A Farewell Letter To Alex Shelley, Who Has Retired From Pro-Wrestling

July 25, 2018


So it shocked me to hear today that at the age of 35, Alex Shelley has retired from professional wrestling. This was a man I always thought at some point would make his way to the E (WWE).


Whether it be in NXT or even at one point on the main roster. He had the look, the moves, the charisma and the mic ability. But in my eyes Alex Shelley was always forgotten. A lot of my experiences with Shelley came from TNA. I am somewhat familiar with his time in ROH, NJPW and even CZW but for the purposes of this article, and the fact that I mostly watched him in TNA, that is what I'll be talking about most. I first came across Shelley when he was in TNA's X-Division. He would bring a camera to ringside to record his matches, this would later form the foundation for the paparazzi productions gimmick, I digress.


It wasn't long before TNA put Shelley with his old running buddies from ROH, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. These 3 had a great series of matches against Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Matt Bentley. Shelley was overshadowed by Aries and Strong and this begins a trend. Shelley's time to shine came when he teamed up with Kevin Nash. If you haven't seen any videos please head to YouTube now and check out some of the sketches. These were absolute comedy gold.


Shelley really got a push at this point, but it never went anywhere. His team with Nash turned to. Feud with Nash and this could of been his shining moment. It pains me to read that Shelley was only ever a 1x time X-Division and 1x time TNA Tag Team champion. In a time where Eric Young, and his partner Chris Sabin had world title runs it's hard to believe he never got a look in. Shelley's work with Sabin in my opinion held them instead as one of the greatest and most innovative tag teams of all time. It could also be argued that Shelley is a tag team specialist. In my eyes he had so much more to offer and was never given the chance. Now we may never know. But what a great career he has still had.


All the best Alex Shelley.

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