Going Over Raw: Results & Analysis 26/06/18

June 26, 2018


 This episode of WWE Raw comes from the Valley View Casino Center, San Diego, California.


The show begins with Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle and the newly appointed "Constable" Corbin in the ring. We are here to find out who will be next to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, but there is still no clear answer. Angle says due to an unspecified "snag" in Brock Lesnar's contract negotiations, he is forced to cancel the planned multi-man match which would determine the next challenger for The Beast. Roman Reigns is not happy  about this and makes his way to the ring, Bobby Lashley is out as both Superstars were already announced for the now cancelled contest. Tensions are high between all four men in the ring, but Angle has a solution as he makes a singles contest between Reigns and Lashley at Extreme Rules. Then out comes The Revival, who demand a rematch after their loss last week. Constable Baron Corbin was quick to grant the tag team their match straight away, which is what we get now. 


The Revival versus Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley.


The partnership between Reigns and Lashley might not have been the strongest as both men are vying to become the next Universal Champion. Tonight, they put their differences aside and use their power and aggression to put away The Revival. Things went a bit pear-shaped when Reigns attempted to steal a winning tag similar to how Lashley did last week. In the end, Dash Wilder was the legal man but Roman speared Dawson into Lashley, which then lead to Wilder getting Reigns in a match winning roll-up. The Revival picked up the sneaky win as Lashley claps for Reigns sarcastically. He is mad that they got beat. He says when he tags, he finishes it. Lashley then walks out of the ring. Trouble in paradise between these two men who are honestly not very captivating or convincing as characters who are chasing a major title.


Up next, out come Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, ready for singles action. On the screen, Curtis Hardy (who I guess are now B-Team cosplay version of the Tag Team champions) is mocking Matt Hardy but laughing hysterically. He then say a few things that don't make sense, but I must admit this is quite entertaining. In comes Bo Wyatt. He says that they are about to be entering a B-Hive. Bzzzzzzzzzz. Bo coughs on the smoke, then says they will not rest—interrupted by the smoke—Bo tells San Diego that they are here. Not as funny as last week, but still had its moments.


Matt Hardy versus Curtis Axel.


This was a very quick match, a few elbows, kicks, headbutts and eventually Axel catches Hardy up on the top rope and hooks him in for some sort of awkward crossbody move to get the pin and the 1-2.3. The B-Team celebrate their fluke victory and then they find themselves in the ring face to face with Matt and Bray. Matt tells them to wait, and calls their victory... WONDERFUL! Of course.


Backstage, Authors Of Pain are acting tough and shove a stagehand. Then in comes Titus Worldwide who stand up for the poor victim of bullying, telling AOP to have some respect, to which they respond with a thanks, but no thanks.


Alicia Fox is back, if anyone cares? Bayley gives her a hug and welcomes her back.


Angle approaches Bayley and says that tonight, her and Sasha Banks are going to team up alongside Ember Moon and they'll be taking on the Riott Squad. Apparently this is the last chance for them to work as a team.


The Authors Of Pain versus Rex and Rich Gibson.


Basically a squash match against two local jobbers. After toying with them for a little while, Razar hits one of the men with a hard clothesline to get get the cover and the win.


Backstage, Baron Corbin is yelling at Angle for creating tag teams that continue to implode. Finn Balor walks in and asks why his match was cancelled. Corbin calls Finn short. Finn burns Corbin about the way he's dressed. Braun comes in and says he feels kind of bad about what he did to Kevin Owens. He wants to tag with Owens. Angle says this show is off the rails. You're not wrong Kurt! Braun then says he would like to face Finn Balor and Baron Corbin. Angle like this idea. You might be alone there buddy.


