House Of Hardcore Results, Queensland (15/07/18)

July 16, 2018



Results by Peter Moses.


The show opened with crowd favourite Al Snow (with Head) vs. HOH veteran Mohammed Ali Valez.
About 7 minutes of crowd participation with Snow teasing using Head (What's everyone want?) and Ali playing the chicken s**t heel.

Some good mat wrestling, reversals etc before a distracted ref spot saw Ali get ... Head!

1,2,3 and your winner is Al Snow (and Head)

Snow had good interaction with the crowd during the match playing up to the groups chanting Head and the like.

The next match was E.C Diamond vs Thirteen, EC came out to "Diamonds are Forever" which drew chants of Tessa, Tessa ! (Myself included)...

A good match that had some high spots and a pinfall finish when E.C. Diamond caught Thirteen, the audience and seemingly himself by surprise. Winner : E.C. Diamond. Great job of selling surprise and shock at the win on the outside for the victor.

Next came Joey "No one bought my pics" Mercury - who continued to go on about how he was one of the biggest stars on the night and no one had approached him at the merchandise table.

He demanded an opponent for tonight, called out the referee and .... out comes Swoggle !

Noticeably plumper than his WWE run, Swoggle and Mercury kept the crowd entertained throughout the whole match.

Mercury got cheap heat early by pointing out Swoggle's short-comings (pun intended) and challenged him to a test of strength, kneeling down to Fit Finlay's former protege's level.

Mercury proceeded to push Swoggle to the mat repeatedly before Swoggle gave the fans what they were cheering for with a low blow.

A bit of offence by Mercury before Swoggle proceeded to "hulk up" and then took Mercury to "suplex city" 3 times in a row.

Swoggle climbed to the top rope and hit a "tadpole" splash for the win.

Great post match interaction with the fans by Swoggle who really gave a solid performance with some great expressions shown on his face throughout the match.

Next up was my favourite, Nick Aldis (who was super accomodating during the meet and greet) vs Newcastle's favourite son, Jack Bonza.

A good match with some hard hitting and technical spots, Magnus got the pinfall win and then invited Bonza back in the ring to shake hands in a show of respect.

The NWA title was safely in Aldis' grasp as he left the Sunshine Coast, beware of flips in the road ahead...

Madison Eagle vs Shazza

The Aussie ladies bought it in a hard hitting match showing off their talent with high spots, some hard hitting sequences and high flying also.

Shazza for the win with Eagles looking hurt after the match.

Billy Gunn came out to entertain the crowd, disrupted by Kenny, Mickey and Randy from the Spirit Squad. Although heels, many in the crowd reacted well and with cheers to the Spirit Squad and their schtick which has seen them enjoy a re-emergence on the indie scene globally and back in the states with companies such as Ring of Honor.

Bully/Bubba Ray came out when the Squads insistence that Gunn had no one watching his back and would have to fight 3 on 1.

Bully/Bubba proceeded to state that while Kenny and Mickey were some what competition, Randy wasn't the man they were... Cue the Beautiful People.

Angelina Love was the 3rd tag member while Mrs. Duddley stayed on the outside playing cheerleader opposite the more qualified members of the Spirit Squad.

This match had a bit of everything, wonderful selling by the Spirit Squad, crowd interaction and of course - hard hits !

The finish came with a noticeable table in the ring, the Spirit Squad gained the upper hand before it could be used though laying out all 3 of their opponents, Velvet sky ran to the back and here comes the back up... in the form of hardcore legend Mick "$60 for a pic that I won't speak to you while we are taking it" Foley. Fans had seemingly forgiven him for his meet and greet transgressions as they popped ... loudly !

Foley hit the ring, out came Mr. Socko and a member of the Squad World Order went through the table... 1,2,3 ... Faces win!

The Squad sold their injury right through the post match celebration which saw Foley give Mr. Socko away to a young fan, only slowly leaving in pain once intermission had been announced and fans had started to make their ways to the "concession tables".

-I once again cannot stress how good the Spirit Squad are to see wrestle live -

Intermission finished and out came Tommy Dreamer to wrestle Lance Archer... Hardcore match. The match started in the ring but quickly made its way outside the venue to the merch area and then back into the crowd, Dreamer tried to flip over a barricade that wasn't secured and fell to the mat, luckily not injuring himself, perhaps the New Japan ring crew were in attendance tonight also?

The main event was for the HOH Twitch Title with holder Willie Mack vs local talent.
A good wrestling show that started quite quick but slowed down after a few minutes.  



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