Going Over Raw: Results & Analysis 03/07/18

July 3, 2018


This weeks episode of WWE Raw comes from The Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


The show kicks off with Michael Cole introducing us to none other than, THE BIG DOG! Roman Reigns comes out, he gets on the mic and says that The Revival are extremely talented and have a great future, but he never thought he'd have to say that he lost to The Revival. FTRR... Right?


Reigns wants to fight Bob (Bobby Lashley for those wondering who the hell is Bob?) and says if Kurt Angle doesn't want them to fight at Extreme Rules then Reigns has no trouble doing it right now. The crowd sort of cheers. He then calls Bob a fool and an egomaniac because he thinks that he's the guy, but 10 years ago Lashley wasn't the guy, he couldn't handle the road. 10 years later, he still won't be the guy because Reigns is the guy. Crowd boos. He is the man around here and The Big Dog runs this yard.


Out comes Dolph and Drew to cut Reigns off. Ziggler wants to get something straight, and says Reigns is calling someone else an egomaniac? Reigns, the person who walks around like he owns the place and calls Dolph's ring his yard. Ziggler says that Roman acts like everything in the world must go through him. Drew then says that Reigns couldn't help himself and he's always gotta play the hero like last week when he helped Seth. Drew then says it's only fair that they return the favour of sticking Reigns' nose in their business. Reigns attack Drew, but Ziggler quickly steps in and gets Roman by the legs, we've got a two on one beatdown on our hands now. But not for long, as Seth runs down to the ring to help his former Shield brother. Rollins takes Ziggler down and starts attacking him with fists but Drew drags Dolph out of the ring.


Backstage, Reings and Rollins are walking together, they find Angle and say they want a match against Drew and Dolph. Angle says they can have the match next week. Angle says that Lashley and Roman are teaming up tonight. Reigns throws a tantrum. Kurt then says fine, they can have the match tonight. 



Matt Hardy vs Curtis Axel.


Yay... We get this again. Band and forth match, skipping to the end with Matt hopping up onto the second rope. Elbow to the neck but Matt is on the second rope again. Elbow drop to Axel and a pin for 1..2..NO! Twist of Fate attempt, but Bo gets on the ropes. He distracts, Matt turns, and Axel kicks. Whip Is reversed. Flapjack into the corner, then Axel hits a finisher that no one knows because he never wins, and Axel pins Matt for the 1-2-3. Pretty average match overall.


Bobby Lashley comes into Roman's locker room to tell him that no one likes him, and Bobby doesn’t like him either. He tells Reigns to check his ego at the door. Reigns tells him to shut up and says he’s going to start, finish, and win the match. He tells Bob to chill on the apron and collect the win. Bob says he’s going to hold Reigns responsible. Reigns asks if it’s a threat. Bobby says yes, yes it is a threat. Reigns doesn’t say anything. Intense.


Now it's time for the Bayley and Sasha Bank counselling session. Dear God. So, Bayley is reading a magazine. Sasha walks in, and they both have an appointment. The door opens, and it’s Dr. Shelby. He says he will be helping to guide them in their friendship counseling. He wants to invite them into what he calls, The Friend Zone. We move to The Friend Zone, and he says the only rules are the Seven Tennants of Friendship: Love, Helping, Joy, Sharing, Time, Honesty, Respect.




Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews vs Authors Of Pain.


AOP looked dominant here. Controlling most of the match. It was all over pretty quick with a tilt a whirl side slam from Akam then a tag to Razar. They hit the Last Chapter! Pin for 1-2-3. It's over.


Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.