We get a recap of last week, and now Mickie James is out and has something to say. She wants us to give it up for the one and only Goddess of WWE and three-time RAW Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss. Alexa says she appreciates the introduction. Mickie then says she deserves it, considering her celebration last week was completely ruined. We all saw what that angry maniac did to Alexa. Alexa says this is why she is suspended for 30 days. Mickie can’t believe Alexa is standing. Alexa says she is ok, she’s a champion, she is very glad that Angle has seen Ronda’s true colors. Ronda is an entitled, spoiled, brat. Even after everything, Ronda clearly doesn’t understand the rules. What she did at Money In The Bank was legal. Mickie says it may go down as one of the greatest cash-ins ever. Alexa agrees and point out that she was there. She saw the tweets. But how is she rewarded? By having to defend her title against Nia Jax. Alexa is still standing. Nia is in therapy, Ronda is suspended, and Alexa is here, and she's the champion. She then goes on to say what’s funny is that for as long as she has known Nia, she has had this ability to paint herself as the victim every time. She walks around like all of us thinking that she is the hero in her own story. Nia thinks Mania is the end to her story. Backlash was the sequel. Alexa says the “different” girl overcame the pretty one. This is real life, and in real life, she is the hero. Alexa continues to show us how good she can be on the mic, putting most others to shame.


Out comes Natalya, pretending to be a cat. Alexa laughs and says that she's impressed that Nattie and Ronda can count backwards from 30. 


So Natalya comes out to pretend to be a cat.

Alexa laughs her off. She is impressed that Nattie and Ronda can count backwards from 30. What’s more surprising is that Nattie left her five star vacation to interrupt Alexa. How would she know this? Oh, maybe because Nattie posts her entire life on social media. Alexa thanks Nattie for nothing, she is dismissed. Nattie said she had a talk with Angle, and he said that they have a match right here, right now. 


Natalya versus Alexa Bliss.


A decent match with Nia Jax coming out as backup and to give Natalya a bit of a helping hand. Alexa started to gain some momentum and looked as if she was about to put Nattie away, but Jax tripped the Raw Women's Champion up in the ropes as she was running towards them which set up Nattie putting Bliss in a sharpshooter where Alexa had to tap out.


I don't know who to cheer or boo in this situation. We know Ronda and Nattie are friends, Ronda feuded with Nia, Ronda gets suspended. Now Nia and Nattie are best friends? Very confusing.


Backstage we see a photographer taking photos of Jinder Mahal and Senor Singh. In come the Riott Squad who want to help. They pretend to take a photo but then drop the camera, breaking it. Rather than getting upset, Jinder raised his hand in peace and solidarity. 


Backstage, a photographer is taking photos of Jinder and Senor Singh. In come the Riott Squad who want to help. They pretend to take a photo then drop the camera hard, brekaing it. Jinder, instead of getting upset, raises a single hand in peace and solidarity. Yikes.


Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Ember Moon vs The Riott Squad.


This match was basically Banks and Bayley barely being able to tolerate each other, further showing the implosion between the two "friends" that we've been seeing Since before Wrestlemania. The match ends with Logan sending Bayley to the outside. Ember pulls Logan outside. She hits a spinning elbow and takes out Liv Morgan off the apron with a hurricanrana. Back in the ring, Sasha gets a near fall cover. But Liv is back up on the apron, Sasha shoves her off but Ruby rolls her up with a pin and the match is over.


Straight after the match, Bayles completely loses her mind and beats down Sasha over and over. The crowd goes wild for Bayley as she stomps Banks in the corner, then Bayley grabs her by the hair and Sasha tries to fight back but instead eats a knee. Bayley sends her into the ring steps hard, but she's not done yet, as she sends her into the steel steps again, face first! Bayley hops on Sasha, grabs her face, and yells at her that she is not better than Bayley. I like this aggressive side of Bayley, long overdue.


Backstage, Angle tells a ref to let him know when he finds Bayley. Oh Kurt...


Owens comes in to tell Angle that Braun doesn’t want to be his friend. He thinks Braun wants to eat him. Angle isn’t doing this to torture Owens and says who knows, this could all be the start of a beautiful friendship.


Mojo Rawley is on the mic before his match, oh boy this show just keeps getting better. He says that he's embarrased to be out here and wants to know why the conga line is out here.

You have to earn the right to walk down a WWE ramp. They haven't earned that right and neither has No Way Jose. Mojo mad dogs the line, gets in the face of one of them, calls him a clown. He’s a cheeseburger named Todd. Mojo wants to know if he’s aware that he’s dressed like a cheeseburger on global television. Is this going to make his mother proud? Is this how he will get a contract? This will be the closest Todd will ever get to being a WWE Superstar. He will never get a contract. Mojo turns to Jose, and tells him that he’s not getting a rematch.

