Interview With Indi Hartwell

July 30, 2018

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Indi Hartwell has had a massively impressive 2018 already, she's wrestled in multiple companies all over Australia, and she's now a championship holder in three different states. With only just over 2 years since her debut in the ring, Indi has taken women's wrestling in Australia by storm and there's still plenty more to come. We had a chat with her about her success as an Aussie female wrestler, her goals and future plans, and lots more.


What's your earliest memory of wrestling and what made you want to become professional wrestler?


My earliest memory of wrestling is seeing my brother watch WWE Raw back when I was around eight years old. I was so fascinated by the larger than life aspect of it. I knew back then I wanted to become a professional wrestler. It was my biggest dream, but I never knew I'd have the courage to pursue it.


What's been your biggest accomplishment so far in your career?


Right now I hold three different women's championships in Australia, which is a huge accomplishment, especially because I'm only around two years into my professional wrestling journey. Other accomplishments have been receiving a WWE tryout within nine months of my first match and debuting for SHIMMER, which was a huge goal of mine.


Has there been feud with one of the other woman that you consider to be your best rivalry and is there somebody else that you'd like to get your hands on?


I would consider KellyAnne my greatest rival. Every time I step in the ring with her, she takes me and my wrestling to new limits. 


What do you hope to achieve for the future of your pro wrestling career?


I hope to continue to wrestle all over Australia, win more titles, make a name for myself overseas and eventually make it to WWE.


Do you have a certain match that you consider your best work or favourite?


My favourite so far would have to be my match against KellyAnne at this year's MCW Ballroom Brawl which is available to watch on MCW Encore.


With the announcement of an all-women's exclusive PPV event and WWE continuing to try and break new ground in women's wrestling, what's your opinion on the current status of Australian women's wrestling?


Women's wrestling in Australia is thriving, just like it is all over the world. We have many talented women here, so it's exciting to see the scene grow from strength to strength.


Is the WWE Performance Center somewhere Indi Hartwell would like to end up one day? Is that a goal that you'd love to achieve?


It is my ultimate goal!


If you could wrestle any current WWE Superstar, who would it be?

Charlotte Flair.

What's next for Indi Hartwell? Do you have an opponent in your sights or any particular shows that you're particularly excited for?


I'm excited for MCW 100, which looks to be MCW's biggest show to date. We will be at a new and larger venue too, so it'll definitely be a night to remember. As well as that, I'm looking forward to travelling to the United States again, where I'm hoping to cement myself as a mainstay at SHIMMER.


You hold three different championships in three different states which is incredible and something I've never seen before. What's your favourite city to wrestle in?


My favourite city to wrestle in would have to be Melbourne because it's home. I'm extremely proud to be a Melbournian because we have an amazing wrestling scene here.


Do you have a female counterpart in wrestling that you admire and/or look up to that has helped your career get to where it is now?


That would have to be Tessa Blanchard. I've known her from extremely early on in my career. She's helped me in so many ways, and has definitely made me a better wrestler, from wrestling against her, tagging with her, rolling around at training with her and even just soaking up her knowledge and wisdom by listening to her. No one has helped my career get to where it is now but me, although she is definitely someone who has contributed greatly.


Last but not least, do you have any words or a message to your fans or those that follow your career?


I'd like to thank anyone who has followed my career so far and supported me in any way. I'm very appreciate of everyone who supports Australian wrestling.


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