WRESTLEROCK Returns: An Interview With Julian James

July 11, 2018


Be careful what you wish for... Because now you’ve got it! Melbourne's wrestling institution for over ten years, the mighty WRESTLEROCK, returns home to the iconic Corner Hotel in Richmond on Friday July 20th.


In an evening that will combine live pro-wrestling with some of the loudest and most notorious bands in the country, WRESTLEROCK is set to deliver it's own unique style of brutal, uncensored, pile-driving, bone-crunching Sports-Entertainment extravaganza to be ever seen in Australia! We got to speak with organiser of the iconic event, Julian James, ahead of this spectacular showdown. 

WRESTLEROCK returns to the Corner Hotel on the 20th of July for the first time since March 2015. What made you want to put on this event after so long?


It was really just a case of the planets aligning. We had talks with MCW about doing events in the past but for whatever reasons the timing was off. Before you know it 3 years have passed! It was worth the wait because MCW are the number one game in town, if not the country, so having their machine behind the WRESTLEROCK brand can only mean an exciting adventure for all involved.


WRESTLEROCK has had a long history of providing some of the most entertaining and thrilling bouts and memorable moments in Aussie wrestling history. What's been some of your favourite moments?


For me, personally, the first match I think of is Slex versus Lazer. I think it was a two out of three falls match, and it was just phenomenal! You can watch that match now and see why Slex eventually goes on to to face the worlds ‘number one rated wrestler in the world’ and New Japan Champion Okada. Proof right there that Slex is, without a doubt, one of the top performers in our country and also recognized as such in a global capacity. The whole story of that match was so much fun to watch. The original re-match was billed as ‘a year in the making’ and in front of a sold-out crowd these guys did a 3-second roll-up, cheeky finish! The crowd could have been ready to riot, but they were all in to it. From there we went into the ‘2 out of 3 falls’ deal at the following show, which was the real pay-off! And both guys delivered! Both Criss Fresh and I were standing at the commentary table at the end of that match and applauded, everyone in that room knew we had just seen something special. I always look to that match and would proudly present it as ‘world class’ against anything out there, and these are two guys putting on a clinic in a pub in the city of Melbourne. And it’s world class. That’s what you get at WRESTLEROCK!


As far as other memorable moments, personally, I’d have to say the whole WTC angle, which was Sebastian Walker, Bulldog O’Reily and Carnish, really was exciting to watch. As a fan I knew this was good stuff. Full credit to Criss Fresh for being the brains behind the execution of that whole story and knowing he had the talent that could pull it off. I felt that was our first “hot” angle and really set the tone for what WRESTLEROCK was about, and the fans at the shows eat it up. The history of the Hardcore Hotel matches are brutal and beautiful. You’ve got legends like Krackerjak, Mad Dog, Ricky Diamond and even Vixsen who have all spent a night in that hotel and lived to tell the tale. Only just!  


Out of all the amazing talent that have competed, who do you think has gone on to have the most success from WRESTLEROCK?


As far as having the most success you immediately have to look at people like Buddy Murphy and Emma who went on to mega success in WWE. However I believe that every performer who has competed at WRESTLEROCK seems to bring a certain edge when they are on that platform. I don’t know if it’s because it’s an over 18’s crowd, but it’s not uncommon to see spectacular performers turn the dial ‘up to eleven’ when they appear on WRESTLEROCK.


Tell us about some of the bands you've had perform at WRESTLEROCK, what do you guys look for in a band to play these shows?


We had some of the best bands going around at the time like The Shine and Thunderstag, both of which had a super handsome lead singer. Some bands I wasn’t so crazy about, Los Amigos gave us nothing but headaches and I’m pretty sure they stole booze from the backstage rider! Other favourites we had on were Electric Mary, Doubleblack, Desecrator, The Speed Demons, The Mercy Kills, Electrik Dynamite. We always try to get exciting bands who are gonna bring the rock and get the crowds motor running, then be able to knock you out again for a second set for the ‘after-party’, speaking of which we have Elm Street this time who are gonna melt faces and their second set for the official after-party is said to contain some classic metal and wrestling gems. So my pants are getting tight just thinking about that one! We’ve also hosted some of Australia’s top tribute bands such as KISSTROYER, X-Halen, The Australian Queen Show, Appetite for Destruction and Thunderstruck! 


What do you think it is about Pro Wrestling and Rock N Roll that goes so well together?


I think rock and roll crowds are very similar to wrestling crowds, it’s all about excitement, high energy, throwing your first in the air and going crazy! It’s the same attitude, you like what you like and your gonna have a good time no matter what.


What match do you think is going to steal the show at the upcoming return of WRESTLEROCK?


Any match has the potential to steal the show, especially this time. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing Slex take on Caveman Ugg, who will have Sebastian Walker in his corner. In a SAFARI SUIT! So that’s money, right there! We’ve also got Mad Dog taking on Alan Payne! These guys have never faced each other so who knows what could go down. But the one I’m hearing the most buzz about is WRESTLEROCK originals Cremator and Cletus taking on The Brat Pack! To have the Brat Pack in front of that Corner Hotel crowd is gonna be something else, and I can’t wait. We will also be crowning a new WRESTLEROCK Champion and there will be another installment of The Dirty Dozen Battle Royal. You never know who will turn up for that. Make sure you have a cold one in each hand because you’re gonna need it! 



Tickets are on sale now over at - http://cornerhotel.com/


Visit the event page on Facebook HERE.








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