WWE NXT Results (26/07/18)

July 25, 2018


NXT North American Champion Adam Cole defeated Sean Maluta.


Lockup and Cole brushes Maluta’s face in the corner. Belly to back takedown and some nonchalant peppering of Sean’s head. Maluta with the rollup for one. Backslide gets one and he adds a neckbreaker. Running boot in the corner. Cole viciously pulls Sean off the top and he lands on his back. Cole takes over with shots in the corner. Maluta fights out but leaps off the middle rope into a superkick. Last Shot ends it.


After the match, Cole cuts a promo but is interrupted by Ricochet. Ricochet wants a title shot at "Takeover: Brooklyn IV" but Cole turns him down. They have words until NXT Tag Team Champions Roderick Strong & Kyle O'Reilly come out to intimidate Ricochet. The War Raiders are out next to even the odds. The Undisputed Era tries to retreat but they're attacked by Trent Seven and Tyler Bate.


We see William Regal set up the contract signing for Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane. They’re 1-1 against each other. Shayna says that Kairi is a shell of the woman who beat Shayna in the Mae Young Classic. While Shayna has taken over the division, Kairi has done nothing. To respond, Kairi simply takes the contract and signs it. She adds, “I know it. You know it. I can beat you.” Shayna tells her she’s living in a fantasy world like the rest of the division. Dakota pretended she was tough, Candice pretends she’s a wrestler when she should just be a wife at home, and Kairi pretends to be a pirate. She calls her a phony. Kairi repeats the “I know it/you know it” stuff and says she’ll win in Brooklyn. Shayna signs and says she’ll have to listen when she hears, “AND STILL NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPION” in Brooklyn.


Flashback to Velveteen Dream walking out on EC3 in London, leading to EC3 eating a Black Mass from the champ. EC3 is coming for Dream, but next week he’ll uses Kona Reevs to send him a lesson.


Lacey Evans defeated Tenilla Price.


They lock up and Evans tosses Price across the ring with a hair mare. Hanging bronco buster by Evans. Evans wraps Price’s hair into the ropes and kicks her. Elbow smashes. Big sweep and slingshot elbow. Neckbreaker and she tries a weird splash but eats knees. Price tries a handspring corner attack but eats the Woman’s Right.


Tommaso Ciampa defeated Aleister Black to win the NXT Title.


Ciampa gets in Black’s face as he meditates in the middle of the ring during his entrance. Aggressive lockup and Ciampa pulls on his arm when he gets out of the corner. Arm wringer, but Black fights out into a leg lock of sorts. They jockey for position on the mat. Ciampa shoulder blocks Black and avoids an arm drag. He rolls him over into a pin for a close near fall. Ciampa taunts him about how close that was. They do some more grappling. Black rolls him up a few times and catches him with an arm drag. Black Mass barely misses and Ciampa exits. Black chases him and nearly gets caught in the hanging DDT, but Black slips free. He pulls CIampa outside for a huge kick. He adds another. As they move inside, Ciampa drops an elbow. Black avoids a shot in the corner and delivers another kick. Ciampa uses the ref as a shield but it backfires and he gets kicked again. Black does his quebrada fakeout spot and waves at Ciampa to mock him. Ciampa slides in but right back out to avoid a fight. He gets in and eats another kick. Ciampa blocks a German and drives Black into the rope. He eats a boot and dumps Black outside on a springboard attempt. Ciampa throws Black into the guardrail, apron, and steel steps. Ciampa sits on the steel steps cross legged like Black. Inside, Ciampa wears Black down with a modified chinlock. Black fights out but gets hit with a pendulum backbreaker. Ciampa drives his knees into Black’s ribs. Abdominal stretch and when Ciampa uses the ropes for leverage, the referee catches him. Black nearly gets back in control, but his back gives out. Ciampa applies a Texas Cloverleaf. The fight moves to the apron and they trade forearms. They move to the top and Ciampa wants a super Air Raid Crash. Black fights free and kicks CIampa’s back leg, making him fall. Ciampa nearly steals it with a rollup and they run into each other and both are out. More strike exchanging when they get up. Black uses kicks to his advantage. Running forearms and elbows, plus a sweep kick. Dropkick hits and Black flips to his feet. More strikes and kicks. Kick to the head and quebrada connects for two. Ciampa sets for the DDT but Black kicks him in the chest. More shots from Black and a running knee gets another near fall. Ciampa is hurt in the corner and Black dares him to get up. He shouts for Ciampa to “TWEET ABOUT THIS” and lights him up with kicks. Black pulls Ciampa in place for the hanging DDT but Ciampa gets free and pulls Black onto the apron with force. Inside, Ciampa leaps off the top with a diving DDT for two. It looked sloppy. Black catches a knee but eats a huge lariat for two. Ciampa exposes the knee but eats a pump knee from Black. That gets a very close two count. Ciampa ducks Black Mass and rolls him up with a handful of tights for two. Black hits meteora, a kick, and a German suplex for another wild near fall. Black misses a moonsault to the outside. Ciampa shoves Black into a cameraman and knocks him over. The referee checks on the cameraman, allowing Ciampa to hit Black with a crutch in the throat. He covers and only gets two. Hanging DDT attempt and Black counters by sending him outside. Tope con hilo hits. He sends Ciampa in but Ciampa catches him with the draping DDT! He covers and Black gets a shoulder up before three! Outside, Ciampa exposes the concrete under the mats. He hangs Black off the apron for the DDT but Black clutches the ropes to block. With referee Drake on the apron, Black shoves Ciampa into the ropes, knocking Drake onto the exposed concrete. Black Mass connects! Ciampa is down for about an eight count but there’s no referee. Black tries picking up Drake but to no avail. Ciampa rakes at Black’s eyes and Mauro calls him a vile creature. Ciampa gets the NXT Title to use as a weapon. Here comes Johnny Gargano to superkick him. Gargano tries taking the title but they have a tug of war. Gargano pulls it away and hits Black with it! Ciampa throws Gargan outside and hits the hanging DDT to win the title!


Tommaso Ciampa celebrates to a wild chorus of boos. The fans absolutely hate this. They show a distraught Izzy in the front row. Ciampa makes the ref put the title around his waist and raise his arm in victory.


End of show.





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