Going Over Raw: Results & Analysis 10/07/18

July 10, 2018


This weeks episode of WWE Raw comes from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.


A Reigns/Lashley video package starts off the show.


Reigns walks backstage and meets with Lashley. They exchange a few words, and Reigns then says he’s going to his ring. Lashley then dares him to call him out so that he can tear him apart.


Roman Reigns is now out in the ring and says that he could talk about a whole lotta things, but Lashley dared him to call him out. So he calls out Bob and out he comes. Kurt Angle and Constable Corbin then arrive and Kurt says that they should save it for Sunday at Extreme Rules. A brawl breaks out and it isn't long until all of the locker room comes out to try and separate these two men. They get separated evetually but then they break free from the mid-card talent and continue to beat each other up. Balor begins to attack Corbin for good measure, furthering their rivalry. Lashley then starts beating on Roman before they are separated AGAIN only for them to brawl AGAIN. They take Lashley away until Roman hits the big dive over the top rope onto the men on the floor. More fighting ensue. Pretty decent opening segment with less talking and more action which is great, especially for these two men. The crowd seemed to get into it as well. 


Alexa Bliss & Mickie James vs. Nia Jax & Natalya.


Michael Cole reminds us that Natalya is in fact Ronda Rousey's best friend. Jax and James to begin. Natalya tags in and they hit a Hart attack, and then Bliss tags in as Natalya maintains control. Natalya takes James and Bliss to the floor and follows with clotheslines. Post break, and James is in control, working over Natalya. Bliss tags in and Bliss slaps Natalya. She then chokes her out, and grounds things as we get an in screen promo for Extreme Rules. Bliss follows with rights and covers for 2. James tags back in and Natalya fights off the double teams and tags in Jax. She takes over, tossing James around and follows with a head butt and tackle, The press slam follows and then Jax hits the leg drop for the win. Jax seemed fired up and motivated and the crowd responded well to that. Good match.


After the match, Bliss hits Jax with a kendo stick but Jax chases her away.


Backstage now, Jax says that she plans to break Bliss on Sunday at Extreme Rules and take back her Women's Championship.


Kurt Angle is shown backstage in his office whilst he's texting on his phone for something different. Kevin Owens comes in and Angle questions why he’s here? Kevin says he’s here to work. Kevin reminds him that he has connections. He also has a doctor’s note and can’t compete tonight, but he plans to hang out with Angle, where it's safe. Owens takes a seat as Angle look on unimpressed. 


No Way Jose vs. Mojo Rawley.


Another rematch between these two. During Mojo's entrance Coach says "This guy, this guy is my guy" which makes me think that Coach doesn't know Mojo Rawley's name or who he even is. Rawley dominates most of the match trying to ground Jose. Coach makes a comment saying that Mojo's athleticism reminds him of a Bobby Lashley, to which Cole and Graves do not respond. Jose fights to his feet, hits elbows and knee strikes and then follows with rights. The clothesline follows for 2. Rawley now cuts him off with an Alabama slam and wins.  This was a quick and boring match, with very little response from the crowd.


Sasha Banks and Bayley are shown at another counseling session. They have a new counselor this time. Bayley says she always has Sasha’s back, while Sasha is always stabbing her in the back. That was pretty much it.


Backstage, Seth Rollins is walking around smiling. He comes across Jinder Mahal who says that instead of "Burning It Down" he should try Jinder's mantra. Seth asks Jinder to please teach him this mantra, so Mahal starts chanting something to which Rollins slowly walks off camera whilst Jinder and Singh continue their mantra with their eyes closed.


After commercial, Seth Rollins' music hits and here comes the Kingslayer! Commentary plug the Iron Man Match for the Intercontinental Title at Extreme Rules. Seth is in the middle of the ring as the crowd go crazy for him. He says that Boston always know how to party baby and that over the years they've given him some pretty sweet nicknames. But right now the only moniker that matters is former Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins but he has an opportunity to change that. In one week he goes one on one with Dolph Ziggler for 30 minutes and explains the rules for the Iron Man Match. He says that Dolph is no joke or walk in the park, he's looking forward to testing himself against the very best. But he's worried that he's going to bring that big, hairy, Scottish Wookie, Drew McIntryre with him. But he is Seth Freakin' Rollins and... Dolph and Drew interrupt. Ziggler says thanks for all the kind words and says they should discuss his greatness more. He's also going to bring the Intercontinetal Title and at Extreme Rules he's going to walk out still champion. Drew says it's not all bad, at least he'll still have his catchy little nicknames. Dolph calls Rollins "kid" and says you still are Seth Freakin' Rollins, you are the man, you are one of the greatest wrestlers to step foot in that ring, but you're no Dolph Ziggler brother. Dolph then mocks Rollins and his crosssfit, saying that it doesn’t win matches. Dolph brings up his amateur wrestling record, and Rollins mocks him for Drew always helping him win. Drew says he’s going where he belongs to the top. Rollins says he only goes where Dolph tells him to go and questions why he takes orders. Rollins then teases that Dolph knows his secrets and asks if there are photos of him with sheep. This sets up Rollins vs. Drew for later tonight. This was a very solid promo to help add to the build to their match at the PPV, and to set up a potentially great main event. Some of the jokes were a little lame though, Seth shouldn't try to be funny.


