Going Over Smackdown: Results & Analysis 11/07/18

July 11, 2018


This weeks episode of WWE Smackdown Lives comes from The SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire.


The show kicks off with Miz TV. Miz welcomes us to the show and he then goes on to hype Miz & Mrs, which debuts on the 24th of July. He then calls out Kane and Daniel Bryan aka Team Hell No. Miz tells Bryan to be professional here tonight, and with some help from Kane, Bryan agrees. Miz talks about Team Hell No's history and says that he never thought he see them back together, like NSYNC. Kane says that will never happen because "JT is too big of a star." Miz brings up the Bludgeon Brothers and Kane says that nobody can beat Team Hell No when they are unified. Miz runs a video package showing the more negative moments of Team Hell No's career together. Miz plays it up perfectly and says that he's sorry for running the wrong video, but since he did already, he brings up their past issues. Bryan stops him and says he knows what Miz is doing, but it’s not working. Bryan says Miz is terrible at everything. Bryan says the only thing Miz is worse at than stirring the pot is wrestling. Miz says he knows Kane will betray Bryan and Bryan will fall for it again. Miz says that he wants to end Bryan’s career, but Bryan is hiding behind a nostalgia act, because Bryan can’t hang with him. Kane calms Bryan, and Miz calls Kane a broken down demon. Kane stares him down angrily but then the Bludgeon Brothers come out. Sanity appear as well and hit the ring, beating down Team Hell No. The Bludgeons join in and we get a big brawl. Hmm, kind of like the opening segment of Raw. The New Day come out and make the save, trying to get revenge for last week on Sanity. Sanity and The Bludgeon Brothers win this encounter and are left standing tall. Miz of course escapes. This was a pretty good opening segment, adding more fuel to the Bryan vs. Miz feud that's brewing, and also adding to the build for the two PPV tag matches between all of these tag teams.


WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura.


Rusev and English are out here to join in the festivities. Rusev says that he promises to win the title on Sunday and to celebrate on Rusev Day! Nakamura attacks Styles at the opening bell, but Styles gets him back with a dropkick. The match has Nakamura getting in a lot of kicks and near falls. With the closing of the match having Styles firing back with strikes and chops. Styles looks for the Styles Clash, but Nakamura fights out of it, kicking his way out and locks on a triangle. Styles powers up and gets Nakamura into a pinning combo for 2. Styles counters the reverse Xploder, dumping Nakamura and hits the slingshot forearm to the floor. English is shown yelling at Styles, but Styles lays him out and Nakamura then lays out Styles. Nakamura ends up taking out English, Styles grabs Nakamura and rolls him back in the ring. But then Rusev attacks Styles and we get a DQ finish. This was another good match and probably the best way to end this match as neither man should have suffered a lose in a singles match ahead of the Extreme Rules PPV.


After the match, Jeff Hardy arrives and saves Styles, taking out both Rusev and Nakamura. Paige here! She arrives and pulls a Teddy Long, making another tag match for right now.


Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev vs. Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles.


After Rusev wearing down Styles with some bearhugs and power offense, Styles manages to make the hot tag to Jeff who goes crazy with his signature offense, and picks up a cover for 2. Whisper In The Wind connects and that gets 2 until Nakamura makes the save. Styles takes out Nakamura, but Rusev hits the matchka kick. Jeff hits him with a twist of fate and heads up top. Nakamura crotches him, and Rusev hits the Matchka kick for the win on Jeff. Nice little 5 minute match with Rusev winning, therefore getting more momentum heading into Extreme Rules.


Lumberjack Match: James Ellsworth vs. Askua. 


The Smackdown women’s roster, except Charlotte, surrounds the ring. Ellsworth takes off his shirt and tells the ladies to try and show some restraint. He says none of them are ready for Asuka, but he is. Ellsworth tries to run, but gets caught and thrown back in. Asuka lays into him with kick and strikes, throwing him out to the floor. Ellsworth is tossed back in and Asuka lights him up with strikes, and hits a sliding kick. Ellsworth to the floor again, he begs off and the lumberjacks end up predictably fighting. The likes of Becky and Naomi join in on the beating and then they take him back into the ring. A brawl breaks out between the women on the floor but Asuka takes them out with a high cross-body off the top rope. Carmella sneakily gives Ellsworth hair spray to use, but Asuka fights him off. Ellsworth accidentally knocks Carmella to the floor and then Asuka makes Ellsworth tap out with the Asuka lock. Carmella ends up laying out Asuka afterwards. This was pretty bad and in my opinion brought down the overall rating of the show. This program just sucks and I have no idea why they're doing this angle considering the array of talent like Becky, Naomi, Charlotte and so on not being used very well. I hope it's over soon.


Team Hell No & New Day meet backstage. Kane suggests they set their opponents on fire and send them to hell. He and Bryan then debate the logistics of this happening, leading to a yes/no argument. Big E breaks it u and tells Xavier to come up with a plan, Kofi to run around like the flash, tells Bryan to become a goat faced killer, and then asks Kane if he’s with them. Kane gives his word that they will win this battle, quoting NSYNC lyrics which they pick up on.


Paige meets with Carmella and Ellsworth. Paige says that Ellsworth will be in a shark cage at Extreme Rules. Oh god.


Andrade Almas vs. Sin Cara.


Almas is finally back on TV! Pretty decent match that went about 5 minutes. It ended with Sin Cara up top with a splash but Almas getting his knees up. Almas then goes up top and gets crotched, Cara follows him up and Almas knocks him into the tree of woe position and hits the double stomp. The double knees connect for the win. It wasn't a complete squash as Cara got in some good offense, but Almas came out on top and hopefully we can get him on TV regularly and into a decent feud moving forward.


Team Hell No and The New Day vs. Sanity and The Bludgeon Brothers.


The match starts off with a massive 10 man brawl breaking out. Towards the end, Bryan goes wild and hits his running corner dropkicks. He takes Eric Young up top and hits the Hurricanrana. Bryan lays in kicks on Young, and then goes for the YES lock until Wolfe breaks it. Kane then chokeslams him and then everyone continues to get their big moves in. Big E is shown brawling with Dain and hits the suicide spear to the floor. Bryan hits a running knee on Young and it's over. Team Hell No and The New Day are your winners. This was an overall good main event with lots of energy, setting things up nicely for the appropriate matches at Extreme Rules this weekend.


The show ends with Daniel Bryan summoning Kane’s powers and setting off some pyro of his own. Wow! Pyro on a WWE show and it's not Wrestlemania? 


End of show.




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