Chris Jericho Will NOT Be At WWE Super Show-Down In October

July 14, 2018


Today in an interview to promote the upcoming Fozzy tour in Australia, Chris Jericho spoke with Insert Review Here and was asked a couple of questions regarding his current wrestling schedule. He confirmed that he would not be a part of the WWE Super Show-Down special at the Melbourne Cricket Ground coming up in October. Read what he said below:


IRH -There's also a certain big wrestling event being held in Melbourne about a month before the mighty Fozzy will be in Australia, I'm talking about WWE Super Show-Down, do you think that it's possible that you'll be at said event?


Jericho - "I wasn't invited and I think we have a festival that night in New Jersey, so I don't think I'll be there. If they asked me to and I was off then I would totally go but we have commitments with Fozzy on that particular date. I'm sure it's going to be a great show, I was in Melbourne back in 2002 for a stadium show called Global Warning. We had a great time and it was a lot of fun. I claimed to not know what a wanker was because the audience kept directing that chant at me, "You are a wanker!" I got on the mic and said, "I don't know what a wanker is, but if you're calling me that then it must be a good thing, so yeah, I'm the biggest wanker in Australia! I am King Wanker!" And of course everyone had a good time with that. So I'm giving that line to somebody else, I'm sure someone else will use it because everybody always steals my shit anyway. So I won't be there for the WWE show in Australia, but I guarantee you that I will be there in November with Fozzy, returning to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. It's going to be a great time and we're really excited."


IRH - Is there anybody on the current New Japan roster that you'd like to face? Perhaps for your IWGP Intercontinental Title? Or are you waiting for somebody to step up and challenge you?


Jericho - "That's for me to know and for you to find out brother. But even if I did know, I wouldn't tell you. See you in November!"


Read the full interview here -

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