WWE NXT Results (11/07/18)

July 12, 2018


NXT kicks off hyping the main event tonight which is Moustache Mountain vs The Undisputed Era!


Adam Cole vs. Danny Burch.


Adam Cole kicks off the show, I must admit that I love the NXT crowd chanting BAY BAY after the announcer introduces him. This was far from a squash match and Danny Burch showed some good offense throughout. I kept thinking the whole match that it's a shame that Burch had little charisma because he is a bloody talented in-ring performer and if anything this match did more for him than it did Cole. In the end Cole pinned Burch after hitting the Last Shot.


Backstage we see Shayna Baszler exchange words with Candice LeRae and then IT'S ON! Que the road agents! Solid little build up to something for the near future.


We see an interview with Dakota Kai talking about how she's working her way back up the division. We are interrupted by the classiest lady in NXT Lacey Evans. Dakota did not seem happy with being interrupted and looks like we have a match with these 2 next week.


We cut back to the ring and Evans' sister Vanessa Borne is in the ring with her cheap Shinedown knock off entrance music. Kairi Sane comes out and is incredibly over. To start the match. I still don't understand it because honestly I can't stand her. Not much of a match, similar to the first match Borne had some good offense but Kairi won in the end via submission. After the match Kairi grabbed the mic......great! She said she is coming for the title and A-Hoy! Thank God that's over. We then get news from Regals' desk that next week Nikki Cross, Candice LeRae, Kairi Sane and Bianca Belair face off in a number 1 contenders match.


Aleister Black is backstage and is asked about Ciampa when Johnny Gargano interrupts him looking genuinely psychotic and storms off. As we see Black walk in the arena he is attacked by Ciampa who then waves at him and leaves. It's so great to see how much they have built Ciampa. He is a legitimate bad ass!


We move on to the second time we hear shock the system in the one night. Strong and O'Reilly are out followed by Moustache Mountain for our main event. The crowd is hot for this match with a pretty even split. Interesting to note Mauro make comment that Bate and Seven are one half of British Strong Style with Pete Dunne. The first time I recall hearing this mentioned in WWE. Roddy heavily worked the knee of Trent Seven until he tagged in O'Reilly. And you guessed it, he continued to mock and work the knee of Trent Seven until he tagged Roddy back in. To mix it up when Strong came back in he..... continued to work the knee UNTIL O'Reilly tagged in. And to mix it up, he worked the knee! After Kyle was done working the knee of Seven he tagged in Strong again who this time worked the knee UNTIL Trent Seven was able to escape. Just when you thought the tag was going to be made O'Reilly pulled Bate off the apron moments before the tag was made. This left Strong in the ring to lock in a leg lock on Trent Seven. Interesting to note, I don't think the crowd stopped chanting the whole match going back and forward with Moustache Mountain/Undisputed. Back in the ring Seven hits Strong with a DDT and this is the moment that Moustash mountain get back in the match, but outta no where O'Reilly hits Bate with a kick from the other side of the ring knocking him off the apron. Seven manages to finally escape his knee being putted and tags in Bate who explodes with a huge flurry of moves on both Undisputed Era men. Bate showed why he was then first United Kingdom Champion and even rips out an aeroplane spin and aeroplane swing to both men. Near fall after Tyler hits the Tyler Driver but interrupted again by O'Reilly. Meanwhile the whole time Seven is on the outside being tended too. Tyler tries to go for a tag and refuses to tag in Seven and manages to hold his own until Seven tags himself in after Bate is kicked to the corner. After some early strikes the Undisputed Era go back to working Sevens knee. Fantastic story telling going on here with Bate conflicted by what he should do to help his mentor and friend! Seven literally screams in agony begging Bate not the throw in the towel. Bate can't stand it anymore and throws in the towel. The whole show was worth it just to seen O'Reilly playing guitar with the NXT tag title again. And with that, all is right in the world!


End of show.

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