires back and Sheamus in as it breaks down. Jimmy gets a roll up for 2. The superkick connects and Jey hits the splash for 2 s Cesaro makes the save. He gets dumped and the Usos look for the double Uce but Cesaro cuts them off and Sheamus gets the knees up on the splash and cradles an Uso for the win. The Bar defeated The Usos @ 15:05 via pin [***¼] 


This was a good back and forth tag that got time and nicely picked up down the stretch.


Renee talks with Charlotte. She says that she's happy to be back and is excited for her opportunity tonight. She knows Carmella has beaten her twice, but the Queen is back to take her throne.


We get highlights of Samoa Joe attacking AJ Styles last week.


Samoa Joe takes a seat and says he sent AJ a message last week, and AJ should be familiar with that. Joe says he respects AJ and the house he built. He also respects that AJ has made the title important and the grind, as AJ has put it all into becoming champion, even in front of his family. AJ told a lovely story about his daughter last week, but Joe says he’s barely home to spend time with her. AJ is more comfortable on the road than being at home being a husband and father. Joe understands the sacrifice, even if it meant being a failure as a father. But Joe is coming and he will take it all from him at Summerslam. The fans will be cheering for AJ, but AJ’s family will be cheering for Joe so they can have their daddy back. 


Joe is just so good and continues to deliver on the mic. His presence, delivery, content and intensity are always on point.


Jeff Hardy gets painted up


Jeff Hardy arrives to call out Randy Orton. Jeff puts over the US Title as part of his life force. When he lost it he lost a piece of himself. He wants the title back, but almost as important is beating the hell out of Orton and calls him out. Orton arrives and Nakamura sneak attacks Jeff and kicks his ass. Orton cuts him off and they stare down. Orton then allows Nakamura to Kinshasa Jeff and they stare down again. Nakamura bails and Orton then teases an RKO, but instead double legs Jeff and stomps away at him. He then hits the draping DDT. Orton then hits a draping DDT on the floor. Orton then rips off Jeff’s armbands short, and necklace because he’s an asshole. Orton then spills water on him and wipes off some of his face paint. This was an okay segment to set up a likely triple threat match at Summerslam.


Renee interviews Becky about Charlotte being back and may get into the Summerslam match. Becky doesn’t seem so thrilled about the possibility of a triple threat because she can beat anyone one on one. She won’t root against her best friend.


Zelina Vega vs. Lana


Lana is out alone, Almas is out with Vega. They talk trash and Lana tackles her, and Vega bails. We go screen in screen, Vega back in and Lana takes control. Vega quickly trips her into the ropes and she takes control. Vega locks on a dragon sleeper, grounding Lana. Back to full screen, as Vega maintains control. Lana to her feet and escapes. Vega slams her down and works a chinlock. Vega hops on her back, working a sleeper, but Lana slams her to the buckles and escapes. Vega now lays in kicks, hits the double knees and covers for 2. Vega looks for the hammerlock DDT, but Lana backdrops out. Hair mares follow, and then a neck breaker. Lana hits double knees and covers for 2. Lana hits a back elbow, Almas distracts her and English arrives and takes him out, but Vega rolls up Lana with the tights for the win. Zelina Vega defeated Lana @ 6:00 via pin [**] This was better than expected. Slow and basic, but far from bad and it keeps all of the main issues going.


The Bludgeons cut a promo on New Day and The Bar, promising bludgeoning.


English tries to apologize to Lana, but Lana tells him off. Rusev arrives and is pissed. Lana tells Rusev she needed him tonight, and leaves.


Daniel Bryan comments on the women’s Evolution PPV and says that it made him feel pride for Brie. They have both fought for respect and the announcement was a huge step forward. He then addresses last week’s issue with Miz. Bryan says that he’s bothered. Miz taunted him for years because Miz knew he wasn’t cleared and Miz thought he was safe, but Bryan is now cleared. Miz’s protection is gone and he used his wife and what he thought was his child to protect himself. Bryan says he would destroy the Miz in a fair fight. He challenges Miz to come out and prove him wrong. Miz appears on the screen and says that this isn’t he indies and Bryan has to prove himself worthy. Miz hypes his reality show and says he’s not there tonight. Bryan doesn’t care about this bullshit and wants to fight. Bryan calls him a coward. Miz brings up talking smack and says that Bryan walked away from him because all he wants is conflict to further his career. Miz claimed he’s carried Bryan since NXT and made him famous in 10-minutes. Bryan says he is about passion and not fame. Bryan says the reality is Miz will never be the Rock or even John Cena. No one will remember you as great because you are soft. Bryan says if Miz wants something big and challenges him to a match at Summerslam. Miz runs down Bryan for riding his coattails and says the YES movement is over and his career is over, and everyone has moved on. Just let your contract expire and leave to entertain people in high school gyms. Just go away, because all these people see a baby when they look at Bryan. We get pics of babies and crying sounds on the screen.


These two play off of each other so well, this program could have been saved for Mania, but I'm glad they're pulling the trigger on this feud while it's hot. This was another really good segment with both guys delivering here. Miz claiming Bryan was crying while Bryan was laying out a straightforward challenge was a textbook heel move.


Non Title Match: Carmella vs. Charlotte


If Charlotte wins, she’s in the Summerslam title match. They lock up, work to the ropes and Carmella moonwalks away. We see Becky watching on. Charlotte gets a cradle for 2. The fall away slam follows and Carmella powders. Charlotte misses a plancha and Carmella attacks. Post break, and Charlotte fires back with chops. The belly to back suplex follows. Charlotte heads up top and the moonsault eats feet. Carmella dumps her and looks for a countout. She follows and hits a head scissors, and then dumps Charlotte over the barricade. Carmella back in and looks for the countout. Charlotte beats the count and Carmella attacks and covers for 2. Carmella grounds things, maintaining control but Charlotte fights her off but gets slammed to the buckles. They trade kicks and Charlotte covers for 2. Charlotte looks for the figure eight but Carmella powders. Charlotte follows and sorta hits a moonsault off of the barricade. Back in and Charlotte hits natural selection for 2. Charlotte cuts off the superkick but Carmella hits it on the second try for 2. Carmella looks for a figure four but Charlotte counters and she gets the figure eight and Carmella taps. Charlotte defeated Champion Carmella @ 12:40 via submission [**½] This was a very solid overall match, with Carmella using good heel strategy to try and keep Charlotte out of the Summerslam match, but losing in the end when she got too cocky. I’m not thrilled about Charlotte being added to the match as she now overshadows Becky, but it will likely lead to a better match, hopefully.


End of show.


Photo courtesy of WWE.com

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