Very solid match as expected when you've got these four men in ring together, but you never know. Drew and Dolph spent most of the match trying to keep Seth and Roman away from each other, trying to prevent that hot tag. The match end with The Revival coming out of nowhere, attacking Reigns, just as Seth was looking to have the match won. False finish was a good option in this scenario. We then got Drew, Ziggler, and The Revival beating up Seth and Roman. The Revival send Roman into the barricade hard while Drew and Dolph send Seth into the ring. The Revival send Roman into the steps while Drew and Dolph attack Seth with right hands in the ring. A ref comes in to try and stop the chaos, but they lift Seth and hit the extremely cool 'Claymore Zig-Zag' combo to Seth. But The Revival aren't done yet, as they hit Roman with a Shatter Machine for good measure. Where's Ambrose when you need him?


Backstage, Angle is on his phone, as always. Owens walks in to tell Kurt he has to do something about Strowman. Angle says they will settle things in the ring, and it sounds like Owens wants a match. Owens tell Angle to send Braun to therapy, or fire him. Angle says there is only one way to settle things. He will be facing Braun tonight.


Baron Corbin is out now and he's got something to say. He goes over last week’s match, specifically Finn Balor’s behavior. To help him get his career back on track, Baron is inviting Finn out here to offer Baron an apology. Finn comes out, and Baron wants to apologize first. He tells Finn, he just wanted to talk when he pulled Finn from the ring. He forgot that he is so much bigger and stronger and tougher, and he apologises for that. Now it’s Finn’s turn. Finn says he is sorry about his comment about his vest last week got him fired from TGIFridays. Baron gets it, Finn is still angry from two weeks ago. He’ll be the bigger man...obviously, so he’ll give Finn another chance. Just apologise. Finn says alright, he deserves an apology from whoever gave him that haircut. Finn smiles. Corbin says it’s hard out there for Finns out there. They don’t get paid like guys like him do. Steph picked him for a reason. Give him the respect he deserves and apologise. Finn looks Baron in the eyes, and apologises because Baron stopped deserving anyone’s rspect the day he became Stephanie McMahon’s stooge. Corbin has had it. He hits Finn with a hard right hand. Corbin grabs Balor and lifts him up then tosses him to the ropes. Balor bounces off and hits a Slingblade. Dropkick through the ropes from Balor, then he shoots to the top rope, but Corbin rushes out of the way and up the stage.


Where's the Demon? I miss the Demon.


Backstage, Elias is tuning his guitar. The camera zooms out, and Liv and Sarah are here asking if he’s performing tonight. He says not for us, but he will for them. He starts playing while they push over trashcans and brooms.


Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan.


Quick match with Ember hitting her finisher in the end for the pin.


Back to Sasha and Bayley. Sasha says this isn't working. Dr. Shelby says that we know how Sasha feels, but how does Bayley feel? Dr. Shelby wants them to pretend to be each other. Sasha ties her hair up in a side ponytail then mocks Bayley badly. Bayley stands up and pretends to be Sasha. She mocks Sasha and says if you don’t call her the boss, she’ll stab you in the back, and it doesn’t matter what anyone does cause she’s going to stab her in the back. She drops Snoop’s name. Sasha then says that Snoop is her first cousin. They go at it with words until Dr. Shelby walk in between them to stop the arguing. They tell him to shut up until Dr. Shelby says yells ENOUGH! really loudly. Awful, awful segment.


The Revival vs Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley.


You'd think Roman would want to murder The Revival after what they did earlier, but Roman actually waits for the bell to ring, like a good boy. Another DQ finish with the match ending as Lashley stands on the apron and asks for a tag to Roman. Reigns says no. Crowd boos him. Bobby Lashley is pissed off, so he walks away from the ring. He’s done with Reigns. Poor Bob. This match was not good and rather pointless. Back in the ring Reigns gets smashed by another Shatter Machine. We then get a high splash from the corner from Dash Wilder and we're left with the crowd chanting "one more time" quite loudly.


Backstage, Owens tells Angle this show is out of control, and he should cancel the match tonight. Angle says no Owens says he is a great organizer, he can organize Angle’s office. Or he can get tickets to Shania Twain for Angle. Angle says there is no way Owens is getting out of this match. Owens says Angle doesn’t deserve Shania Twain tickets.


