NJPW G1 Climax 28 Night 4 Results & Ratings

July 19, 2018



G1 Climax 28, 19/7/2018, results, review and ratings by Paul Antonoff.

Tournament matches:

SANADA defeated Tama Tonga in 10:45 by pinfall.

This wasn't good, though it did have its moments, but the Firing Squad bullshit killed what little goodwill I was feeling about it. If it had settled down after Loa got thrown out, I might have been ok with it, and it didn't even make sense for him to come back out with Fale since SANADA was going over. (*1/2)

Zack Sabre Jr defeated Toru Yano in 10:37 by pinfall.

I love Yano and he's been so much fun so far in the tournament. I love the story where he tries his best to wrestle straight up but always ends up resorting to the usual underhanded tactics. This match was a lot of fun, with mat wrestling and submission stuff you'd expect from a ZSJ match. (***1/4)

Kota Ibushi defeated Juice Robinson in 13:00 by pinfall.

Fantastic back and forth match here, I liked the story of Juice cutting off Golden Triangle Moonsault early on and when they kicked it up a gear later it got even better. That moonsault Ibushi hit off the ringpost (not the turnbuckle) was crazy and popped me. Juice drops to 0-2 here but he still came out of the match looking great. (****)

Tetsuya Naito defeated Tomohiro Ishii in 19:18 by pinfall.

This was a great match, almost the best of the tournament (it was on the level of Naito/Omega even it didn't eclipse it). Intense knock down, drag out fight here between 2 of the best, and some great near falls at the end. They had the crowd 100% with them as well and it added to things here. This was a classic. (****1/2)

Kenny Omega defeated Hirooki Goto in 19:25 by pinfall.

Well, they didn't top the Naito/Ishii match but they tried and had a really good match in their own right. These 2 always work well together and this was no exception. Definitely a main event worthy match, I was 100% sure Goto was losing here but there was enough to make me think he might actually pull it out a couple of times. (****)

The verdict:
This is more like it. It started off on a bad note with that Firing Squad bullshit but everything after it was excellent. Great night of wrestling, the B block is outshining the A block by far at the moment. Ishii/Naito was the match of the night and it was a classic. I'd recommend going out of your way to catch the last 4 matches here. Big thumbs up. 

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