Mojo tosses the mic. No Way hops out of the ring and gets in the face of Mojo. Mojo with a hard right hand to the surprise of Jose!


We want Todd chant.


Angle is backstage. Bayley says she can explain. Angle says next week, she will undergo counseling. Bayley asks what about Sasha? He says she doesn’t need counseling. Angle says she is going or else she is fired.


That kind of ruins that aggressive side of Bayley that we saw earlier, with her looking regretful and concerned. Ugh! Frustrating.


Finn Balor and Baron Corbin vs Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman.


This was a rather weird match with the massive size differences between each competitor. Strowman and Owens did end up working together, doing a cannonball splash combination which was pretty cool. They ended up getting along, with Strowman doing his thing where he runs around the ring taking out Balor and Corbin with shoulder tackles, Strowman then tells Owens to do it, so he does and then runs right into a big clothesline from Corbin on the outside. Towards the end we get Corbin with a blind tag, as Finn shows frustration. He high kicks Corbin. Kevin with an attack from behind. He sends Finn into the ropes, but Finn sends Owens out. Finn hits the ropes for a possible suicide dive, but Baron is there to grab the foot of Finn! He pulls Finn to the outside and they fight up the ramp. The ref is at a 7 count with Owens and Braun counting in the ring. Owens and Braun win via countout.


After the match, Owens is excited about the win. He extends his hand to Braun. Braun stares intently. He refuses to shake his hand. Owens decides to just leave the ring and run up the ramp. He yells that they did great. Braun asks for his briefcase, then leaves the ring. Owens runs to the back, and Braun chases after him. A couple of funny spots, but in the end it was a fun match that made no sense.


Backstage, Owens is rushing through the halls. Braun is quick to follow, wondering where Owens is. He asks a concessions dude where Owens is. This guy doesn’t know who Kevin is. Braun says he is the guy who looks like he has a bowling ball under his shirt. We then see Kevin leaving the arena, going up a ramp, and asking an awkwardly placed valet dude where Owens keys are. He says he does not have them, but that guy does. Braun is nearby with the keys. He asks if Owens has insurance, because “there’s your car.”


We turn, and Kevin’s car is flipped over and upside down. These two together could give us some good comedy spots, but it's not really a feud I want to see right now. I guess they have to fill in some time between now and Summerslam somehow.


Intercontinental Championship Match - Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins.


The Kingslayer was so aggressive in the opening of this match, to the point where the commentary team openly raised the possibility of both a disqualification and, later, a count-out after the action spilled to the outside. Ziggler’s efficient, scientific counter-attack seemed to foreshadow a straight-up defeat for Seth, at least until an interfering Drew McIntyre got himself ejected, giving Rollins his biggest break of the match. Rollins did not waste his moment, and it took Ziggler a long while to gain ground as The Architect began to surge. Crowd is super hyped! Ziggler grabs the hair of Seth and they both get to their knees. They stand. Ziggler gets him in the corner. Ziggler tries to sit Seth on the corner. Ziggler hops up. He locks the head and lifts the arm. He wants a superpplex, but Seth blocks. He holds onto the ropes. Dolph tries to stand on the top, Seth locks up. He looks behind him. He tries to superplex Dolph to the outsdie but Dolph holds on and cinches the head now, Seth is now on the top rope, back facing the ring. Massive superplex straight into the Falcon Arrow! Pin for 1…2…NO! McIntyre didn’t stay in the locker room for long, re-emerging to haul the ref out of the ring. Drew then enters the ring and attacks Seth and the bell rings.


Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler.


Drew continues his beatdown on Seth, then grabs Dolph and stands him up. They grab Seth and look to inflict more punishment until, but here comes The Big Dog! Reigns' music hits! Dolph exits the ring. Spear to Dolph. Roman enters the ring. He and Drew go right at it! Headbutt from Drew! Reigns bounces off the ropes with a Superman Punch, Drew stands aside Dolph on the outside staring down Reigns and Seth.


End of show.




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