Reigns comes backstage to complain, so Angle makes the match. Lashley vs Reigns at Extreme Rules. I can't wait...


We get news that Renee Young interviewed Rousey, and we get a clip of that. Ronda’s reaction is that she is excited for the upcoming match. Even though she is suspended, she isn’t suspended for the pay per view.


Mickie James vs Nia Jax.


Decent match but it didn't really mean anything. Towards the end of the match, Nia rushes the corner, but gets a boot to the face. Mickie waits for Nia to stand, then goes for a Mick Kick. Nia catches her, so Mickie slaps her. Nia no sells it and lifts Mickie up for a powerbomb! Sit out! Cover. Alexa is on the apron and Nia is distracted.Nattie pulls Alexa of the apron. Nia turns and hits a Samoan Drop to Mickie. Cover for the 1-2-3.


Backstage, Owens says something isn’t working. We see Jinder, trying to garner his inner peace. Owens says he is breathing. He’s doing it right, but he feels like it’s not working. In comes Charley who wants to ask Owens why he is shaken up. Owens says he is not shaken up, but he was surprised by her Gremlin self. In fact, he is thrilled that the match tonight is still on. He’s glad and why would he be shaken up? Because Braun looks at him like he is bacon? Some people would be terrified of facing Braun, but he’s fought him before. He can look at Braun and know what he is thinking. He’s going to get in there and show the world how you destroy a monster. Jinder is still breathing. Owens tries to join him.


Backstage, Renee wants to talk to Lashley. He says that Reigns was the one that told him to stay out of the match, so it was enjoyable to see Reigns get exactly what he asked for. Reigns has made a name for himself since he has been gone, but it’s because he’s been gone. Reigns' “yard” would have been a concrete patch in a trailer park. Umm, ok?


Kevin Owens vs Braun Strowman.


Strowman shoves down Owens, so Owens rolls to the outside of the ring. He is at the edge of the ramp. He stares down Braun, then turns and runs! Ok, that was over quick. The ref starts the count. The ref is counting fast, so the end is pretty obvious. We get to 10, and Braun is the winner. 


Backstage, Owens stops running, then starts again. He gets to his car, but it’s locked. He didn’t bring his keys to the ring with him. That makes sense. Owens looks to enter the arena again, but decides to head into a production truck. There is a valet stand, right next to the car. Nearby is a portable toilet, and Owens hides inside of it. Yes, Owens hides inside of a porta potty…

Braun yells at the valet guy then starts looking for Owens around the trucks. The crowd chant "Porta Potty". Braun looks inside the car, then walks away, and stops. He turns towards the toilet, and takes a wiff. Braun then turns towards it and stares down the door. He taps, asks if anyone is in there in a high pitched girl voice. Owens says yes and to go away. Braun grabs tape from a nearby box of random shit, and he begins duct taping all around the porta potty. As if that would keep Owens trapped inside? Come on! Braun then smacks the side a few times and, oh, how convenient, there’s a rope attached to the bottom of the unit. Braun drags the unit into the arena and some random gets in his way. Braun yells at him, and the guy looks terrified. What is happening? Braun starts kicking some shit around while he drags the toilet around backstage. Braun hits a few walls along the way. Braun finally drags the porta potty to the side of the stage. I can see what's coming next. Braun drags Kevin up to the stage on a ramp that is totally there every week. The unit nearly topples over prematurely. Braun continues dragging the porta potty. Braun edges the unit near the end of the stage, looks to push it, then stops. Braun stands at the top of the stage and stares at the crowd that chants YES! Braun laughs, then backs up and acts like a bull about to run through a red sheet. He runs towards the porta potty, and pushes it a whole 2 feet off the stage. A "holy shit" chant is completely appropriate. Cole and Graves try to sell this as the worst thing ever to happen ever. Owens is shown covered in blue shit and EMT's are here to help him. Owens is holding his arm as Braun stands from above staring down at him.


End of show.










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