NJPW G1 Climax 28 Night 5 Results & Ratings

July 20, 2018



G1 Climax 28, Night 5, 20/7/2018, Results and ratings by Paul Antonoff.

Tournament matches:

Jay White defeated Michael Elgin in 18:02 by pinfall.

This was a great, action packed match with lots of drama and great near falls. Jay White won by screwy means after a ref bump and a low blow for the third time in a row. I'm over these finishes, yes, it fits White's character, yes, he's a heel, but when you're trying to make a guy (which they obviously are here with White), you need a strong clean win now and then. Elgin isn't a top guy like Okada and Tanahashi are, and this would've been a good time to do that (and mix things up a bit). The screwy finish wasn't needed and deflated me a little (and the crowd too). On another note, it's too bad Elgin will never the respect he deserves, he's the been the most exciting wrestler in this entire tournament so far. (****)

Minoru Suzuki defeated YOSHI-HASHI in 13:40 by pinfall.

I expected this to be pretty bad but guess what? It wasn't that bad at all. HASHI played the roll of the never say die babyface, and they had a pretty good, hard hitting match. I just think it flattened out and ended up running too long, I was getting bored with it after the nice start - perhaps due my lack of investment in YH. Thankfully Suzuki finally got 2 points as I was starting to fear him going winless in this thing. (***)

EVIL defeated Togi Makabe in 10:23 by pinfall.

Makabe finally takes his first loss. This was just a pretty basic, hard hitting brawl. I don't really have much to add to that, it was solid, unspectacular, which is exactly what I expected it to be. (**1/2)

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Bad Luck Fale in 16:25 by DQ.

These 2 were on their way to a great match, Tanahashi is still a miracle worker, and Fale is decent with the right opponent. But, of course we had more Firing Squad bullshit as they completely ruined the match and killed the whole thing dead. Red Shoes flipping Fale off and throwing it out popped me a little, and the DQ was actually refreshing. (***1/2)

Kazuchika Okada defeated Adam Page in 17:30 by pinfall.

Page passes the test. Main eventing with Okada and delivering a main event quality match. I'm not going to say it was blowaway but it was definitely main event quality. He really felt like he belonged here. I liked Page being disgusted with the 'new Okada' and calling him a piece of shit, but that came back to haunt him later when Okada got pissed off at the end and won. They did a good job teasing a third loss but Okada overcame and finally picked up 2 points. (****)

The verdict:
The matches succeeded in spite of the bullshit and there were a few really good ones here. I'm way over having so much overbooking, I don't mind it in small doses but this is not small doses. Match of the night is a tough one, I want to give it to Okada/Page out of spite, but Elgin/White was better before the finish. I'll give it to Elgin/White this time. Both are well worth a look at if you missed the show and want to cherry pick. Thumbs up.

Let's have a look at the A block standings after 3 nights;
Jay White: 3-0 (6pts.)
Michael Elgin: 2-1 (4pts.)
EVIL: 2-1 (4pts.)
Togi Makabe: 2-1 (4pts.)
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 2-1 (4pts.)
Adam Page: 1-2 (2pts.)
Bad Luck Fale: 1-2 (2pts.)
Kazuchika Okada: 1-2 (2pts.)
Minoru Suzuki: 1-2 (2pts.)
YOSHI-HASHI: 0-3 (0pts.) 

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