Interview with Robbie Eagles

July 1, 2018


Robbie Eagles is one of the most well known professional wrestlers in Australia right now, based out of Sydney, New South Wales, Eagles has been wrestling for over a decade. Competing in various promotions all over the country, whether it's at his home turf in Sydney for Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA), or down in Victoria for Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW). Robbie Eagles has also competed overseas in countries such as Japan and the United States, adding to his already impressive and growing resume. Battling huge international opponents such as Marty Scurll, Will Ospreay and Austin Aries, the sky is the limit for this mega talented performer. We got to have a chat with Robbie and spoke about how he got started, his future goals in wrestling, upcoming shows and much more.


What's your earliest memory of wrestling and how did you get into the product?


I remember going to a friend's house, newly acquired friend through beginning my soccer path as a youngin. Invited to spend the day, they switched on the TV and tuned into either Bash at the Beach or Road Wild - was one of the more outdoor style WCW Pay Per Views. One of the first people I remember setting my eyes on was Rey Mysterio - instantly hooked! It was like seeing Spider Man who I read in the comics about, plus Power Ranges from the afternoon TV show, but these were real people, really fighting each other! The next person who solidified me as a fan was Sting. Descending from the rafters and boom, that was it! I was a fan for life. 


At what age did you want to become a wrestler and when/where did you start training?


I felt like I did the correct thing and waited until I was just about to turn 18. I finished my schooling and turned to my older brother (Ryan Eagles) and basically just said "I wanna do this now" having seen the path he and Madison had created already. So in 2008 end of January I began training at what was once known as the Eagles Wrestling Academy and went on to now be known as the Pro Wrestling Academy. 


What's been your biggest accomplishment to date? 


There's a few! So this is an answer that is hard to define into one moment. Getting to Japan when I toured with ZERO1 in 2012 as way of a tryout was a massive deal for me, I never thought I would be able to wrestle in prestigious Korakuen Hall and was fortunate to do that 3 times during my trip. One match for the NWA Light Heavyweight Tag Team Championships alongside my coach Ikuto Hidaka against Jimmy KAGETORA & Jimmy Susumu (Dragon Gate). Receiving a WWE Tryout in 2014 was also another milestone, just for being recognised as someone on their radar - even if not to a full extent. That experience I take with me everywhere. Honestly though, wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling in front of the hometown crowd in Sydney this Feb 2018 and hearing people chanting my name over and over probably the most surreal thing. Although it hasn't happened yet, competing for Battle of Los Angeles at PWG will be the next major accomplishment for me. 


What do you hope to achieve for the future of your pro wrestling career?


If I am being selfish, I have my own individual goals. I'd love to become a member of a promotion like NJPW or ROH on a full time basis. These are the companies I grew up watching as a 15 year old and always said "One day, that will be me if I work hard enough". Achieving success overseas representing our country of Australia is also part of that. The bigger aspiration is seeing the wrestling in this country grow to what it is actually worth. Right now, I like to think we are giving stadium sized performances within smaller confines. Ticket prices for the shows we put on are insanely reasonable for the ridiculous talent that is on display in Australia right now. Everyone I surround myself with bleeds pure passion and it shows through their body of work and how much everyone continues to improve and step up the game. I'd love for us to be putting on shows in places like Festival Hall (if it stays), Horden Pavilion and other bigger venues that make people understand, we as wrestlers ARE a big deal. It's not an ego thing, but the pool of men and women competing in this industry right now locally are second to none in the world. 


Do you have a certain match that you consider your best work or favourite?


I have tonnes of favourites, but they are all usually for heaps of different reasons. My match with Will Ospreay in 2017 for PWA's Anniversary Event Call to Arms will stay up there, but the match at PROGRESSxPWA earlier this year with Travis Banks is also another scrap that I thought was fantastic. One that is receiving a lot of acclaim is my war with Bandido (Mexico) in PWG for their "Bask in His Glory" event in May. I'd love to have that rematch in Australia, Bandido is insane and will be the next breakout star in the wrestling world. 


What's your opinion on the current Australian pro wrestling scene? Is it stronger than ever?


Yes, I previously mentioned it but we are going stride for stride in an upwards direction. Not only that, we are coming leaps and bounds above what we used to. No longer are the shows taking place in community halls, but now at places like Max Watts - where I've seen a young Parkway Drive still on their rise sell out tickets to a rabid crowd, diving from the balconies onto the moshpit. The atmosphere in these venues is what wrestling thrives on, it's a spectacle. It's got hype, it's something people look forward to. What we do is provide an escape, for our wrestlers and also for the fans. They can lose themselves in this world we present for a few hours on a selected evening for everyone to just be a part of this cool exclusive club that has open invites. It's a family, we feed off the fans energy and the fans feed off what we are giving them in the ring. Strength to strength, Aussie Wrestling is truly becoming a hot bed.