Backstage, The B Team get on their Matt and Bray costumes. Dallas scared Axel by being dressed like Bray, which was quite funny.


The B Team are out next and they do their impersonation of Bray and Matt in the ring. Matt and Bray appear on the screen, and say that this is over. Bray says that laughter is contagious, but so is fear. Matt promises to eat and delete them. They then suddenly appear in the ring and scare off Axel and Dallas.


Matt Hardy vs. Bo Dallas.


Matt has lost his last two encounters against Axel. Matt attacks right away and works over Dallas as the Revival watch on. Matt dumps Dallas to the floor, follows and hits a suplex on the floor. A bit of back and forth between these two with the finish showing Matt hitting a side effect. He then hits another and celebrates. Matt to the apron, he teases a suplex to the floor, but Axel distracts Matt, Wyatt takes Axel out and Dallas hits a nasty neck breaker and pins Matt. Another loss for Hardy. These wins for the B Team seem pretty meaningless and it's mostly a goofy comedy angle. Nothing really engaging here.


After the match, Hardy and Wyatt lay out the B Team and stand tall.


Lashley cuts a promo backstage. He says he respects everyone, even Sami Zayn, everyone, but Reigns. He does like that Reigns is willing to fight him, but on Sunday, Reigns won’t walk out. “Believe that.”


Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan.


Moon defeated Morgan last week, so Morgan requested the rematch. Another commentary highlight of the evening was Coach saying that, “Ember Moon only knows how to do things one way; that’s very hard and very fast.” After Morgan has control for most of the match, Moon then hits a head scissors to her into the corner, she lays in knee strikes and hits the fall away slam. Moon takes out Logan, and then cradles Morgan for the win. Another okay match, with Ember Moon looking really good picking up yet another victory.


Balor is interviewed backstage and Bobby Roode arrives. He talks about their great abs, and praises Balor, and says they will be victorious and glorious tonight. 


Angle and Kevin are arguing in Kurt's office when Drew and Dolph arrive. Angle says if Drew loses tonight against Rollins, he’s banned from ringside at Extreme Rules.


Elias is here to play us all a tune. He says he’s been recording his debut album and says that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. He sings and runs down Balor, Roode, and of course Boston. Moment killer, Baron Corbin comes out and completely kills the mood with his boring ways.


Finn Balor and Bobby Roode vs. Constable Corbin and Elias.


Lots of back and forth with the match getting off to a slow start but picking up momentum towards the end with Balor and Corbin brawling on the floor, back in the ring and Corbin crotches Balor, but ten posts himself. Roode hits a hard spinebuster on Elias, but Corbin cuts him off and hits End Of Days to pick up the win. Can't see Corbin beating Balor as Extreme Rules so that's probably why he picked up the cheap win tonight.


Braun meets with Owens and Angle backstage, and Angle books them in a Steel Cage match for Sunday at Extreme Rules. Braun says Kevin smells of fear. Owens looks afraid.


Renee interviews Roman. Roman says he wanted to provoke Lashley tonight, he didn’t have any respect for him until tonight. But he’ll need more than fire at Extreme Rules because he has the killer instinct. He’ll beat Lashley on Sunday and “Bob” can be the man, somewhere else.


Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre. 


If McIntyre loses, he’s banned from ringside at Extreme Rules. I'm glad they've given McIntyre some time to shine in the main event on Raw against someone as good as Rollins. I really think he could be a big deal coming out of this. Dolph is out in Drew's corner with the start of the match showing McIntyre overpowering Rollins in lock up situations. Rollins tries to use his quickness to pick up the pace but gets shut down by the big fella. He now grounds Rollins with a side headlock. Rollins escapes, hits a dropkick, but McIntyre runs him over with another shoulder tackle. McIntyre keeps Rollins down most of the match, trying to keep him off his feet. Later in the match Drew works the arm of Rollins but Seth slowly fights to his feet and hits a jawbreaker. Rollins looks to hit a powerbomb but McIntyre fights out of it, Rollins fights back with a blockbuster for a 2 count. Rollins gets a roll up for another 2 count, but McIntyre counters back and hits a sitout powerbomb for 2. They get up to the top rope now, as Rollins slides out and crotches McIntyre. He knocks McIntyre into the tree of woe, heads up top, but McIntyre hits an overhead spider suplex. McIntyre then runs into a superkick and Rollins nails Drew with the falcon arrow for another near fall. McIntyre now takes Rollins up top on his shoulders, but Rollins slides out again and hits the buckle bomb and superkick! Rollins is up top, but Dolph tries to distract him but instead Rollins kicks him in the face and then hits a cross-body for a 2 count. Curb stomp to Dolph, but McIntyre hits the Claymore and picks up the win. Drew McIntyre defeats Seth Rollins a very good 20 minute match. Great main event and a really strong showing from McIntyre who is quite clearly more than ready to be a big star on Raw. Rollins continues to be the most consistent performer on the main roster, delivering a terrific performance once again. Rollins versus Ziggler should be a great match at Extreme Rules, as they have already delivered on TV and have built a good chemistry, which has led to one of the most entertaining angles on Raw right now with an absent Universal Champion and a relatively lackluster feud between Roman and Lashley. 


End of show.




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