Interview With Mick Moretti Of PWA

July 12, 2018


Coming from "somewhere in Australia", Mick Moretti has wrestled all over Australia, taking on opponents of all shapes and sizes. Moretti will never back down from a fight. Also know by his ring nickname, "The Rapscallion", he's a 2x PWA Tag Team Champion and a former PWA Heavyweight Champion, as well as holding both the Newcastle Pro Wrestling and the Rock & Roll Wrestling Heavyweight Championships. There's still plenty more that Moretti would love to achieve, and he talks to us about his future goals in wrestling, as well as upcoming shows, dream matches and plenty more.


What's your earliest memory of wrestling and how did you get into the product?


I don’t have a specific memory, only situational. I remember it was my neighbour who got me into it, he was the big brother figure for me growing up, and we were always wrestling on the trampoline, living room floor or swimming pool, pretending to be the Hardy Boys or the Dudley Boys. We’d try to watch pay per views on Foxtel, which back then if weren’t purchased were a screen with white noise but still had the sound.


At what age did you want to become a wrestler and when/where did you start training?


Ever since those days, which was around ‘98-‘00 sometime I think. I started my training in 2008, when I was 19.


What's been your biggest accomplishment to date?


I’ve had a few I’m very happy with. Being selected from a tryout to be a part of the NJPW Fallout Tour in Australia was pretty phenomenal. Having a match I’m in aired on IMPACT! is pretty damn cool too. Also, just the idea that I’m living my childhood dream, and managing to keep my life ongoing is rad.


What do you hope to achieve for the future of your pro wrestling career?


That wrestling becomes my bread and butter. I want it to make me a living. Obviously I’d love to be on the bigger promotions, making a big name for myself and living like a rock star, but the smallest goal is to live off it, and create a future for myself with it in some manner.


Do you have a certain match that you consider your best work or favourite?


Not really. Every time I watch a match back, I pretty much hate most of what I did. I think it’s the same for most wrestlers. I’ve had some matches that overall have been fun, and well received, such as my match with Marty Scurll, or my 4-way with Robbie, Ospreay and Ugg, but I don’t think any of them are my BEST work. That is yet to come as I’m always looking to improve.


What's your opinion on the current Australian pro wrestling scene? Is it stronger than ever?


Uh, duh, its fricken awesome. Best ever? Hard to say. I wasn’t around back in the “hay-day” of the 80’s to be able to compare, but excluding that, given the environment of wrestling is different now, I’d say for sure it’s the best.


Is the WWE Performance Center somewhere you'd like to end up one day? Is that a goal that you'd love to achieve or do you want to stay in Australia and help the scene here more?


Definitely. When I was a kid and had this goal, the first ultimate goal was WWE champion, so to tick that off means 100% successful childhood dream unlocked achievement. That all starts at the PC. However since starting to wrestle myself, I’ve always said to be able to create a world of wrestling here at home that booms, and creates a platform for us to become well known without having to leave long term, is the best outcome, in the bigger picture. Then we’ll have rep and can travel for tours and whatnot, but still come home.


If you could wrestle any current WWE Superstar, who would it be?


Matt Hardy. He was my childhood favourite, so it would just be another solid life achievement. And our characters would have so much fun together. That said, there are a lot of magnificent talents I’d love to wrestler, Nakamura, Joe, AJ, Orton to name a few.


You were a part of the New Japan's Fallout Down Under tour earlier this year, what was that like?


It was unreal, hard to believe. Being in the ring with the biggest crowd I’ve ever performed in front of, was next level. Now I’ve had that taste…


Tell us a bit about the upcoming PWA - Call To Arms show, it's the 11th Anniversary, what have you got planned for this one?


The show should be epic. As all PWA shows are really. As we’ve moved toward a more adult targeted product, new venues with better atmosphere, and some better production in-house and post-produced, people are starting to see how great PWA is. The in-ring quality has always been top notch, but some people are just more drawn to the extras and fancy stuff on top of that, so now they’re noticing. My plan is what it always is, stir the pot and fuck shit up.


Do you have any words for your Aussie fans that have been following your career and those that support you at shows all over the country?


If you’ve been there from the start, you rock. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. If you’re new, welcome aboard, shit’s going to get even better. If you found us courtesy of a show that featured internationals that you came to see, I hope you appreciate the efforts we make to show we’re just as good as they are. Many thanks to you all! Keep coming along, tell your friends, make some noise when you’re at the show. We can’t do it without the awesome fans and their support has only helped push us further forward. Let’s rock this world!





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