Going Off Script: Chris Jericho on NJPW, Lashley on MMA Fight With Lesnar & More

July 29, 2018


In an interview with The Jim Ross Report podcast, Chris Jericho spoke about what needs to be toned down in NJPW and who he originally offered his cruise to. Here are highlights:


On what NJPW needs to tone down: “You can’t abuse the referees constantly. If you notice, that’s one of the reasons why Alpha [Chris Jericho] vs [Kenny] Omega was a No DQ Match. I didn’t want to have to worry about burying the referee in this blood feud fight. Even in the [Tetsuya] Naito match, the finish was I gave him a mule kick to the balls and I gave him a code breaker…..he pushed me into the ref or something along those lines. The ref turned around so when I gave him the mule kick, the ref doesn’t see it. It’s just a small thing; but, it’s how I was trained. It’s how I learned. You can’t cheat in front of the referee. That just doesn’t work and watching New Japan there’s so much of that and I think that’s one of the reasons why the two matches I’ve had over there have gotten over so well. You’ll never see me ever take the referee for granted like that and abuse the ref and I find that’s the one thing about New Japan that needs to be toned down because there’s just too much of it. Why even have a ref?”


On who he offered his cruise to: “I did offer this [cruise] to WWE at first. My vision at first was to do it with NXT; but, pretty much knowing that they would probably say no. You know how Vince [McMahon] is. If Vince is gonna do a cruise, he doesn’t need Chris Jericho to do a cruise. He’ll do it himself; but, I wanted to at least do my due diligence and give them the offer and the courtesy, which I did and when it came back that they decided not to go for it, Ring of Honor came back ten minutes later.”



In an interview with NewsHub, Bobby Lashley revealed that in addition to wanting a match with Brock Lesnar in WWE, he also wants an MMA fight with him. Here are highlights:


On facing Brock Lesnar: “Our careers are so similar. We were both WWE guys, then we went into fighting then we have both come back to WWE. [MMA] was something I suggested when I first came in. The problem is I am still currently contracted to Bellator and Brock is signed with the UFC. However if there was some sort of cross promotion fight we could do, with all three companies involved, then I would absolutely love to do it. Right now I’m focused on the wrestling side of things and what comes with that, including a match with Brock, but I would be down for that and I am sure the fans would be as well. We will see. So many people deserve that match. I deserve it, Brock deserves it, and the fans deserve it. To have the opportunity to hopefully face Brock with his MMA background, now that I have a similar background with 19 heavyweight fights under my belt. For the past 10-years I have got countless messages from people all around the world that are just dying to see myself and Brock, get inside a wrestling ring together, and create something memorable. I just think that is a match that needs to happen. It’s been written since I started my professional wrestling career. From the minute I stepped inside the ring people have compared me to Brock.”


On Lesnar’s fight with Daniel Cormier: “Brock is Brock – he is going to charge and he is going to push his size on Cormier. Brock is so much bigger than Cormier and I think Cormier needs to take that into consideration. He will be the smaller fighter, use his quickness and stay away from Brock. If Brock can get on top of Cormier he will punish him. Cormier is so well rounded – it’s a real tough fight for Brock against an Olympic level wrestler. Awesome fight though.”



In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Ronda Rousey said that there were low expectations for her WrestleMania debut due to her lack of experience as a wrestler. Here are highlights:


On making a strong start: “I think that going into any new career like wrestling or acting or anything like that, a lot of people assume you can only be really good at one thing and if you master one thing you’ll never be able to master anything else as well. There’s a lot of low expectations going into things and it’s harder to learn with the world watching opposed to being able to learn in private. But you know, it comes with the territory. It makes things a little bit more difficult but it also I think helps me improve quicker. My first match was at WrestleMania […] it’s like yeah, I’m hitting the ground running but I have all the best tools in front of me and I’m really lucky.”


On memorizing lines: “It’s very different in that you only get one shot, it’s live. People aren’t going to reset the shot for every single scene so you need to be very aware of where the cameras are at all times to make sure they catch what’s going on. Because when you’re acting in a movie you’re going to do exactly what you need to do, you’re just in it with the character. With WWE you have to think about, ‘okay I have to take a moment this happened, I have to register in my face this happened. I have to wait a minute because it’s going to take them three seconds to turn this way so I have to wait for them to come around this side and have this person cue me or whatever.’ So it’s being very aware of that and also memorizing dialogue very last minute, you know? Because you show up and don’t know what’s going on and they’re like, ‘here’s two pages of dialogue and don’t screw up there’s going to be a live audience there actively making you try to screw up.”



In an interview with Noelle Foley for Ringside Collectibles, AJ Styles revealed that he wants a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 35. He also spoke about his matches with Mick Foley in Impact Wrestling. Here are highlights:


On wrestling The Undertaker: “I’d love to be in the ring with The Undertaker. To learn from this man would be unbelievable. Will it ever happen, I don’t know—but yes. That would be a dream match for me.”


On facing Mick Foley: “Well, I actually have been in the ring with your dad. Not at WrestleMania, but we went at it a couple of times.”


On which Face of Foley he’d want to fight: “Cactus Jack, because that would be a good one. He’s like a lunatic. You never know, (he’s) even worse than Mankind I think. I think Cactus Jack would be the guy I would want to go up against.”

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