New BTE Episode 110: Fallout from NJPW’s G1 Special in San Fransisco

July 10, 2018


This weeks episode begins with Chris Jericho saying goodbye to The Young Bucks as they leave his motel room. Jericho says "See ya later, Alpha Club, Bucks of Jericho or is it Y-2-Jackson?" Chris then closes the door and stops for a moment and then looks to his side. "Marty?" To which Scurll then comes out of the closet and greets Chris, as he asks him what he's doing in his room in the closet? Marty then tells Chris that it's a long story and not to worry about it. Jericho asks him how long he's been in there for? Marty says, a day... a week... it doesn't matter. He then says that he couldn't help but overhear the conversation with Matt and Nick, and mentions that they are also his friends and that he heard them join the Alpha Club. But what about The Villain? Think about it, The Villain, Marty Scurll, the fourth member of the Alpha Club. Jericho says that it's not a bad idea but he's all out of Alpha Club shirts. Marty points out the shirt on Chris' shoulder, to which Jericho grabs it and tosses it behind him. Marty then says that he's got an even better idea and says for months now he's been looking for members for the Villain Club and says he can't think of a better person to join than Y2J. Marty says that they have a lot in common, they're both great heel wrestlers, they both have awesome entrance attire and they're both massive in the music industry. He then goes to ask Chris what he thinks, but notices him holding a list. Jericho denies that it's the list because it's WWE copyright and he can't use that in this video. Marty looks worried and thinks that Jericho is about to put his name on the list. Jericho says that he's just going to write down some ideas about his proposal to be the fourth member of the Bullet Club (I wonder if that was a deliberate mistake and they just left that in?). Jericho then tells Marty to send him a tape, some pictures and highlights of his work and he'll talk it over with Matt and Nick, then they'll decide whether or not they can accommodate Marty. Jericho tells Marty to give him a a few minutes, hours and days to get back to him and Marty asks for his number but Jericho says he's already got it, and that he'll look it up online. Maybe in the next few months, 6 months tops, maybe a year or two years, probably in the next 3 or 4 years for sure he'll get back to him. Jericho then tells Marty to leave, so Marty walks towards the door but tries to get back into the closet, but Jericho tells him to GET OUT! You're all in, now you're all out. Leave my room. When Marty leaves the room Jericho then says to the camera, he just made the list! 


Great comedy here, these two work very well together and I would love to see more of these two.


We then get a clip of Kenny and The Bucks arriving with their luggage at the historic Cow Palace in San Francisco for the G1 Special. They shill their new line of Golden Elite shirts which you can get from Pro Wrestling Tees.


They then show Cody rehearsing his big entrance with his wife Brandi before the show begins.


Then they cut away to Matt Jackson, he's talking to someone backstage but you can't see who it is. He says that he doesn't know what's happened the last couple of years, and then goes on to say, what happened to the guy I met a couple of years ago? The guy we rode with to every town, the guy we flew to every town with, the guy we tore down every house with, the guy that we had every same common goal with. It was all about friendship and love and now that I look at you, I have to ask, where is he? As I look in your eyes I can still tell that there's good in you. I know that same guy is deep down inside. The same guy that treasures friendship and love. Matt says, they say love is thicker than water, well in this case BTE is thicker than blood. The camera then moves up to Cody's face. Matt puts his hand on his shoulder and wishes him luck in his match against Kenny tonight. He then says to Cody, we love you and be safe. Cody looks like he's contemplating something and seems unsure of himself.


We then go to SoCal Uncensored who are in Virginia. Of course, Scorpio angrily says this is the worst town I've ever been in. They begin to talk about how bad Virginia is as Kazarian flips off a statue of George Mason. They say that they can't wait to get back to Southern California and then each say S-C-U! Before Daniels flips of the statue one last time.


The next clip shows Kenny reading a book with glasses on, then the Bucks come in and they seem frustrated. Kenny asks them what's wrong? They say they're a little stressed and Kenny asks them how their match is coming along. Nick says to be honest it's looking like about 4 stars. Kenny says, really? Only four? Matt then says that they have come here to ask him how exactly he does it. How did you break the 5 star rating? The Bucks want to know how, they say they've tried everything and they can't do it. They ask what Kenny's secret is. Kenny says that it's no secret that critics prefer a long ass singles match, so they're already at a disadvantage. But there are ways around it, like storytelling. He asks them if they've tried isolating a limb? They say they've done that before but only got 4.5 stars. Kenny screws his face up and says that's average at best. Matt says they've done it all basically and they can't do it. They ask Kenny again, what's your secret? Kenny says the secret behind his 5 star, 6 star and 7 star matches is, he's been cheating and he's willing to share with them the secret. Kenny shows the book he's been reading and it's called "How Psychology Works" and says that the Bucks are about to have, for the very first time, a wrestling match with psychology. They say let's do it and then they all laugh comically. 


We cut away to Hangman Page who is talking to someone in a motel room. He asks how could it have been you? How could of it been you that killed Joey? The camera pans around and it's still Hangman, but almost like an alter-ego, an Evil Hangman perhaps? Evil Hangman says that Joey was a penis pretender and he deserved to die. Good Hangman says that we were both asleep that night and we couldn't possibly have done it. Evil Hangman says it was definitely us and we bashed his brains in with a telephone. Good Hangman says he was his friends' friend and they loved him. Evil Hangman says that Page doesn't have any real friends and that they all liked Joey, not him. Good Hangman covers his ears and says that he isn't listening. Evil Hangman says that he is a murderer and that he wouldn't be anywhere without him and that he is now the only famous dick wrestler now that Joey is dead. Good Hangman tells him to go away and that he can't live with him anymore. Evil Hangman says that he can't live with him either and begins to beat Good Hangman over the head with the telephone until he's unconscious. Page then wakes up and says, well that escalated quickly.


Kenny is backstage getting ready for his match against Cody. The Bucks come up and Matt says that this is going to sound crazy, but he still feels that there is some good left in Cody. Kenny snickers at the comment but Matt says to hear him out. He says that deep down the guy that they fell in love with 2 years ago is still in there. Nick says, just don't kill him. Kenny says that he's not going to kill him and that he's going to go out there and just have a match with him. It's just one match, one last match to settle things. Matt asks Kenny for a favour and tells him not to hurt him too badly. The Bucks leave as Kenny looks down and lets out a big sigh.


We go to the car scene from the last episode where Nick has a weird out of body experience with his eyes rolling into the back of his head. When Nick comes to, Matt asks him if he's alright? Nick replies with, something bad is going to happen.


We then see scenes of when The Firing Squad (Tama Tonga, his brother and tag team partner Tanga Loa, and their father King Haku (aka Meng) attack and laid waste to Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks after Kenny's match at the G1 Special. Photos show Nick suffering the same flashback just moments before they were attacked from behind, meaning Nick saw it coming.


Afterwards, everyone is sitting in the motel room eating after what just took place. It's Kenny, The Bucks, Hangman and Marty, they're all quiet. There's a knock at the door and Matt gets up to go and answer it. It's Cody. Matt invites him in as Cody limps towards the group. Kenny then moves over on the couch to which Cody goes over and sits down between Kenny and Marty. Kenny offers Cody some of his food, he accepts. Cody then says, so how are we going to make these motherfuckers pay? And what the hell is Haku's problem? Everyone shakes their heads and Hangman says that Haku is a real piece of shit.


End scene.


Watch the full episode here:




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