Is the WWE Performance Center somewhere you'd like to end up one day? Is that a goal that you'd love to achieve or do you want to stay in Australia?


I would be lying if I said I didn't want to at least be there. I don't know if holding a job with said company is my main goal right now, as I see myself fitting in other places a little better right now. But the PC is incredible. Having former PWA alumnus attend the PC in Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, it was always hard to not be jealous of the fact they got to get  into a wrestling ring every day, train, lift weights, do other forms of athletic conditioning and training and that was their job. Meanwhile, due to the real world of how things are, I'm holding a 9-5 that supplements my wrestling career and ensures I can still live a great life. But if someone said they'd pay me a salary to train, workout, be at wrestling events, wrestle - sign me up! 


If you could wrestle any current WWE Superstar, who would it be?


Adam Cole. He and I are exactly the same age, and once upon a time we were supposed to cross paths in Australia and I believe there may have been a match set between us but never confirmed. I got hurt in training 2 weeks before the event and couldn't compete and thus missed on the opportunity. Adam's got the right mind set for wrestling and just gets it. He creates magic, and I think he and I could put something special together. Imagine that at the MCG? 


You were a part of the New Japan's Fallout Down Under tour earlier this year, would you inevitably like to end up in Japan wrestling for NJPW if the opportunity presented itself?


I would love that. New Japan is where I want to be, and it's no secret. There was a campaign for me to be a part of Best of the Super Jrs to be the first Australian representative this year but it just didn't happen. That doesn't mean I am not still pushing for it for 2019! But if any opportunity came with them, I would do whatever necessary to make it happen. I think my style of wrestling fits in real well with their Junior Heavyweight division and there are some great match ups with that roster. 


You just finished working the World Series Wrestling events. It seemed very successful and it sounds like they’ve got some big things planned? What was it like working with Marty Scurll and then pinning World Champ Austin Aries last night in Sydney? 


World Series Wrestling is a great promotion. The fact that we get to mix it up with the world's finest, and for me I did it 4 nights back to back - unreal. The little kid that I look at the mirror is jumping with joy. Getting to go toe to toe with The Villain was a learning experience for sure. He is on another level, and I feel like even in a loss he has raised me to perform even better than usual. Pinning Austin Aries, the current WSW Champ is just icing on the cake! He was a bit of a, hmm, how do I put this - dick? The way he treated younger wrestlers like Bel Pierce was just something I wasn't gonna stand for, and the fact that it was all a ploy to try allow Slex to get me from behind, that stuff doesn't fly. So when push came to shove, Aries was in my house, he was in our metro of Sydney and knew that it wasn't about him, and his belt collection. Australia is for Robbie Eagles, just like Robbie Eagles is for Australia. And if he is man enough, hopefully he gives Sydney what they deserve in November. A title match between Austin Aries, and the Sniper of the Skies. If that wish comes true, you heard it here first - I only need one bullet from my ammo. It'll have the initials "AA" and my precision can't be beat.


Tell us a bit about the upcoming PWA - Call To Arms show, it's the 11th Anniversary, what have you got planned for this one?


So far what we know is due to my loss against Jonah Rock at We Sold our Souls for Rock and Robbie - the main event is going to be absolutely epic! No other word - Caveman Ugg challenges "The King of Monsters" in a STEEL CAGE for the PWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! To top it off, this is the rubber match. They are 1 a piece. You bet I'll be glued to the monitor to see how this one unfolds and see whether the ring is left standing. Bea Priestly is also making her return to PWA which is super exciting as the match she had with Shazza McKenzie was a brawl last year. For me, I don't know yet. Unsocial Jordan has kinda been getting on my nerves, and there are a few people who need to be taken down a peg like Matty Wahlberg, Tree Hugger Luchi, I wouldn't mind seeing how Michael Spencer is going in the ring these days either. I know question to a lot of people is what about Will Ospreay? 

That ball is not in my court. Would I want a rematch? You friggin bet! 


Do you have any words for your Aussie fans that have been following your career and those that support you at shows all over the country?


I say it often, but I cannot thank you enough. Whether it's coming, sitting down chanting and cheering. Or it's you coming across to the merch table, saying hello, having a conversation and supporting my career by buying a shirt or a photo. It all goes a super long way. If you guys were silent, we wouldn't know if you enjoy what we do. I'm just a boy, living his dream. I could do it in silence and still think "yeah, this is cool" but the fact that the fans have reacted and responded to me the way they do on a consistent basis makes me feel like something more. That's what pushes me to be my best, to keep kicking out when I should just stay down and not suffer more punishment or not take a bigger toll on my body. I do it for all of you, and will continue to do so until Australia is THE PLACE for wrestling around the world - like we all know it is.



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