WWE NXT Results (18/07/18)

July 19, 2018



Results by Adam Barras.


NXT Kicks off with a preview of the womens triple threat match.

We start off with Dakota Kai and Lacey Evans and I for one am excited to see these two go at it after a solid little build up.

Dakota is impressive in ring and as a New Zealander I wonder how long it will be until we claim her as an Aussie. The crowd wasn’t overly into this match and it was pretty silent throughout but there was some good heat on Lacey throughout so a real positive for how much she has improved.

Highlights included when Lacey hit an impressive sling shot elbow drop to show some strong offense and then went for a moonsault and Dakota rolled out of the way. She hit Lacey with a flurry of kicks and then went for 2 face wash kicks. I may get alot of flack for this but Dakota really reminds me in ring of a female Daniel Bryan. Thoughts?

Just when we thought Dakota was getting some momentum Lacey hit the womens right elbow and that was it for our first match of the night.

After the match we go to Richochet backstage. He plays up Strong and O’Reilly, but says unlike them, Cole has not defended his title, and now he wants his match and that we are looking at the next North American champion. ABOUT time they had a feud for the North American title, and what a feud it will be with Richochet and Adam Cole (Bay Bay).

Back from commercial we have a promo from the Street Profits. They are home and on the basketball court shooting hoops and "training" for TM61. They must not have got the memo that they are called The Mighty now. Anyway to be honest these lads can ball, if they never get pushed to the main roster I am sure an NBL team would offer them a contract (Southern Huskies i am looking at you?). This looks like a build to maybe next week where we see The Mighty vs The Street Prophets.

EC3 is backstage talking about how he will not forget that the Velveteen Dream betrayed him at Royal Albert Hall. I am so happy to see EC3 in NXT , he is the perfect line between physical performer and comedic wrestler. He tells a fan while walking "Nice face, that’s in the top 1%" and then gives him his new t-shirt because "He does not need the money, he is rich". He then runs in to Kona Reeves who compares suits, watches and of all things tans and reminds EC3 that his are the finest. EC3 does his classic pestering act and says "Fight me" over and over until he walks off. Kona says he will fight him....

We cut striaght to a promo for Black vs Ciampa and whether or not you have been across what I am calling "THE BIG LEAK" that has Facebook groups losing their minds and people questioning if WWE.COM even has the fans in mind anymore, YOU STILL have to be amped for this match.

Kassius Ohno is out and this week wearing his Indiana Pacers get up. Always interesting each week to see what NBA knock off he is wearing. Ohno is up against, I think Rick Romerez from what I heard, this match went, in the words of Mauro "As long as an Instagram story" after KO hit Romerez with the elbow.

We cut back to the Undisputed Era hanging out backstage. I love everything these guys are doing, they are just the coolest guys you’ve ever seen. Adam Cole (Bay Bay) saying that’s Undisputed and then Bobby Fish saying he can’t do the hand gesture because his hand was full with the Dusty Rhodes trophy is just an example of why these guys are amazing. They NEED to be on the main roster soon so that we can see them in Melbourne at the Super Show Down. The Shield vs Undisputed Era would make be amazing.

We go to a commercial and when we are back we have a promo video from War Machine, I mean War Raiders. This was a great video with a lot of footage from ROH, Progress and NJPW, they showed a lot of their indy footage. All I can say is PLEASE don’t mess these guys up WWE, PLEASE!

After the War Machine promo. I mean War Raiders. We have a psycadelic promo video from the Velveteen Dream. He goes through all of his Takeover highlights. It’s amazing to see how far this guy has come. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

We cut to our main event for the number 1 contender to the NXT Women’s Championship.

Nikki Cross is out first. We have Candice LeRae out next.

Out next is Paul Burchill's female counterpart . I will continue every week to tell you how I don’t understand her or the hype. Thank God her entrance is cut short by Shayna Bayzler coming to commentary.

Some good classic triple threat wrestling to start the match with offence from all parties until Candice is knocked to the outside and we have Kairi against Nikki in the ring until Nikki bends her around the post on the outside. Candice then hits a nice suicide dive to the outside on Nikki Cross. She tries to go for it again when Nikki stops her with an elbow and takes to her head on the apron.

Some more highlights came about when we had Candice with a diving cannonball from the apron to the floor on the Pirate Princess. She didn’t have long to recover with Nikki Cross hitting an inverted DDT on the ramp. As Nikki went to get back in the ring Kairi hits her with the flying elbow and we have all 3 women down on the outside until Kairi picks up Nikki and throws her in the ring. Kairi looks to finish by going to the top when LeRae comes in and we have a huge high impact move off the rope including all three women hitting the floor. The crowd paid tribute to Mauro here and began chants of "MAMA MIA".
Back in the ring we have Candice with a lion sault on to Kairi only to be pulled out of the ring by Nikki cross who hangs her over the apron on to the floor and hits a huge swining neck breaker.

Great finish when LaRae hits a huge lion sault on Nikki cross only to be interupted by Kairi Sane with her Insane Elbow move for the win.

End scene 

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